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Backup (and potentially delete) the content of a Slack channel (including files)
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slack-channel-backup Build Status

This tool allows you to backup (and potentially delete) the content of a Slack channel (including files).


You will need to provide your own SLACK_API_TOKEN token as a environment variable

$ ./ '#random' --where mybackup

You will end up with a folder named mybackup containing a conversation.txt file with all the history and a files folder with the uploaded files (which are properly tagged as such in the history).

The tool also allows to control a date range for the backup and to delete the backed up history:

$ ./ -h
usage: [-h] [--where WHERE] [--delete] [--from FROM] [--to TO] channel

Backup a slack channel (and potentially delete) the content of a Slack channel (including files)

positional arguments:
  channel        channel to backup (use # prefix for channels, @ prefix for DMs)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  --where WHERE  where to store the backup
  --delete       delete the backed up messages
  --from FROM    when to start backing/deleting up
  --to TO        when to stop backing/deleting up

Required permissions

You will need to create a Slack app with the following permissions:

  • Always: files:read, users:read
  • When using public channels: channels:history, channels:read
  • When using private channels: groups:history, groups:read
  • When using Direct Messages: im:history, im:read
  • When deleting messages: chat:write:user, files:write:user


This project is using the old Slack API for channels and direct messages instead of new conversations one (

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