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✨ Loritta Morenitta ✨

All Discord servers have the same issues. Members want entertainment, moderators want automation... and you just want to rest.

Your life is too precious to spend your time with useless junk, let me take care of the boring parts while you have fun on your server!

With features to entertain and engage your members, moderation features to keep your server always safe and enjoyable, and with an easy way to set up but with an unmatched power of customization...

And everything thanks to a 16 year old girl trying to make the world a better place!

Making your server unique and extraordinary has never been easier!

πŸ€” How can I add her?

Discord Bots

If you want to use Loritta on your server without messing around with hosting stuff, you can add our public instance by clicking here! We recommend using the public instance, after all, more than 1 million guilds already use, trust and love her, so why not try it out?

πŸ’ Contributing

If you want to contribute code or translations, check out our Contributing to Loritta guide!

πŸš€ Self-hosting

You can also host your own Loritta instance in your own machine! This is only for experienced users and for users that want to help the project by contributing code. We won't give support for people that are trying to self-host because we don't want to spend hours trying to troubleshoot other people issues that only happens on self-hosted instances, so you should at least know how to troubleshoot issues, if you find any.

To learn more about self-hosting, please read the How to self-host Loritta tutorial!

πŸ’Έ Support Us

B-but I never thought that people would be willing to support... me, with money... loritta starts sobbing

If you want to help Loritta financially, please purchase things in Loritta's website! Anything purchased in Loritta's website help with our expenses and helps us to keep Loritta's dream of making the world a better place alive!