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Update SwitchMote example

Deprecate SSR commands. Add MOTion activated light ON (timer based) and
notify SYNCed motes when buttons are pressed. MISC other bug fixes.
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Felix Rusu authored


SwitchMote is a wireless light switch controller that replaces traditional mechanical switches and allows you to wireleslly control a light AC load (ie lights up to 5A@250V). SwitchMotes can be independent of each other or they can be linked in such a way that when a button is pressed one or more other SwitchMotes can turn their loads ON/OFF in a synchronized fashion. For instance I like to turn the lights in front of my garage without having to go to the switch located in the laundry, and so I replaced that switch with a SM and synch it with another SM that is conveniently located inside the house. Now I can turn on my garage lights more conveniently. Also, 3-way circuits are easily wired using SwitchMote.

Action videos:

See it in action:
Wireless programming the SwitchMote:
General intro to SwitchMote:


This is just a plate to keep the code. For details, where to purchase, assembly guide, and programming please see the page at:

SwitchMote SwitchMote

Using Putty for initial SwitchMote configuration:

Config utility

Schematic for PSU and Shield:

PSU Schematic Shield Schematic


Any visual content and imaging is CC-BY-SA 4.0
Source code license is GPL v2.1 unless otherwise specified, and it should contain a definition and copy of the license individually.

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