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INSTALL for CD on Linux
The CD documentation contains a guide to help you build and install the major Tecgraf libraries in Linux. It is available in "Guide"/"Building in Linux". There you will find the external dependencies you need to install to build from sources and how to use the available scripts to install the necessary files in the system.
Only the simplest installation procedure is described here.
Download the pre-compile binaries, usually "cd-X.X_Linux26g4_lib.tar.gz" or "cd-X.X_Linux26g4_64_lib.tar.gz".
Create a folder and unpack the files:
mkdir cd
cd cd
tar -xpvzf ../cd-X.X_Linux26g4_lib.tar.gz
To install the run time libraries (dynamic libraries), run the "install" script.
To install the development files (includes and static libraries), run the "install_dev" script.
To configure the run time libraries as Lua modules, run the "config_lua_module" script.
All scripts don't need parameters. They need root privileges. If they fail check the Guide at the documentation.
For complete information, visit CD's web site at
or access its documentation in the HTML folder.
(end of INSTALL)