Getting Started with ECGridOS and Visual Studio

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Adding the ECGridOS API to your Visual Studio Project.

This document provides all the basic information you need to start using the ECGridOS API in your Visual Studio project. The following will guide you through getting connected and referencing the API. The following example uses Visual Studio Community Edition 2015 and .Net 4.5. It shows how to add the ECGridOS API web reference to a new C# console project.

The same or similar process for referencing the ECGridOS API should apply to other versions of Visual Studio. Please review your versions Visual Studio documentation on how to perform this. Here is a MSDN page for an additional instruction source.

For .Net Core Apps please follow the steps for using the SrvUtil.exe from the page or get the ServiceModel and Client from the ECGridOS .Net Core Examples folder or ECGridOS .Net Standard Library Example.

  1. In your Solutions Explorer, right click on references and select "Add Service Reference".

Add Reference

  1. On the Add Service Reference window, click the "Advanced" button.

Add Service Reference

  1. On the Service Reference Setting window, click the "Add Web Reference" button.

Add Web Reference

  1. On the Add Web Services, enter the URL: and click the "->" button. Once the API is found click the "Add Reference" button.

Add Web Reference

  1. Once the reference has been added you should be able to see it in the Solution Explorer and .

ECGridOS Reference

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