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IMPORTANT: Need to document ALL the things!


  • Add more query operators. See MongoDB Query and Projection Operators for reference.
    • Improve the current ones as well.
    • Split the (complicated?) query selectors into their own files?
  • Add support for custom query operators.
  • While the "is-equal" lib does what I want, it's a bit big. Find a smaller solution!?
  • Document the chainable features.
  • Document 'Cursor' and 'Document'.
    • Improve documentation of 'Cursor' and 'Document'.
  • Document dot notation queries for object queries.
  • Document findPromise().
    • Improve documentation of findPromise(), possible change this to async/await.
  • Improve the ID generator; need to have a more (unique) uniform ID.
  • Improve MapQL.update(<Query>, <Update Operators>) which require Update Operators.
    • Improve the Field and Array update modifiers.
  • Document the update() method.
  • Add MapQL.remove(<Query>[, <multi>]) to remove entries via query.
    • Improve type checking of queries passed. Must be Array, String or Object.
  • Implement babel with grunt; add polyfills to work with ES5 browsers.
  • Add browser tests.
  • Document import/export feature.
  • Add examples to the examples folder!
  • Everything else.
    • Work on the TODO!