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public partial class UserIDInfo {
        public int UserID {get;set;}
        public string LoginName {get;set;}
        public string RecoveryQuestion {get;set;}
        public string FirstName {get;set;}
        public string LastName {get;set;}
        public string Company {get;set;}
        public string EMail {get;set;}
        public string Phone {get;set;}
        public string CellPhone {get;set;}
        public CellCarrier CellCarrier {get;set;}
        public short TimeZoneOffset {get;set;}
        public int NetworkID {get;set;}
        public int MailboxID {get;set;}
        public AuthLevel AuthLevel {get;set;}
        public DateTime Created {get;set;}
        public DateTime Modified {get;set;}
        public DateTime LastLogin {get;set;}
        public Status Status {get;set;}
        public bool LockedOut {get;set;}
        public short OpenSessions {get;set;}

Public Properties

  • UserID - Integer: A numeric value used to represent a specific user on the system.
  • LoginName - String: A user's login name.
  • RecoveryQuestion - String: A user defined question used to restore lost password or to activate an account with too many failed logins.
  • FirstName - String: A user's first name.
  • LastName - String: A user's last name.
  • Company - String: A company name.
  • EMail - String: A valid Email address.
  • Phone - String: A phone number.
  • CellPhone - String: A Cell Phone number.
  • CellCarrier - Enum CellCarrier: A value to indicate the cell phone carrier in order to send SMS text messages.
  • TimeZoneOffset - Short: The number of minutes + or - the user local time is from UTC.
  • NetworkID - Integer: The NetworkID assigned to Network on ECGrid.
  • MailboxID - Integer: The MailboxID assigned to a Mailbox within a Network on ECGrid.
  • AuthLevel - Enum AuthLevel: The Authority Level for system access.
  • Created - DateTime: The date/time (UTC) the record was created.
  • Modified - DateTime: The date/time (UTC) the record was last modified.
  • LastLogin - DateTime: The last date/time this User logged in.
  • Status - Enum Status: A numeric value representing the entry's status.
  • LockedOut - Boolean: Whether or not the User is currently locked out.
  • OpenSessions - Short: Number of current open sessions for this User.

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