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Love & Tolerance


L&T is a Minecraft resource pack inspired by the visual art style and design of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Bright colors and (moderate) pony references abound!


Java & Bedrock

  • Bright and colorful textures, just like the show, but not to dissimilar to the default textures, so your builds don't look completely different.
  • Moderate pony references, such as: pony themed paintings, Ponk hiding inside a low percentage of barrels, pony themed holiday add-ons and more.
  • Has various add-ons allowing users to customize the pack to their liking.
  • Both Java and Bedrock (MCPE and Windows 10) editions are available.
  • Created on the Brohoof Forums, it was used on their map of Equestria so builders had a consistent experience building the map.

Java Specific

  • Has compatibility with Mine Little Pony and its ponified mobs.
  • Has a custom download system, allowing you to download one file with all the selected add-ons.
  • Has support for connected textures, mob variety, and more in an add-on compatible with Optifine, Continuity, and Entity Texture Features.


The pack is available from these places:


  • Download the from one of the links in the Download section above this.
  • Open Minecraft and click on the Options... button, then click on the Resource Packs... button, then click Open Pack Folder, this should open Minecraft's resource packs folder in your file manager, if this doesn't work for any reason you can open the folder manually at these locations:
    • %APPDATA%\.minecraft\resourcepacks on Windows
    • ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/resourcepacks on macOS
    • ~/.minecraft/resourcepacks on Linux
  • Put the downloaded zip file into your resource pack folder.
  • Go back into Minecraft, click the Done button to leave the Resource Packs menu and then go back into the Resource Packs menu to refresh it.
  • Click the arrow to move Love and Tolerance from the Available side to the Selected side.
  • Download the L_T-version-bedrock.mcpack and any other additional packs from our website's download page.

  • Double click on the downloaded packs to install them.

  • Please order the packs like this by clicking on the pack and using the arrows to move it.

    Resourcepacks order

  • For changing selected sub-pack click on the desired pack and select the gear icon. (Note! The seasons pack defaults to Spring, the music pack defaults to music A, and the holiday pack defaults to Hearts & Hooves.)

    Selected resourcepacks

  • Use the slider to pick the desired variation of the pack.

    Resourcepack settings



L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot


L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot L&T Screenshot







Anyone can contribute, please read our Contributing and Code of Conduct documents before starting to help. Check out the Issues page to see what needs done.


This resource pack is licensed under The MIT License (MIT), with the exception of the following:

Music Side A & B

The music featured in these packs, found in these ( Side A, Side B ) repositories, said music belongs to their respective owners, and the rights are solely their own. Permission has been granted for use in L&T.

Villager Skin Pack

The community made skins located here in this repository, these skins were taken from the Community Skin Pack, and created by the community for anyone to use. All rights belong to their respective owners.


Silk Rose: Minecraft name: Silk_Rose, Discord: Silk Rose#8880, Github, Email, FIMFiction

  • Java Resource Pack, Bedrock Resource Pack, Github Management

Meadowsys: Minecraft name: Meadowsys, Discord: Meadowsys#8534, Github, Twitter

  • Java Resource Pack, Github Management

Keupoz: Minecraft name: Keupoz, Discord: Keupoz#9578, GitHub, Twitter

  • Website Maintenance

Langtanium: Minecraft name: Langtanium, Discord: Langtanium#9985, GitHub, Email, Twitter

  • Bedrock Resource Pack

Special Thanks

This resource pack has come a long way and has been touched by many different people, we would like to make sure that each and every one of these people is credited. If you have worked on this pack and do not see your name on the list please contact us to get you added.

So, without further ado, we would like to thank:

  • Arekuzu for creating the pack and maintaining it from Beta 1.6.6 to Beta 1.7.3.
  • BlackDutchie for making the original moon.
  • Orshcmann for making the paintings.
  • Rederik for filling out some of the paintings.
  • Blackm3sh for making the filly vectors used to make some of the paintings.
  • Hazzat for updating the pack and maintaining from Beta 1.8 to full release 1.7.4.
  • Outa for making the hunger bar.
  • HeadPikachu for making the liquids and, the cow, squid, wolf, and villager skins.
  • PandaTork for making the main screen logo.
  • Hawkseye21 for making textures for MCPatcher and general updates from 1.4 to 1.7.4.
  • Dan494 for making the Mine Little Pony skeleton skin for L&T.
  • Lphemphill for villager voices.
  • CalistoVolan/Calistotash for helping out.
  • MehStrongBadMeh for recruiting more people to help.
  • The VoxelModPack Team for helping out.
  • Heliostorm for updating the pack to 1.8, and 1.9.
  • HellSteedTrotsky for updating the Mine Little Pony villager skins format, and updating the pack to 1.9.4.
  • Bronydog for maintaining the pack from 1.10 to 1.12, and general texture updates to 1.17.
  • SolisLink/ZeldaLinkAaron for maintaining the pack from 1.11 to 1.14, and general model updates to 1.19.
  • VeryMadCrafter for grass path, dirt path, and magma block textures.
  • icrdr for creating Resource Pack Converter for Minecraft 1.13, that was used to fix a few things, including maps.
  • Vivian for general maintenance and ctm fixes from 1.13 to 1.16.
  • Silk Rose for updating the pack and maintaining it from 1.14 onwards.
  • Sollace for the new UI, Github management, and file cleanup from 1.14 to 1.16.
  • Meadowsys for GitHub management and general maintenance from 1.15 onward.
  • SkyArrow for developing our website.
  • Thunder Kick for a block based UI texture.
  • Vayandas for general texture updates.
  • Keupoz for upgrading our website, and maintaining it.
  • Mr. Pibbles for the dried kelp block texture.
  • Anonymous for general texture updates from 1.16 to 1.17.
  • ScienceMare for general texture updates for 1.17.
  • Rainbowderp20_12/Starnite20_12 for tuff and calcite.
  • AtomicGlow for general textures, Nightmare Night addon support, increased mod support.
  • Skelegant for general textures for 1.18 onward.
  • Ashy for new splashes and fabric creative tab selector.
  • Nebbie for general textures, and help on the Nightmare Night addon.
  • Langtanium for converting the pack to bedrock and maintaining it.
  • Blaster for adding mod support for AppleSkin and EatingAnimations.
  • octolingnexus for writing the changelog for release 1.4.0.
  • Cosmic Breeze for adding mod support for Universal Ores.

Music credits

Side A

The music for side A is located in an add-on, its repository can be found here.

Side B

The music for side B is located in an add-on, its repository can be found here.

  • Disc 13: Prince Whateverer - Goodbye
  • Disc cat: 4EverfreeBrony - The Way She Flies (feat. FritzyBeat & Brittney Ackerman) [Original by Phileo]
  • Disc blocks: Etherium Apex - Flight of the Wonderbolts
  • Disc chirp: Prince Whateverer - Between Fairytales And Happy Endings (feat. Kaspuuh & Senra)
  • Disc far: Jyc Row - Onward (ft. Aloma Steele)
  • Disc mall: Archie - Back Again
  • Disc mellohi: Prince Whateverer - Awesome as I Wanna be (Extended cover, Ft. Dreamchan)
  • Disc stal: 4EverfreeBrony - Who Knows (feat. Milkmomo, EileMonty & MemJ0123)
  • Disc strad: Prince Whateverer - Not Letting Go (ft. P1K, Manta, & Scrambles)
  • Disc ward: Etherium Apex - With This Land
  • Disc 11: Prince Whateverer - Solidarity (In This Together)
  • Disc wait: Archie - Chasing The Sunrise
  • Disc pigstep: Jyc Row - Sonic Rainboom
  • Disc otherside: 4EverfreeBrony - Life Outside (feat. BlackGryph0n, Aviators, dBPony, Luna Jax, MEMJ0123, P1K, Manta Tsubasa & PrinceWhateverer)
  • Disc 5: Prince Whateverer - Frailty (feat. Milkymomo)

Villager Skin Credits

The skins in the Villager Skin Pack were made by the community for anyone to use, therefore we would like to give special thanks to the people who made skins for it:

  • AlphaSpaceWombat
  • AlphaZero
  • dann494
  • Harlequinnqueen
  • Harlequinqueen
  • iKudoShinichiHoof
  • KarinaAE123
  • P47HF1ND3R
  • Parchment_Pen
  • SF Legend
  • Silk Rose
  • Silverwhisker
  • Snydertime86
  • Sollace
  • Stephanoodle
  • Sunny