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The Lua Language distribution [Archived]

Popular repositories

  1. lua Public archive

    The Lua programming language with CMake based build

    C 1.4k 461

  2. luajit Public archive

    LuaJIT is JIT compiler for the Lua language.

    C 535 104

  3. tcc Public archive

    Small but fast C compiler. Supports ANSI C, most of the new ISO C99 standard, and many GNUC extensions, including inline assembly.

    C 255 58

  4. Repository Public archive

    Repository of LuaDist modules available for installation using the luadist-git command line tool

    CMake 219 36

  5. toluapp Public archive

    tolua++ is an extension of toLua, a tool to integrate C/Cpp code with Lua

    C 180 65

  6. libjpeg Public archive

    Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software

    C 149 143


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