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RaspberryPi Gateway Home Automation & IoT Applications

Build Status GitHub release GitHub issues GitHub pull requests License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Designed and coded by Felix Rusu, Low Power Lab LLC


  • HTTPS secured with self signed certificate
  • HTTP auth_basic authentication
  • responsive & mobile friendly design
  • realtime updated via websockets & node.js backend
  • neDB storage of node data and logs
  • flot front end graphs
  • nconf for easy global variable configuration maintenance
  • nodemailer for sending email (and SMS relayed via email)
  • Font-awesome icons for jQuery-Mobile


This project is released under CC-BY-NC 4.0.
The licensing TLDR; is: You are free to use, copy, distribute and transmit this Software for personal, non-commercial purposes, as long as you give attribution and share any modifications under the same license. Commercial or for-profit use requires a license. For more details see the LICENSE

Details & Setup Guide

Please see the PiGateway Guide for all details requires to install this software.

Video Overview & Demo

3rd party custom gateway setup overview

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