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Trading Partners & ECGridIDs

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ECGrid moves business documents between Trading Partners. ECGridIDs represent a discrete address within the ECGrid Infrastructure which may be on a Value Added Network or other Electronic Commerce Service Provider (ECSP) which are represented by Network & Mailboxes.

Internally, all traffic within ECGrid is routed by the ECGridID, represented by a Integer value. Each ECGridID is assigned to a specific Network/Mailbox and has an associated NetworkID and MailboxID value.

Each Trading Partner on ECGrid will have one or more ECGridIDs associated with them. For X12 data, the ECGridID is associated with a Qualifier/ID (QID) pair and for EDIFACT data with an ID and optional Qualifier.

The system requires that a Qualifier/ID pair be unique across the infrastructure at any one time. TPMove and TPMoveEx allows a QID to be moved from on Network/Mailbox to another at a specific date and time in the future.

Non-EDI data can be routed strictly by ECGridID throughout the infrastructure.

To find an ECGridID for a specific QID use TPSearch. To see the information for a specific ECGridID, use TPInfo.

ECGridIDs conform to normal ECGridOS Status Levels.

Auto Routes

AutoRoutes occur when a Parcel is sent through ECGrid from an Unknown Sender QID. The ECGrid infrastructure will automatically create an ECGridID for this QID and assign it to the Network/Mailbox where the parcel originated. In this way, any return parcels will be properly routed to the sender.

It is up to the owner of the QID to update the ECGridID entry and change the status to Active.

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