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public partial class MailboxIDInfo {
        public int MailboxID {get;set;}
        public int NetworkID {get;set;}
        public string Name {get;set;}
        public DateTime Created {get;set;}
        public DateTime Modified {get;set;}
        public Status Status {get;set;}
        public string Description {get;set;}
        public UserIDInfo OwnerUserID {get;set;}
        public UserIDInfo ErrorsUserID {get;set;}
        public UserIDInfo InterconnectsUserID {get;set;}
        public UserIDInfo NoticesUserID {get;set;}
        public UserIDInfo ReportsUserID {get;set;}
        public UserIDInfo CustomerServiceUserID {get;set;}
        public UserIDInfo AccountingUserID {get;set;}
        public bool Managed {get;set;}
        public UseType UseType {get;set;}
        public MailboxConfig Config {get;set;}
        public bool ECGridAccount {get;set;}
        public string DefaultAS2ID {get;set;}
        public MailboxOwnerInfo OwnerInfo {get;set;}
        public MailboxNetOpsInfo NetOpsInfo {get;set;}

Public Properties

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