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Loudr's partner integration documentation has moved to

The usage report specification has not changed, and what reads below corresponds directly with the information presented on our website.

Delivering Usage Reports

Loudr accepts Usage Reports to enable administration for content that we have licensed on your behalf.

Usage Report Format

The usage report is a multi-line JSON file containing information required to pay administrators for your content.

Aggregating Report Lines

We will require this information to be aggregated by these identifying fields:

  • Vendor ID
  • Type of Configuration
  • Units
  • Date of Fixation/Reproduction
  • Per-Play License Fee
  • Platform/Store of Reproduction (i.e. iTunes)
  • Country of Fixation or Reproduction (i.e. US for now)

As such, in a report you may yield multiple lines for a single piece of content.

For example, if my-vendor-id plays ten times with two different per-play fees, you would generate two lines, grouping the plays by the fields mentioned above:

{"vendor_id": "my-vendor-id", "license_fee": "0.0054", "units": 6, "date": "2015-05-01", "config": "stream", "country": "US", "store": "itunes"}
{"vendor_id": "my-vendor-id", "license_fee": "0.0064", "units": 4, "date": "2015-05-01", "config": "stream", "country": "US", "store": "itunes"}

Report Segmentation

Due to the complexity of the reports, you may segment the your report into multiple files as you please. If you have a lot of usage data, we reccommend a segmenting your data into weekly or daily groupings. (or more, if desired)

Each uploaded file will appear with attached royalties and service fee for your review before finalizing and adding the cost to your monthly invoice.

Report Compression

Due to the required granularity of the report, these usage reports may be very large. To mitigate this, we strongly encourage you to gzip your reports before uploading to the dashboard.

The ideal filename for delivery will ultimately look similar to usage-report-YYYY-MM-DD.json.gz.

Report Delivery

Initially, delivery of usage reports will be executed via your client dashboard, which we will have available at a later date.

As the size of reports grow, we may support delivery over SFTP at a later date.

Full .json Specification

Each line of the report should be a single JSON object with no trailing commas or enclosing array brackets around all items.

The full specification of fields follows:

License ID

One, and only one of the following identifiers is required to match your usage to your licensed content. We recommend the vendor_id.

    `str`. Vendor ID.

    `str`. Loudr URI of request.

    `str`. ISRC of content. Only use this if you do not have the
    vendor_id or loudr_uri explicitly.

Usage data

    `str`. Applicable per-play Music License Fee, as determined by
    Client based on internal service information.

    A string intepretation of this decimal value in USD is expected.
    Please avoid using float values, as json parsing may lose accuracy
    of high-precision values.

    This value may be omitted depending on how your deal with Loudr is
    structured. We may be ultimately responsible for determining this value,
    in which case you may omit this property, or provide a `null` value.

    `str`. Not yet supported. License fee currency.
    "USD" is implied at this time, this field should be omitted.

    `str`. Type of configuration made pursuant to the license. We use this value
    to communicate how content was delivered to publishers, in addition to
    asserting that license configurations were are correctly fulfilled.

    Expected values include:
        "stream" - interactive stream
        "download" or "dpd" - digital permanent download

    `int`. Number of fixations or reproductions made pursuant to the license.
    This integer is multiplied by the license_fee to determine the payout
    due to publishers.

    `str`. Country of fixation or reproduction.
    This value should be a 2 character ISO-3166 country code.
    Right now, we only accept the value `US` - for United States.

    `str`. ISO formatted date "YYYY-MM-DD" of content delivery.

    `str`. The name of the distribution outlet which serviced this usage.
    Accepted values are listed below. If you have received royalty revenue from a
    store we do *not* have listed below, please contact your business representative.


All accepted values for the store property are contained in stores.json.

Popular values for the store property are:

  • itunes: Apple iTunes / Apple Music
  • googlemusic: Google Music
  • amazon: Amazon

Ideal line formatting:

{"vendor_id": "my-vendor-id", "license_fee": "0.0054", "units": 6, "date": "2015-05-01", "config": "stream", "country": "US", "store": "itunes"}
{"vendor_id": "my-vendor-id", "license_fee": "0.0064", "units": 4, "date": "2015-05-01", "config": "stream", "country": "US", "store": "itunes"}
{"vendor_id": "my-vendor-id", "license_fee": "0.0064", "units": 9, "date": "2015-05-02", "config": "stream", "country": "US", "store": "itunes"}

OK line formatting:

[{"vendor_id": "my-vendor-id", "license_fee": "0.0054", "units": 6, "date": "2015-05-01", "config": "stream", "country": "US", "store": "itunes"},
{"vendor_id": "my-vendor-id", "license_fee": "0.0064", "units": 4, "date": "2015-05-01", "config": "stream", "country": "US", "store": "itunes"},
{"vendor_id": "my-vendor-id", "license_fee": "0.0064", "units": 9, "date": "2015-05-02", "config": "stream", "country": "US", "store": "itunes"}]

Bad line formatting:

Do NOT send usage reports in multiple lines, or a single line:

    "vendor_id": "my-vendor-id",
    "license_fee": "0.0054",
    "units": 6,
    "date": "2015-05-01",
    "config": "stream",
    "country": "US",
    "store": "itunes"
    "vendor_id": "my-vendor-id",
    "license_fee": "0.0064",
    "units": 4,
    "date": "2015-05-01",
    "config": "stream",
    "country": "US",
    "store": "itunes"
    "vendor_id": "my-vendor-id",
    "license_fee": "0.0064",
    "units": 9,
    "date": "2015-05-02",
    "config": "stream",
    "country": "US",
    "store": "itunes"

Also wrong:


Discrepencies between expected royalty costs, and actual royalty costs

You may note that some usage reports yield a larger royalty cost than the sum of all provided license_fee * units. This is due to the fact that some recordings might be identified as medleys, and require one or more licenses to fulfill.

We will integrate a system that catches these cases and communicates them back to you as we continue to develop our systems.