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Contributing to DBA MultiTool

👋 Hi there! Thanks for using and contributing to the DBA MultiTool!

Below are guidelines and helpful approaches for participating in the project.

How to Help

You can help contribute by:

  • Opening a feature request
  • Opening a 🐛
  • Increasing unit test coverage
  • Making a pull request to address any of the above to the development branch

Testing Locally

See the testing readme in the tests directory README

Style Guide

Styles (or lack thereof) that are particular to this project. Think 👕, not 👔


T-SQL is linted against this configuration of TSQLLint via a Pester test.


All markdown, whether manually or automatically generated, should adhere to standard markdown rules. This project utilize's David Anson's markdown lint with a slightly customized configuration.

You can use our config and markdown lint plugins in your IDE of choice, or just wait for your commits to be automatically linted using Github Actions.


PowerShell is only used in the automation piece of this project, but PSScriptAnalyzer is used to lint it for general best practice adherement.