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Eclipse update site

Copy the following URL and paste it into your Eclipse "Install New Software" dialog ("Help" => "Install New Software..."), wait for the list of available features to show and select the latest version of "Edelta Feature". (The URL is NOT meant to be opened with a browser)

IMPORTANT: Edelta requires Xtext, if this is not already installed, all dependencies will be automatically installed form this update site, which is self-contained.

Pre-configured Eclipse distributions with Edelta installed, for several architectures.

Download a complete Eclipse distribution with Edelta installed; choose the one for your OS and architecture:

WARNING If you downloaded one of Edelta Eclipse distributions earlier than version 0.3.x you won't be able to update it; please download a brand new Edelta Eclipse distribution with version at least 0.3.x (issue #13).

Development Snapshots

These are temporary development snapshots, which might be unstable (Note: the snapshots update site always includes the releases update site):