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🛠️ T-SQL scripts for the long haul: optimizing storage, on-the-fly documentation, and general administrative needs.


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DBA MultiTool

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The DBA MultiTool is a suite of scripts for the long haul: optimizing storage, on-the-fly documentation, general administrative needs, and more. Each script relies solely on T-SQL to ensure it is secure, requires no third-party software, and can be installed in seconds.


To install/update all the scripts, use install_dba-multitool.sql.

Looking for ways to automate the scripts? Try Install-DbaMultiTool from dbatools 🚀, or the Ansible collection lowlydba.sqlserver.

For detailed instructions and documentation, see

Name Description
sp_doc Always have current documentation by generating it on the fly in markdown.
sp_estindex Estimate a new index's size and statistics without having to create it.
sp_help_revlogin Stored procedures that will help generate necessary scripts to transfer logins and their passwords.
sp_helpme A drop-in modern alternative to sp_help.
sp_sizeoptimiser Recommends space saving measures for data footprints, with special checks for SQL Server Express.


Only support for versions that are still in mainstream support is guaranteed.

Version Tested
Azure SQL ✔️
AWS RDS SQL Server *
SQL Server 2022 ✔️
SQL Server 2019 ✔️
SQL Server 2017 ✔️
SQL Server 2014-2016 🤷
<= SQL Server 2012

* AWS RDS SQL Server is not tested, but should work in theory. YMMV.


  • Want to help 👷? Check out the contributing doc
  • Missing a feature? Found a 🐛? Open an issue to get some ❤️
  • Something else? Say hi in the SQL Server Community Slack #multitool channel

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