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Download and save images from the Japanese weather satellite Himawari 8 in full resolution (121MP | 11000px)
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Himawari Downloader

Himawari Downloader is a Java based application that let's you download sattelite images from the japanese Himawari sattelite. The imagery is available on this site However this site has the drawback that you can't simply save the image because it is split into multiple pieces. The program I wrote loops through and downloads all required images depending on the resolution. They are then stitched together and can be saved to disk.

Attention! 11000px option produces 150+MB images!

Himawari 8 - 06.09.2018 04:40 UTC


  • Preview images before downloading 150MB of images
  • Download images in 6 different resolutions
  • Save images to disk
  • 50+Mbit/s download speed in multithreaded mode (my internet isn't any faster)


  • Download an interval of pictures
  • Custom save location and file names
  • Zoomable preview window
  • Update progress bar corresponding to status
  • Make saving a new thread so the UI doesn't become unresponsive

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Get the latest version from the releases page:

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