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Snippets pour ma présentation en Février 2013
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Ruby Presentation at SO@T - 28 Feb 2013

This presentation is geared towards experienced programmers interested in Ruby scripting.

No ruby knowledge is required, however it is assumed that you are fairly proficient in programming in general and comfortable with object-oriented programming.

I won't go over "hello world!", in fact I won't even explicitely tell you how to write to the console. Pick it up as we go.

There are 3 parts to this presentation:

  1. 25min of powerpoint-assisted theory.
  2. 30min to a full hour of examples of real life scripts (the ones in this repository), during which we will comment them line by line and I will go over the tricky bits.
  3. 10min of general ruby questions.


  • Ruby history in a nutshell
  • A minimalistic syntax
  • Ruby features
  • Getting ready in under 10 minutes
  • Gems & Bundler

Scipts found here

The 5 numbered scripts are the relevant ones

Material availability

Powerpoint (without animations, sadly)

Youtube video (in french, I may do english captions).

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