Example project of how to import data from excel in Python
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Python Excel

Example project to show how to use Python to generate excel template to bulk import data.


pip install -r requirements.txt

### Create your Database

createuser python_excel
psql -c "CREATE DATABASE python_excel WITH OWNER python_excel ENCODING 'UTF8'"

This assumes you're using PostgreSQL for your DB. This technique should work for other databases but you'll have to edit the settings.

### Run Migrations

cd python_excel
python manage.py migrate

I've added a data migration to populate the job titles and one member of staff.

Create Super User for Admin

cd python_excel
python manage.py createsuperuser

## Create Excel File

cd python_excel
python manage.py generate_excel_file

Import Excel Data

cd python_excel
python manage.py import_excel_file staff_populated.xlsx

Start the server with python manage.py runserver you can then go to login and you should see the newly created users.