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* @license
* Copyright (c) 2016 The Polymer Project Authors. All rights reserved.
* This code may only be used under the BSD style license found at
* The complete set of authors may be found at
* The complete set of contributors may be found at
* Code distributed by Google as part of the polymer project is also
* subject to an additional IP rights grant found at
interface Constructor<T> {
new(...args: any[]): T;
* An interface to match all Objects, but not primitives.
interface Base { }
* A subclass-factory style mixin that extends `superclass` with a new subclass
* that implements the interface `M`.
type Mixin<M> =
<C extends Base>(superclass: Constructor<C>) => Constructor<M & C>;
* The Polymer function and namespace.
declare var Polymer: Polymer;
* The Polymer Interface
declare interface Polymer {
* The "Polymer function" for backwards compatibility with Polymer 1.x.
(definition: any): void;
* A base class for Polymer custom elements that includes the
* `Polymer.MetaEffects`, `Polymer.BatchedEffects`, `Polymer.PropertyEffects`,
* etc., mixins.
Element: PolymerElementConstructor;
ElementMixin: Mixin<PolymerElement>;
PropertyEffects: Mixin<PolymerPropertyEffects>;
BatchedEffects: Mixin<PolymerBatchedEffects>;
GestureEventListeners: Mixin<HTMLElement>;
Gestures: PolymerGestures;
LazyImportsMixin: Mixin<LazyImportsMixin>;
RenderStatus: RenderStatus;
IronMeta: any;
AppLayout: {
scroll: (options: object) => void;
importHref: (href: string, onload?: Function, onerror?: Function, optAsync?: boolean) => HTMLLinkElement;
mixinBehaviors: <T>(mixixs: Array<any>, elem: T) => T;
dom: (elem: HTMLElement) => any;
declare interface PolymerElementConstructor {
new(): PolymerElement;
declare class PolymerElement extends PolymerMetaEffects {
static finalized: boolean;
static finalize(): void;
static readonly template: HTMLTemplateElement;
$: any;
ready(): void;
connectedCallback(): void;
disconnectedCallback(): void;
attributeChangedCallback(attr: string, oldVal: any, newVal: any, namespace?: string): void;
updateStyles(properties: string[]): void;
resolveUrl(url: string, baseURI?: string): string;
resolveCss(cssText: string, baseURI: string): string;
pathFromUrl(url: string): string;
rootPath: string;
root: HTMLElement;
declare class PolymerPropertyEffects extends HTMLElement {
ready(): void;
linkPaths(to: string, from: string): void;
unlinkPaths(path: string): void;
notifySplices(path: string, splices: any[]): void;
get(path: string | (string | number)[], root: any): any;
set(path: string | (string | number)[], value: any): void;
push(path: string, ...items: any[]): any;
pop(path: string): any;
shift(path: string): any;
unshift(path: string, ...items: any[]): number;
splice(path: string, start: number, removeCount?: number, ...items: Array<any>): Array<any>;
notifyPath(path: string): void;
declare class PolymerGestures {
addListener(element: any, eventName: string, listener: (event: Event) => void): void;
declare class RenderStatus {
afterNextRender(context: any, callback: () => void, args?: Array<any>): void;
beforeNextRender(context: any, callback: () => void, args?: Array<any>): void;
declare class LazyImportsMixin {
importLazyGroup(groupName: string): Promise<ImportLazyGroupResult>;
interface ImportLazyGroupResult {
failed: Array<string>;
loaded: Array<string>;
declare class PolymerBatchedEffects extends PolymerPropertyEffects {
// _propertiesChanged(currentProps, changedProps, oldProps): void;
// _setPropertyToNodeFromAnnotation(node, prop, value): void;
// _setPropertyFromNotification(path, value, event): void;
// _setPropertyFromComputation(prop, value): void;
// _enqueueClient(client): void;
// _flushClients(): void;
setProperties(props: any): void;
declare class PolymerMetaEffects extends PolymerBatchedEffects {
// _clearPropagateEffects(): void;
// _createPropertyFromInfo(name: string, info): void;
// _setPropertyDefaults(properties): void;