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Java-- is a simpler version of Java aiming to teach programming.

It is implemented with Xtext,, and Jbase,


Starting from version 1.7.0, Java-- requires Java 8.

You can either install Java-- SDK into an existing Eclipse or download a pre-configured Eclipse distribution with Java-- installed (choosing the one for your operating system).

Eclipse update site

Copy the following URL and paste it into your Eclipse "Install New Software" dialog ("Help" => "Install New Software..."), wait for the list of available features to show and select the latest version of "Javamm SDK feature". (The URL is NOT meant to be opened with a browser). TIP: use the "type filter text" to quickly filter the features, e.g., start typing "Javamm".

Install New Software Screenshot

IMPORTANT: Java-- requires Xtext, if this is not already installed, all dependencies will be automatically installed form this update site, which is self-contained.

Pre-configured Eclipse distributions with Java-- installed, for several architectures.

Download a complete Eclipse distribution with Java-- installed; choose the one for your OS and architecture:

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Java-- is a simpler version of Java aiming to teach programming.



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