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A simple smart car project based on raspberry pi
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Simple Raspberry Pi Car

A smart car project based on Raspberry PI.

What's up

  • v0.2: Add camera yaw/pitch servo.
  • v0.1: Establish the project.


  • Power flow
Battery -> ESC(Electronic Speed Controller) -(BEC: 5V)-> Arduino -> Raspberry PI
                                            -(BEC: 5V)-> Steering Servo
                                            -(BEC: 5V)-> Camera Yaw/Pitch Servo
                                            -(Battery)-> Motor
  • Control flow
Raspberry PI <-Serial-> Arduino -PWM-> ESC
                                -PWM-> Steering Servo
                                -PWM-> Camera Yaw/Pitch Servo
  • Current config
Part Type
RC Car Tamiya CC-01 (No.58579)
Raspberry PI Raspberry PI 3B
Arduino Arduino Nano (ATMega328P)
ESC HobbyWing QuicRun WP 860 Dual Brushed
Motor Type 540
Steering Servo Futaba S3003
Camera Yaw/Pitch Servo Tower Pro SG90


    |--Arduino -> Arduino program
    |--Car -> Information of origin RC car
    |--Raspi   -> PI program
        |--server -> C++11 server on Pi to communacate with Arduino
            |--cpp     -> client demo in C++11
            |--python3 -> client demo in Python3

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