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Bordeaux in Box

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This repository is our biggest and last PHP project.


We created a monthly delivery box company with two other associates and one graphic artist. The service grew well. We did multiple refactoring and integrated many different features, even did a marketing pivot.

After 1.5 year of nearly perfect technical flow, the financial aspect of the company catch up and we decided to give up. Finances are the core of a company, and even when you manage everything else perfectly, bad financial management leads indubitably to bankruptcy.


We built a very customized shopping cart tailored to the needs of our delivery service.

We engineered systems to handle customer leads, order flow, a recurring payment system using stripe (>50 000 euros growth), and a module that programmatically fulfilled orders.

We also aggregated data that was collected from our users and build out a reporting module with several easy to understand graphs that helped to make sense of many complex and relational data sets (>2 000 orders).


Laravel 5.0 MySQL SASS / CSStyle Brunch / GothamJS


I decided to publish the repository of my former company so the code could be useful to any coder. This is also a way to tell our story and live our mourning a little better.


Laurent Schaffner - Chairman

Jérémie Ges - General Manager


MIT License.

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