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CyberDIP driver for windows in C++ 11. 按C++ 11标准编写的CyberDIP在Windows环境下的配套驱动。
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CyberDIP driver for windows in C++ 11.

CyberDIP is a USB device clicking touchscreens of smartphones or pads under PC's control. With the help of grbl running on an Arduino Nano, CyberDIP translates serial port signals from your PC into 2D-motion and clicks. Combined with computer vision, CyberDIP can play many games autonomously on almost any devices with a touchscreen.

本工程是依赖C++ 11标准编写的CyberDIP在Windows环境下的配套软件。

CyberDIP是通过计算机USB控制的触摸屏点击设备(中国实用新型专利2016201772460),通过搭载grbl 0.8c/0.9j的Arduino Nano(ATmega328)控制器,CyberDIP可以将USB串口发来的指令翻译成相应的二维运动与点击操作,模拟单指对屏幕的操作。 结合图像处理算法,CyberDIP可以实现触屏手机上游戏的自动攻略功能。


  • Find solution to replace Airplayer.exe+PrintScreen



qtCyberDIP contains 5 + 1 parts:

  • Serial Port(COM): Serial port and g-code module to work with Arduino.
  • BBQScreen Client: BBQScreen client module to decode frames from Android devices.
  • Screen Capture: Win32 API module to grab screen or windows, working with AirPlayer for iOS devices and Total Control for Android devices.
  • Video Input: Read image sequences from files.
  • Camera Input: Read image sequences from cameras.
  • Game Controller: User defined game controller, change this to play different games.


  • Install Visual Studio (≥2013)
  • Install Qt and Qt VS Add-In
  • Install git for windows
  • Clone this project using script below at git bash:
git clone
  • (If necessary)Install Driver for CH340 Chipset after CyberDIP connected. (Driver is included)
  • Add '3rdparty/x64' (Default, if you are using 32-bit OS, add '3rdparty/x86') into Environment Variable 'Path' (ATTENTION! NEVER CLEAN 'Path', unless you are exactly conscious of the consequence)
  • Open qtCyberDip.sln in Visual Studio and follow the instructions in stdafx.h


  • 安装 Visual Studio 2013或更高版本
  • 安装 Qt 与相应版本的 Qt-VS插件
  • 在一个恰当的目录中打开git bash并输入以下命令:
git clone
  • 连接CyberDIP,如有必要则安装CH340 芯片组驱动,驱动文件包含在CH340文件夹中。
  • 将 '3rdparty/x64' (默认x64,32位操作系统添加 '3rdprty/x86')加入系统环境变量 'Path' 中(注意不要清空原有内容)
  • 使用VS打开工程文件 qtCyberDip.sln, 并按照 stdafx.h 中的说明继续配置


为了方便代码评阅,建议只修改 usrGameController.husrGameController.cpp 两个文件,最后使用git提交代码。


  • Yue ZHOU, A.P. Department of Automation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • Xiang LI, MEng Department of Automation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Contact me

  • Email:
  • Address: Room 2#302B, SEIEE Building, 800 DongchuanRd., Shanghai, PR China (200240)
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