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Welcome to the Handles wiki!


For this example we will take this situation :

m = peripheral.wrap("left")

Returns a table of functions, allowing you to call peripheral methods as if they were normal Lua functions. If no peripheral is connected, returns nil. (

Here's a working example :


For this example we will take this situation :

component = require("component")
m = component.tardisinterface

Now you can do what ever you want !

Get TARDIS Location

local x, y, z = m.getTardisPos()

Returns the 3 coordinate of your TARDIS Location (x, y, z)

Set TARDIS Destination


To set the destination at 0,0 at the height 64 in OverWorld m.setTardisPos(0,64,0,0)

The dimensionID is optionnal since the 1.12.2-

Get TARDIS Destination

local x, y, z, dimensionID = m.getTardisDestination()

Start Flight


Set the doors open/close

m.setDoors(boolean) -> m.setDoors(false) //to close the doors

Get is in flight

local booleanValue = m.isInFlight()

Returns a boolean value depending if is in flight.

Get fuel level

local fuelLevel = m.getFuel()

Returns a double between 0 & 1 depending on the energy gauge

Set fueling mode


Is doors opened ?

local booleanValue = m.isDoorsOpened()

Your TARDIS is able to fly ?

local booleanValue = m.canFly()

Get the travel time (in seconds)

local timeInSecond = m.getTravelTime()

Get a TARDIS waypoint

local x, y, z, dim, name = m.getWaypoint(waypointID)

Beware, TARDIS can only save 15 waypoints (0 to 14).

Set a TARDIS waypoint

local booleanValue = m.setWaypoint(waypointID,x,y,z,dimensionID, name)

Get the health of a component

local doubleValue = m.getHealthComponent(componentID)

Get the dimensions ID of the Minecraft save

local arrayOfInt = m.getDimensionsID()

Get the dimension name

local stringValue = m.getDimensionName(dimensionID)

Set the target dimension


Set a relative destination


Get the current dimension of the TARDIS

local dimensionID = m.getDimension()

Get the target dimension

local dimensionID = m.getTargetDimension()

You can also get the target dimension ID with getTardisDestination.

Get the TARDIS hull

local doubleValue = m.getHull()

Repair the hull of the TARDIS


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