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Project 7 of OC Python Developer Path (Python 3 / Flask, HTML 5 / CSS 3 / Bootstrap, JavaScript / jQuery, Google Maps & MediaWiki APIs) - Avr-Aug 2018
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Robby the GrandPyBot

This repository contains the Python / JavaScript / HTML 5 / CSS 3 scripts and additionnal files of my 7th project for the Python Developer Path in OpenClassrooms.

This web application is based on the Flask Python micro-framework. It also uses Bootstrap and jQuery JavaScript libraries.

It exploits Google Maps and Media Wiki API via AJAX requests.

This project was also the occasion for a first approach of Test Driven Development.

The purpose of Robby the GrandPyBot

Robby the GrandPyBot is an basic chatbot. He converses in a summary way with user and can give some informations about a location, provided by Google Maps and Wikipedia.

In fact, you will recognize that GrandPyBot is a reformed version of the famous Robby the Robot who first appeared in the 1956 sci-fi film Forbidden Planet. ;-)

This app needs a Google API key

This project needs a valid Google API key to use the Geocoding API and the Maps JavaScript API.

The application access to this key as an environment variable in the /app/tools/ script.


A screenshot of grandpybot app

The Trello dashboard used for this project :

Trello dashboard

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