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OneTask: Manage task, one task at the time

OneTask let you focus on one task at the time, avoiding discouragement by seing all the remaining work to do.

Build status: build_status


There's none expect a working Python 2.7+ or 3.2+ installation.


Right now installation is done using git:

$> git clone
$> python OneTask/ install

Expect a Pypi package soon though.


  • Add a task:

    $> onetask add 'Create onetask'
    Task "Create onetask" added
  • Get a random task:

    $> onetask get
    Create onetask

If you try to get another task, you will get the same one.

  • Mark current task as done:

    $> onetask done
    Task "Create onetask" marked as done
    $> onetask get
    Empty task list.

Sometimes you may want to skip this horrible task you know you can't do right now, but want to keep in the list:

$> onetask skip
Switched from "task2" to "task3", good luck.

Last, you probably feel like contemplating accomplished work:

$> onetask history

That can give some nice output like the one below:


To run OneTask's test suite, a dedicated command is available:

$> onetask test

In case anything fails, feel free to open an issue about it.


  • OneTask has no synchronization between multiple devices.
  • OneTask has no web interface.
  • OneTask has no web API.
  • OneTask has no social features.
  • OneTask has no collaboration features.
  • OneTask has no GUI.
  • OneTask has no cofee maker capability.
  • OneTask has no speech-to-text feature.
  • OneTask has no text-to-speech feature.
  • OneTask has no other todo manager export/import.
  • OneTask has no task search option.
  • OneTask has no deadline features.
  • OneTask has no widget option.
  • OneTask has no pro option.
  • OneTask has no ads.
  • OneTask has no distraction free option.
  • OneTask has no kawaii colors.
  • OneTask has no retina display.
  • OneTask has no repeating tasks.
  • OneTask has no alerts.
  • OneTask has no tasks.

OneTask is a minimalist task manager and that's just fine.