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public partial class InterchangeIDInfo {
        public long InterchangeID {get;set;}
        public DateTime InterchangeProcessDate {get;set;}
        public int NetworkIDFrom {get;set;}
        public string NetworkNameFrom {get;set;}
        public int MailboxIDFrom {get;set;}
        public int NetworkIDTo {get;set;}
        public string NetworkNameTo {get;set;}
        public int MailboxIDTo {get;set;}
        public EDIStandard Standard {get;set;}
        public int Bytes {get;set;}
        public string InterchangeControlID {get;set;}
        public DateTime InterchangeDateTime {get;set;}
        public DateTime StatusDate {get;set;}
        public string StatusCode {get;set;}
        public string StatusMessage {get;set;}
        public string DocumentType {get;set;}
        public string Header {get;set;}
        public ECGridIDInfo TPFrom {get;set;}
        public ECGridIDInfo TPTo {get;set;}
        public ParcelIDInfo[] Parcels {get;set;}

Public Properties

  • InterchangeID - Long: A value representing a specific Interchange within ECGrid.
  • InterchangeProcessDate - DateTime: The Date/Time an Interchange was processed into ECGrid.
  • NetworkIDFrom - Integer: The NetworkID where the Parcel originated.
  • NetworkNameFrom - String: The name of the Network where the Parcel originated.
  • MailboxIDFrom - Integer: The MailboxID where the Parcel originated.
  • NetworkIDTo - Integer: The Parcel destination NetworkID.
  • NetworkNameTo - String: The name of the Network for the Parcel destination.
  • MailboxIDTo - Integer: The Parcel destination MailboxID.
  • Standard - Enum EDIStandard: The standard used for the outside envelope: X12 (ISA) or EDIFACT (UNB).
  • Bytes - Integer: The total number of bytes in the Interchange. This includes the envelope, but will not include any X12.56 mailbag segments if present in the Parcel.
  • InterchangeControlID - Long: For X12 and EDIFACT this will be the control number
  • InterchangeDateTime - DateTime: The Date/Time of an Interchange derived from the Interchange Envelope ISA or UNB segment.
  • StatusDate - DateTime: The date/time this status was assigned (UTC).
  • StatusCode - String InterchangeStatusCode: The current status code associated with this Interchange. The 'E' prefix refers to the Interchange (Envelope). The suffix is a Short.
  • StatusMessage - String: The description of the Status Code.
  • DocumentType - String: A listing of document type(s) in an interchange (e.g. 810, 850, INVOIC, ORDERS, etc.)
  • Header - String: The complete X12 ISA or EDIFACT UNB for the interchange.
  • TPFrom - Object ECGridIDInfo: An ECGridIDInfo Object for the Interchange Sender.
  • TPTo - Object ECGridIDInfo: An ECGridIDInfo Object for the Interchange Receiver.
  • Parcels - Array ParcelIDInfo: An ParcelIDInfo Object collection for this interchange.

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