A simple solution for surveilling log files.
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This project, "Farmer Charlie Sprouts", is a stab at visualising changing files; typically log files

Moon shot

If I had all the ime I wanted it would become a simple tool for spying changes on files.

Think like this:
You are developing a web site and want to surveil a log file. For each run you either cool switch (alt-tab) to Notepad++ and answer Yes to load the new files. Or do equally meaningless key strokes for your choice of solution. Or you have a Tail running which is all very good but it really doesn't amplify what is new.
Then add insult to injury when there is a server involved to and you have to RDP or set up a share somehow.

This project aims at making the above simpler.
By for instance providing an exe and simple configuration for pointing out the file that is surveilled. The exe is simaltaneous a web server on some obscure port and you just surf to it from your dev machine and watch changes.
The recent changes are highlighted so you need less time for scanning for what's new. Each row, or group of rows, are time tagged even if the logging doesn't do it.