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Browser user scripts for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
JavaScript CSS
branch: master
Failed to load latest commit information. Fixed incorrect link Added more domains
error-mckayla Fixed wrong metadata `iconURL` --> `icon`
flickr-share-userscripts Change class name if sharing is disabled or photo is not public
getGlobalValue.js Examples
greasyfork No direct install
image-background bumped version
kaskus Updated `kaskus-hide-deleted-vm.user.js`
licenses Added year
mozillazine-forums-menu Updated mzf-menu.css: decreasing drop shadow
mozillazine-forums-sidebar Update icon URL
offline-indicator Fixed: script icon not appear on Tampermonkey dashboard
others Fixed typos
scriptish New script: telkom-speedy/block-scripts/
searchforms Updated uptobox-search-form.user.js
tampermonkey commented
telkom-speedy/block-scripts New script: telkom-speedy/block-scripts/ Mouse pointer style
uptobox-x-adblock 'Oops!' moment Updated uso-forum-jumper.user.js
.gitattributes Updated
.gitignore Coderwall

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