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Cosmo is a "safe templates" engine. It allows you to fill nested
templates, providing many of the advantages of Turing-complete
template engines, without without the downside of allowing arbitrary
code in the templates.
The current version of Cosmo is 14.03.04. This release fixes a bug with the latest version of LPEG.
The previous version, 13.01.30, added support for Lua 5.2. Version 10.04.06 added
expressions to selectors $(\<exp\>),
allowed nested \[\[ \]\] in templates, made commas between subtemplates
optional, and added a second parameter to cosmo.yield that tells Cosmo
the first parameter is a literal to be included in the expansion instead
of an environment.
Cosmo is installed as a rock. To install the most recent release
do `luarocks install cosmo`. The Cosmo rock is in the standard
repository. Installation on UNIX-based systems need the gcc toolchain.
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