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There are two solutions here; BecerroInamovible is mapping the Capslock key to a meta key which allows for keyboard navigation with capslock and not arrow keys. Keyboard1337 is a different language layout on the keyboard, a layout adapted to programming.


The BecerroInamovible.ahk is an Autohotkey file that manipulates the Capslock key to become a customisable meta key. Just pressing Capslock means Esc. Pressing alt-Capslock means the normal Capslock. Pressing Capslock-j means left, Capslock-k right and many more. One very convenient is Capslock-y which is the same as ctrl-shift-left which normally is the same as mark word at left. The reason for this is the when typing it is often faster rewwriting the whole word than Backspacing to the erroneous letter.

Better programming keyboard layout for Swedish hackers


Stop pressing shift every time you need a paranthesis or equals sign

I got tired of having to press shift every time i wanted to write a parenthesis, bracket, måsvinge, quotation mark, pound or at sign. So I used a US keyboard and swapped the top row so now I don't have to press shift for these often used characters. Instead one presses shift for the numbers.

I takes a second to learn and is so much nicer to use.

Keep the ÅÄÖ

It has ÅÄÖ as the swedish layout. They are reached through altgr-{normal position} in Windows and shift-alt-{normal position} in OSX.

If you want to get back to your old Swedish layout just press shift-alt in Windows or corresponding combination in OSX.



The Windows version uses a layout and install program from Microsoft.


The OSX version uses a program called Ukelele for layout. Installment is usual OSX stuff as Ukelele has documented. I have noticed a caveat where the new layout or bundle doesn't get changed at once but I can't remember my findings. Just remember that installment is sightly rocky and not the smooth just-works we are used to.

Not content? continue editing yourself

The Microsoft keyboard layout generating program is here:
The OSX keyboard layout generating program, Ukelele, is here:

Other stuff

A keyboard layout program from Microsoft is needed to use the layout file.

An installer is included in the download so the program above is not needed.

If you only want to create a control button of the caps lock - use a program från Mark Russinovich instead.

You can also use Authotkey for using capslock as an extra modifier key. (the combined with Visual studio and Resharper this does not always work though)

The language is installed as a English/US keyboard. This means that on Win7/8/10 (/Vista?) you look for English/US and under that find 1337.

The original, and deprecated, site is at Google code:

Due to historical reasons, not yet remedied, the source files are at a Google drive here. The ..bundle.. file is for OSX and the other for Windows.


Faster navigation and better programming keyboard layout for Swedish hackers



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