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VuePre (WIP)

VuePre is a package to prerender vue templates. This is useful for SEO and avoiding blank pages on page load. What VuePre does, is translating the Vue template to a pure PHP template (including all JS expressions) and caches it. Having the templates in pure PHP results in really great performace.


This package is still under development and can change frequently


composer require lorenzv/php-vue-template-prerender

Basic usage

$vue = new \LorenzV\VuePre\VuePre();
$vue->setCacheDirectory(__DIR__ . '/cache');

// Method 1
$data = ["name" => "world"];
$html = $vue->renderHtml('<div>Hello {{ name }}!</div>', $data);

// Method 2 - Using component directory (required if you use sub-components)
$vue->setComponentDirectory(__DIR__ . '/components');
$html = $vue->renderComponent('my-page', $data);

Component directory

// If you set your directory like this
$vue->setComponentDirectory(__DIR__ . '/components');
// It's going to look for any .html file and register the filename as a component
// So, if you have components/pages/homepage.html
// It will set that html as the template for <homepage>

// You can also use directories as your component name if you put a template.html in it
// e.g. components/pages/homepage/template.html

Having your component name as a directory allows you to keep your code together You can setup your folder like this:

- components/pages/my-page/template.html
- components/pages/my-page/component.js // Optional
- components/pages/my-page/component.php // Optional, see "Component settings" in readme

Component settings

If you have a Vue component like this

Vue.component('product', {
	props: ['product']
	data: {
		price: this.product.price,
		showPrice: false,
	methods: {

And you use name, price and showPrice in your template, then you need to do the same in PHP.

// components/shop/product/component.php
return [
	'beforeRender' => function(&$data){
		$data['name'] = $data['product']['name'];
		$data['price'] = $data['product']['price'];
		$data['showPrice'] = false;

You could of course base your template on the $props data. But this results in ugly template code.

Generating <scripts>

You can generate scripts for your component templates and your component.js files.

// Based on your last render
$vue->getScripts(); // templates (+ component.js files if available)
$vue->getTemplateScripts(); // only templates
$vue->getComponentScripts(); // only component.js files

// By component name

// Without <script>

// Usefull


->setCacheDirectory(String $path)
->setComponentDirectory(String $path)
->renderHtml(String $html, Array $data)
->renderComponent(String $componentName, Array $data)

// Set component settings manually
->setComponentMethods(Array<String $componentName, AnonFunction>)
->setComponentBeforeRender(Array<String $componentName, AnonFunction>)
->setComponentTemplate(Array<String $componentName, String $html>) 
->setComponentAlias(Array<String $componentName, String $alias>)

// Get component info
->getComponentAlias(String $componentName, $default = null)
->getComponentNameViaAlias(String $alias, $default = null)
->getTemplate(String $componentName, $default = null);
->getComponentJs(String $componentName, $default = null);

// Generating scripts
->getTemplateScript(String $componentName, $default = null);
->getComponentScript(String $componentName, $default = null);

// Others

JS expressions | Supported

# Prototype functions

# Values: variables, strings, numbers, booleans, null, objects, arrays, functions

# Comparisons
myVar === 'Hello'
something ? 'yes' : false

# Nested expressions
(((5 + 5) > 2) ? true : false) ? (myBool ? 'Yes' : 'Yez') : 'No'

# Objects ? :

# Methods using $vuePre->setMethods(['myFunc'=> function(){ ... }]) ? myFunc( : null

JS expressions | Unsupported

# Computed variables (see note in "Todo" section)

JS expressions | Common errors

# Nested comparisons
ERROR: [1, myVar,3].indexOf(myVar) === 1 ? 'Found' : 'Not found'
FIX: ([1, myVar,3].indexOf(myVar) === 1) ? 'Found' : 'Not found'

Currently i don't have many examples. More will be added later. Feel free to make an issue if you have trouble parsing a certain expression.


Note: Feel free to make an issue for these, so i can make them a prority. The only reason these are not implemented yet is because of low priority.

  • Handle <template> elements
  • Attributes v-model :value :selected :checked :style
  • Binding non-binding attributes to components
  • Custom error handlers
  • Options:
    • ignoreVariableNotFound ignoreMethodNotFound
    • ignoreVariableNames ignoreMethodNames
    • ignoreSubComponents ignoreSubComponentNames
  • Computed values
  • Look into <slot></slot> tags


The DOM iterator code was partially copied from wmde/php-vuejs-templating