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Build Status

This build will always fail because it has 2 examples of failing tests: one based on the source code, and one based on an incorrect test.

Learning Objectives

  • Simple hello world example
  • Experience with Git source code management
  • Building with Gradle (using the Gradle wrapper)
  • Automated unit testing with JUnit
  • Continuous integration with Travis

System requirements

  • Java 6 SDK or later

Running the Application

On Linux or Mac OS X:

$ ./gradlew run

On Windows:

> gradlew run

Running the Tests

On Linux or Mac OS X:

$ ./gradlew test

On Windows:

> gradlew test

Running the Application Outside Gradle

Unlike running the application using Gradle's run task, this allows passing command-line arguments.

On Linux or Mac OS X:

$ ./gradlew startScripts
$ ./build/scripts/hello-java arg1 arg2 arg3


$ ./gradlew jar
$ java -jar build/lib/hello-java.jar arg1 arg2 arg3

On Windows:

> gradlew startScripts
> .\build\scripts\hello-java arg1 arg2 arg3


> gradlew jar
> java -jar build\lib\hello-java.jar arg1 arg2 arg3