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XML-RPC Tester

Project version: 1.0 
Runtime environment: Java Servlet
Licence: "Public domain"

See the changelog.

Project description

This is a simple Java Servlet for testing XML-RPC with QueueMetrics.

I use it with Tomcat it should work with any servlet container.

I wrote this several years ago for my own use, it's handy for seeing the exact output from the various XML-RPC requests from Queuemetrics while writing your custom reports.

There is a single Java class in the WEB-INF/classes folder, this does all the work.

There is a simple compile bash script too. The WEB-INF/lib folder contains the 3rd party Java packages you'll need to compile against.

For now the URL to the XML-RPC server is hard-coded into the code so this needs editing. If I get round to it I'll put this into an input box on the web page and/or a settings file.

There's a basic web.xml config file in there which will get it working. I've used it with Tomcat 5, 5.5, 6 & 7.


Gradle build tool


Edit the paths under classes/

go to the main dir and enter

gradle clean build

Usage istructions


gradle jettyRun

And browse to the printed URL. :)


Author: Paul Hayes Date: Sometime in 2009. Uploaded in 2014.