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@Lovrom8 Lovrom8 released this Jul 5, 2021


  • Fixes a couple bugs caused by the v1.2.5.0 update, caused by missing dependencies.

v1.2.5.0 Patch Notes:

  • Added ToggleExtendedRangeKey
  • Moved Executable to 64-bit to add support for the following
  • Custom Result Screen Sound Pack (Get rid of the Rocksmith Dad telling you "Bad Performance")
  • Fixed bug with Custom Note Colors that caused colors to look pale
  • Twitch Crowd Control Support! Please use this over the built-in Twitch controller in the RSMods GUI!
  • Fixed some mods related to Twitch Crowd Control
  • Fixed Midi Auto Tuning not working on some songs, and pedal configurations
  • Fixed Rocksmith.ini settings being reverted back to default, and added better handling of settings being set wrong.
  • Added lists to the "Set And Forget Mods" tab that show what songs may show up as "Custom Tuning" and what songs have the tuning you have selected
  • Added a way to configure what tuning you want your guitar to stay in when using MIDI Auto Tuning
  • Fixed AutoLoadProfile not stopping properly if it can't detect a profile.
  • Added a way to fix Extended Range mode for bass songs with the wrong tuning.

I hope everyone is looking forward to RS+, I know we all are. Expect updates to slow down for RSMods as we start to make some new stuff for RS+. We already have a mod that works, but there's no point in releasing it just yet because any update to the beta will cause it to break.

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