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gulp = require 'gulp'
source = require 'vinyl-source-stream' # Throwing files from one build process to another.
browserify = require 'browserify' # Which part of code depends on the other part and if it is loaded correctly.
watchify = require 'watchify' # Automatically reload code.
reactify = require 'coffee-reactify'
del = require 'del'
stylus = require 'gulp-stylus'
webserver = require 'gulp-webserver'
notifier = require 'node-notifier'
notify = (error) =>
message = 'In: '
title = 'Error: '
if error.description
title += error.description
else if error.message
title += error.message
if error.filename
file = error.filename.split('/')
message += file[file.length-1]
if error.lineNumber
message += '\nOn Line: ' + error.lineNumber;
notifier.notify title: title, message: message
gulp.task 'assets', =>
.src 'assets/**/*'
.pipe gulp.dest 'build/'
gulp.task 'frontend', =>
bundler = browserify
entries: ['./src/scripts/']
transform: [reactify]
extensions: ['.coffee']
debug: true
cache: {}
packageCache: {}
fullPaths: true
.on 'error', notify
.pipe source 'app.js'
.pipe gulp.dest './build'
gulp.task 'css', ->
#Create index.css file from index.styl
.src 'src/style/index.styl'
.pipe stylus()
.pipe gulp.dest 'build/'
gulp.task 'clean', (done) ->
del 'build/**/*', done
gulp.task 'build', gulp.series [
gulp.parallel [
gulp.task 'watch', (done) -> [
], gulp.series ['build']
gulp.task 'serve', ->
.src 'build'
.pipe webserver
livereload: true,
open: 'http://localhost:8000'
host: '' # ifconfig search for en0 inet
gulp.task 'develop', gulp.series [
gulp.parallel [