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Java-- is a simpler version of Java aiming to teach programming.

It is implemented with Xtext,, and Jbase,


Starting from version 1.7.0, Java-- requires Java 8.

Starting from version 1.13.0, Java-- requires Java 11.

You can either install Java-- SDK into an existing Eclipse or download a pre-configured Eclipse distribution with Java-- installed (choosing the one for your operating system).

Eclipse update site (updated)

IMPORTANT: the old Bintray update site does not work anymore, make sure you use the new one and remove the old one.

Copy the following URL and paste it into your Eclipse "Install New Software" dialog ("Help" => "Install New Software..."), wait for the list of available features to show and select the latest version of "Javamm SDK feature". (The URL is NOT meant to be opened with a browser). TIP: use the "type filter text" to quickly filter the features, e.g., start typing "Javamm".

Install New Software Screenshot

IMPORTANT: Java-- requires Xtext, if this is not already installed, all dependencies will be automatically installed form this update site, which is self-contained.

Pre-configured Eclipse distributions with Java-- installed, for several architectures.

Download a complete Eclipse distribution with Java-- installed; choose the one for your OS and architecture (since version 1.14, we also provide a version for the aarch64 architecture, for Linux and macOS):

For macOS users: depending on the version of your macOS, when you try to run the you may run into an error that says "the application is damaged and can't be opened". This problem can be overcome by running the following command from the terminal (from the directory where the is located): xattr -c

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