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Custom tile example for Dynamics Marketing
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Twilio Tile For Dynamics Marketing

The repository contains an example of custom tile for the Dynamics Marketing customer journey. This example includes the following components:

  1. Configuration files for Customer Journey: CJTwilioTile.Assets\Config\TwilioSMSCustomerJourneyDesignerTileConfig.css and CJTwilioTile.Assets\Config\TwilioSMSCustomerJourneyDesignerTileConfig.xml

  2. Solution file which contains compiled a version of the plugin and required entities: CJTwilioTile.Assets\Solutions\

  3. Plugin project "CJTwilioTile.Plugins" which is executing the procedure. The plugin should be configured. ContentSettings constant should be updated according to your Dynamics Marketing.

Integration with Twilio implemented using Microsoft Flow. You should create Microsoft Flow to send SMS, which should be executed for entity pk_twiliosmsaction. Entity pk_twiliosmsaction will be created every time your Twilio custom tile is executed. Don't forget to update the plugin in solution.

SMS Template is using the same dynamic expression parser as out of the box Dynamics Marketing emails.

Please check following screenshot as example.

Send SMS using Twilio and Microsoft Flow

Please learn more about how to create custom tiles in Dynamics Marketing here

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