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Project 3 of OC Python Developer Path (OOP with Python 3 / pygame library) - Oct-Nov 2017
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MacGyver Maze

This repository contains the Python scripts and additional files of my 3rd project for the Python Developer Path in OpenClassrooms.

This Object-Oriented Programming project uses the Pygame package, observes PEP 8 and PEP 257 conventions and was developped in a virtual environnement (see requirements.txt).

The game

The MacGyver Maze is a basic 2D labyrinth game.

MacGyver must collect 3 items (a needle, a plastic tube and a flask of ether) in the labyrinth to make an anesthetic syringe. With this syringe, he will be able to neutralize is nemesis, Murdoc, who guards the exit. Then, MacGyver will escape this maze and continue to new adventures... :-p


A level in 'brown stone' design

A level in 'blue stone' design

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