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Repository of LuaDist modules available for installation using the luadist-git command line tool
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lcomplex @ 326479e
ldoc @ bf093aa
leg @ 06a3984
lemock @ f0572ac
lgdbm @ 854e9ae
lgpc @ f607346
libarchive @ 75edddc
libbsd @ 7d07a82
libdevil @ 65b8aae
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libtiff @ ae1699e
libzmq @ 9269782
libzzip @ 81afd1a
lip @ 279c2a6
lmapm @ a3f8bf0
lmathx @ 897e28f
lmd5 @ 91bc7e7
lmock @ f811cb8
loop @ 7a18500
lpack @ 2e801ab
lpc @ 6b13b57
lpeg @ 5f09269
lrandom @ 4ad6710
lrexlib @ 5d4c13e
lrexlib-gnu @ ac70e54
lrexlib-oniguruma @ 374e781
lrexlib-pcre @ 83b664f
lrexlib-posix @ d7fb416
lrexlib-tre @ 8961c29
lsqlite3 @ 842971e
lua @ 910ebe9
lua-apr @ 7a32a9b
lua-bit-numberlua @ ce77945
lua-cjson @ fb1aaba
lua-coat @ df2cb03
lua-coatpersistent @ 2cadabb
lua-codegen @ baf5f38
lua-colors @ ddf8f27
lua-compress-deflatelua @ d260831
lua-curl @ eba79b7
lua-digest-crc32lua @ 0447842
lua-discount @ 57fdf24
lua-git @ 0182d4e
lua-hiredis @ 2d7f4db
lua-iconv @ 32b7ede
lua-matrix @ 33b530d
lua-memoryfile @ e547562
lua-openssl @ 5545f66
lua-pythonic-optparse @ 1252385
lua-signal @ a4d302a
lua-spore @ aca3f01
lua-stdlib @ 393bfe1
lua-testlongstring @ fd0e0c4
lua-testmore @ aa0c04f
lua-tinycdb @ 0481250
lua-tokyocabinet @ abbca9b
lua-uri @ 1cfb1c7
lua-xmlreader @ fa238f8
lua-xmlrpc @ cbf5cda
lua-zmq @ 6656b7b
luabind @ 1f75493
luabitop @ 740d0d9
luacom @ 42819a3
luacontractor @ 00c9c05
luacov @ d06084c
luacrypto @ 70ecd00
luacurl @ dbe3315
luadate @ 9efc49d
luadist-git @ 03657b7
luadoc @ ef90492
luadocer @ 6a1e170
luaex @ 7fae60f
luaexpat @ ec30614
luaffi @ f010ddb
luafilesystem @ e599518
luafish @ d3df033
luagd @ c9d5f29
luagl @ 816e100
luaglut @ 012ef9a
luagraph @ a0bf911
luaidl @ c9520ce
luajava @ 347f8d6
luajit @ b882113
luajson @ 9870651
lualibusb @ 7ea6844
lualnum @ 856f9b5
lualogging @ d1a6058
luametrics @ 946e642
luamotif @ 38a012a
luanativeobjects @ 5004dea
luapgsql @ 9e459c5
luapi @ 9b8c20e
luapod @ 08d79dc
luaposix @ e4e14e9
luapretty @ b31f479
luaprofiler @ 4ef2058
luarocks @ 8d09b18
luasec @ c468d85
luasoap @ 4376bf6
luasocket @ 6384ff6
luasql @ 216c5e0
luasql-firebird @ 390a0c5
luasql-mysql @ 5cfb625
luasql-odbc @ 200c398
luasql-postgresql @ 6238a4c
luasql-sqlite @ f3c42d8
luasql-sqlite3 @ bcabf51
luasrcdiet @ fd52bc3
luasys @ 06c35bb
luatask @ 6950f57
luaunit @ 315c9fd
luaxml @ 336d0ad
luazip @ 43a5b20
luma @ 09e1cd2
lunit @ a47ca35
luuid @ 3b4d1bc
lv3 @ f4c8c57
lzlib @ 32b786c
mapm @ f8fef09
markdown @ 5ddb22d
md5 @ 0147a30
metalua @ b29bbca
mixlua @ 0087ae6
mk @ 656a506
moonscript @ 669eee2
ninja @ bb9e882
numlua @ 5e1cb65
objectlua @ 97bbc36
objl @ 313d5a8
oil @ d1085e7
olua @ f47002e
onig @ f6252f8
openssl @ ce4d761
orbit @ b8cfdc7
pcre @ bae01a7
penlight @ bd2b64e
pluto @ bd09d16
qtlua @ c57fc85
recaptcha @ 82e9ceb
redis @ e942e8c
regex @ fa11cc0
remdebug @ 7346ec2
rings @ 540357f
saci @ c22e4f4
scintilla @ 622f9b6
scite @ d7dc8bf
shake @ 825248f
sigar @ e159810
simulua @ 33475c3
slncrypto @ 3e5c984
slnunicode @ cb93dbf
sool @ fa6634b
sputnik @ 012c2e7
sputnik_markitup @ 1c1c671
sputnik_tickets @ f380434
squish @ 4123077
srlua @ b1eddb8
tcc @ ecdf36b
tlc @ 4697835
tokyocabinet @ 6856493
toluapp @ 4de4e1d
tre @ 7ec8581
unzip @ 80d2746
venv @ 8efff71
versium @ 563d7e3
vstruct @ ba39ce2
wsapi @ 2f5bb41
wsapi_basic_auth @ 87f44dc
wxlua @ 72a7803
wxwidgets @ 99e31f2
xavante @ 41cbca7
xssfilter @ 8ce11c5
xstring @ 08e3258
zip @ eda75ea
zlib @ bc4bfd7

Primary LuaDist Repository

Build Status

This repository aggregates all the supported modules of the LuaDist project. Its primary purpose is to provide a manifest for modules. Modules are referenced using git submodules and should always point to individual module repositories in the LuaDist project. Its secondary purpose is to act as an install and bootstrap process for LuaDist based installations.

This repository contains an installation script that allows automated building of LuaDist modules. There are two modes of operation available. First mode is for bootstrapping the luadist deployment utility that offers complete package management functionality and automated dependency resolving. However this requires compilation of openssl and other utilities you may not want.

The second mode of operation directly checks out repositories using git or available submodules and installs the modules without dependency handling. Using this approach you can tailor your distribution from ground up without unneeded dependencies.

Bootstraping LuaDist deployment tool

Please make sure your system has git, CMake 2.8 and a compiler tool-chain available. On Ubuntu this requires git, cmake, build-essential. This build will take quite a while to compile, please be patient.

git clone git://
cd Repository
git submodule update --init --recursive bootstrap
./install bootstrap

Once the installation finishes the LuaDist folder should contain a fully versioned LuaDist distribution.

cd _install/bin
./luadist list # lists installed modules
./luadist search # lists online repository
./luadist install luaexpat # installs luaexpat

Using the install script to generate distribution without versioning.

To make a distribution containing luajit, luasocket and luafilesystem you can use the install utility directly:

./install luajit luasocket luafilesystem

Note that this mode of installation installs most recent versions of modules and does not handle dependencies automatically. If you checked out any of the modules using submodules the utility will use the local files, otherwise it will access remote git repositories. However, the installation script is able to install specific tags of modules. It is up to you to install correct dependencies, otherwise the distribution may be unusable.

./install lua-5.1.4 md5-1.1.2 
> require "md5"


To clone the full repository:

git clone git://
cd Repository
git submodule update --init --recursive

To clone individual modules you can specify the module name as follows:

git submodule update --init --recursive lua

Note that submodules do not point to latest versions of modules but rather to stable versions. To update to latest version do:

cd module
git checkout master
git pull

By default all submodules are accessed using the git:// protocol. Developers can update all remotes to support push through ssl as reqired by GitHub using the following command:

git submodule foreach 'git remote set-url --push origin$path.git'

We also recommend switching all submodules to the master branch using the following command:

git submodule foreach 'git checkout master && git pull'


  1. Submit a issue with a link to your git repository of the module.
  2. A maintainer will fork the module into LuaDist grant you the rights to push changes into it.
  3. The maintainer will add a submodule referencing the forked module into this LuaDist/Repository.

Call for Maintainers

If you would like to help us maintain the repository and update modules without maintainers you are more than welcome. Please contact us at our development list

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