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Copas 1.2.1
Copas is a dispatcher based on coroutines that can be used by TCP/IP servers.
It uses LuaSocket as the interface with the TCP/IP stack.
A server registered with Copas should provide a handler for requests and use
Copas socket functions to send the response.
Copas loops through requests and invokes the corresponding handlers.
For a full implementation of a Copas HTTP server you can refer to Xavante as an example.
Copas is free software and uses the same license as Lua 5.1 and 5.2
Copas can be downloaded from its GitHub page.
You can also install Copas using LuaRocks:
luarocks install copas
Copas depends on LuaSocket and Coxpcall 1.14.
Copas 1.2.1 [07/Jan/2014]
* Fixed bad version constant
* Fixed timer issue
* Updated documentation
Copas 1.2.0 [2013]
* Support for Lua 5.2
* UDP support
* suspending threads
* other minor updates
Copas 1.1.6 [18/Mar/2010]
* Now checks to see if socket.http was required before copas
Copas 1.1.5 [07/Apr/2009]
* Fixed bug reported by Sam Roberts on the Kepler list
Copas 1.1.4 [10/Dec/2008]
* Fixed bug [#5372] - copas.connect is semi-broken (found by Gary ng)
Copas 1.1.3 [19/May/2008]
* Using copcall instead of pcall in socket.protect (feature request [#5274] by Gary NG)
Copas 1.1.2 [15/May/2008]
* Fixed Bug [#4249] - bugs in copas.receive (found by Gary NG)
Copas 1.1.1 [13/Aug/2007]
* Compatible with Lua 5.1
* Refactored by Thomas Harning Jr. (for more details check Bug 766)
* Patch by Gary NG concerning the handling of stopped sockets
Copas 1.1 [20/Sep/2006]
* copas.addthread() added
Copas 1.0 [17/May/2005]
* copas.step() added
Copas 1.0 Beta[17/Feb/2005]
* First public version