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Phase 1 - Raw Waze to RDS

Updated Sep 11, 2018

Do the minimum to get the raw Waze data feed into an RDS. See our architecture diagrams.

Numbers on cards come from our Architecture Diagram.

  • Gets the raw Waze CCP JSON data feed into a relational database.
  • Base requirement for Waze data to be useful for governments.

Technical: Cloudwatch alarm triggers Lambda every 2 minutes to look at the Waze endpoint and saves data to S3. Lambda adds record to SQS Queue to process S3 files into Aurora Postgres DB. Alerts and queues for failures and SNS Topics used to allow real-time hooks. DB enriched with extra columns need for analysis.

Add analysis tools like QuickSight and provide example template files (PowerBI, Tableau, etc) pre-loaded with use cases for the data that you can use to point to your RDS and get started quickly.

Phase 3 - API Creation

Updated Mar 12, 2018

Create read-only API calls that can access the raw data on the fly for use in internal and external programmatic tools. Eg, pass in lat/lon bounding box, time frame, alert/jam types, etc and get back results in JSON, GeoJSON, XML for use in web services, maps, visualizations, apps, etc.

Phase 4: Map

Updated Apr 18, 2018

Overlays current snapshot of alerts, jams, irregularities, with filters and provides a date/time selector and slider to look back in time Multi Cloud Support

Updated Apr 25, 2018

Create code in Terraform or each cloud platform natively to broaden code support beyond Amazon AWS.

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