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Alien - Pure Lua extensions
This is Alien version 0.5.1. For more information check
What is Alien
*Alien* is a Foreign Function Interface (FFI) for Lua. An FFI lets you
call functions in dynamic libraries (.so, .dylib, .dll, etc.) from Lua
code without having to write, compile and link a C binding from the
library to Lua. In other words, it lets you write extensions that call
out to native code using just Lua.
Alien works on Unix-based systems and Windows. It has been tested on Linux x86,
Linux x64, Linux ARM, FreeBSD x86, Windows x86, OSX x86, and OSX PPC. The Windo$
binary uses MSVCR80.DLL for compatibility with LuaBinaries.
Installing Alien
The best way to install Alien is through
[LuaRocks]( Just do `luarocks install alien`. You may need
root permissions to do this, depending on your LuaRocks configuration.
Alien is designed and implemented by Fabio Mascarenhas. It uses the
great [libffi](
library by Anthony Green (and others) to do the heavy lifting of calling to and$
name is stolen from Common Lisp FFIs.
Alien's uses the MIT license.
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