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Service Page : http://giipweb.littleworld.net

giip Introduction

Do not login server any more!!

  • giip help your server management automation and works for engineer.
  • giip works every cloud and legacy servers and windows, linux, unix OS.
  • giip can get unstructured data format by KVS API, any device like drone and robots and IoT devices, etc.
  • giip can work machine learning from KVS(Key Value Store) data by any systems and devices.

It is not monitoring system. We do work like system engineer, and we can think by machine learning and deep learning.

alt text

giip is Engine that provide all type of cloud/legacy infrastructure management automation.

The goal of giip is None human Data Center! (Data center whole manage automation)

  • We can manage Legacy/Cloud servers at single UI.
  • We can manage servers on any cloud providers and any hypervisors.
  • If you using AWS container service or CHEF(http://getchef.com) automation, giip help your operation and management.
  • If you want get system variables or database data as logging, easy to logging and triggering by giip KVS

alt text

We suggest this platform for managing all Cloud/Legacy infrastructure.

  • Automation : Your works will be automated by giip. And you may spend the time for your future.
  • Platform : We provide all type of infrastructure and solutions and script by market place
  • Ecosystem : You can sell your script as cloud service by our script market place.

giip Architecture

alt text giip Architecture is based on platform. So we just provide

  • Authentication
  • giip link all type of oauth authentication.
  • If you have your own authentication, you can connect by our API.
  • Gathering
  • giip gather all type of information by infrastructure
  • You can gather the system information and make trigger and get notice and do work automate!
  • giip support JSON type data.
  • giip support RESTful API
  • Messaging Queue
  • If you want to get notification at any condition of infrastructure, you can get notification by giip.
  • Measuring
  • If you have a solution that can not porting to cloud, then just connect to us. You can provide to customer as cloud service.

Service Feature

alt text

  • Convenient register of server resources
  • Periodic checks feature
  • Countermeasure against the sign of server errors
  • Manage all resources in one place with cloud and legacy servers!
  • RESTful API support
  • IT Infra & solution eco-system
  • Various management point offer
  • Central automation control

Quick Start Manual


the Key Value Store for system information

alt text


giip uses RESTful API, you can import to your own tool any giip factor. If you cannot find factor, ask to us anytime.


Essential of giip is automation.

Message Queue Service(Notification Service)

alt text

You can get information the result of job to your mail.


alt text

Operation & Administration Tips

Register giipAgent on Linux

On-premise Edition

If you have security issue, we provide your own environment and located your data center or cloud center Please, contact to us


  • 2016.4Q. System analysis phase. Find service down before catch server error using machine learning by logistic regression algorithm.
  • 2017.1Q. Predict phase. We notice and suggest official KB(knowledge base) for error point when before the failure occurred.
  • 2017.2Q. Data center management automation. We provide fully management automation that merged giip automation and predict service.
  • 2017.3Q. Ecosystem phase. Open market place of management knowledge(giip automation script), 3rd party solution, infrastructure.

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