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My dotfiles and scripts
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.fonts More font non-sense, removed the Light variant
.git_template/hooks Modified `not` script; Added ctags to git
.i3 Removed incorrect i3 config `tray_output`
.icons Merge branch 'master' of
.wmii Updated bar script; wmiirc config and added config for i3
.xdg Added syntastic config to `vimrc`
bin Updated `fzz` permissions
etc initial commit
.Xdefaults Fixed comment which wasn't a comment on .Xdefault Merge branch 'master' of
.bashrc Added autocd to bashrc, added shortcut to i3
.gitconfig Added git hooks to ctag everything
.gitignore Added `fzz` binary (64bit)
.gitignore_global Added git hooks to ctag everything
.gitmodules Updated `.gitmodules` to point to public addresses
.inputrc Added inputrc for bash completion
.nethackrc initial commit
.psqlrc Added postgresql config file
.tmux.conf Removed useless stuff and fixed/improved other stuff
.xmodmap Added git hooks to ctag everything
.zshrc Removed some useless code from `.zshrc` Added new function for bin/cleaner
install.txt Minor updates to `gupdate` `smtp_echo_server` and install.txt initial commit

My Setup

My dotfiles and ~/bin


  • tidy
  • rsync

Perl libs

  • Text::ASCIITable
  • Getopt::Long
  • Text::CSV



bash script

My CLI soap client, needs some work but works for my use, receives two parameters, a file and a WSDL url

soaper test.xml

Note: soaper dislikes \n inside tags


Perl script

Pretty viewer for CSVs

view_csv test.csv

Perl script

Useful to locate modules by mod name. Data::Dumper


Perl script

Displays a "barchart" for a text with duplicated string in it.

barchart sample_data.txt
  00000000| Miniac
         0| Bossy
0000000000| EPICAC
        00| The Prime Radiant
      0000| Multivac
        00| MARAX
  00000000| Mark V
     00000| Mima


Deletes trailing whitespaces from files.

Example use:

# Removes trailing whitespace from python files
# Also removes extra whitelines if there are more
# than 3 whitelines
find . -iname "*.py" | xargs -l cleaner

# Is is known to corrupt git repos, so, NEVER do this:
# find | xargs -l cleaner
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