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Bootstrap3 DokuWiki Template

What's new in v2016-01-25 release


  • #78: Fixed the behavior when the user scroll up and the TOC remain closed
  • #100, #105, #123: Fix for page tools visibility on mobile and fluid-container
  • #116: Deprecated navbar.html hook and added the useLegacyNavbar option (thanks to @per-hed)
  • #127: Escaped the REMOTE_USER and fullname of DokuWiki user to prevent an XSS vulnerability (thanks to @splitbrain)
  • #129: Added initial support to display the previous title of every namespace of current page on the browser title (thanks to Alekk and @polyzen)
  • #129: Added new section in Configuration manager for "Browser Title"
  • Fixed pagename in "bradcrumbs" and "you-are-here" (thanks to Jason Harris)
  • Added new option to enable/disable the collapse of all sub-sections in TOC (thanks to Jason Harris and the other people)
  • Improved the DokuWiki :footer hook and added .container-fluid class when the template is in "fluid" mode. Now the ":footer" have the same style of navbar
  • Updated and rewritten plugin.less
  • Optimization to TOC, sidebars and JS engine to increase the page speed and UX
  • Added .page-header class for all H[1-6] tags in (left and right) sidebar
  • Changed :pageheader & :pagefooter visibility (thanks to @Digitalin)
  • Improvements in media manager
  • General optimization of PHP code to increase the page speed
  • New layout for Page Tools
  • ... and more!


  • Updated Bootswatch to v3.3.6+1
  • Updated Bootstrap to v3.3.6


  • Updated all translations from Transifex platform