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public partial class SessionLogInfo {
        public string SessionID {get;set;}
        public DateTime StartTime {get;set;}
        public DateTime EndTime {get;set;}
        public DateTime Expires {get;set;}
        public int NetworkID {get;set;}
        public int MailboxID {get;set;}
        public int UserID {get;set;}
        public SessionStatus Status {get;set;}
        public string Version {get;set;}
        public SessionEvents[] Events {get;set;}

Public Properties

  • SessionID - String: The current session's GUID in string format.
  • StartTime - DateTime: When the Session started with a Login.
  • EndTime - DateTime: When the Session was ended with a Logout.
  • Expires - DateTime: When the Session will or did expire due to inactivity.
  • NetworkID - Integer: The NetworkID assigned to Network on ECGrid.
  • MailboxID - Integer: The MailboxID assigned to a Mailbox within a Network on ECGrid.
  • UserID - Integer: A numeric value used to represent a specific user on the system.
  • Status - Enum SessionStatus: Whether the Session is currently Open, Closed or Expired.
  • Version - String: The Version of the session ECGridOS API.
  • Events - Array Object SessionEvents: A listing off all calls made during the Session.

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