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2009-04-05 Sven Panne <>
* Added more project/workspace/... files to distribution.
* .cvsignore,doc/.cvsignore,include/.cvsignore,include/GL/.cvsignore,
src/.cvsignore: Removed remnants of CVS.
2009-03-30 Sven Panne <>
* progs/demos/smooth_opengl3/smooth_opengl3.c: Make the example fully
2009-03-27 Sven Panne <>
* progs/demos/smooth_opengl3/smooth_opengl3.c: Make Visual C happy by
including stddef.h and explicitly marking some literals as float.
2009-03-26 Sven Panne <>
* src/freeglut_init.c,src/freeglut_input_devices.c: Unbreak the build:
C++ style comments are not allowed in ISO C90
2009-03-19 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_input_devices.c: Fixing "freeglut_input_devices.c" for
MSVS2005 and later per e-mail from Diederick Niehorster dated Thu
3/19/2009 6:57 AM
2009-03-17 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_input_devices.c: Removing some build
warnings from deprecated functions for VS2008 per e-mail from
Diederick Niehorster dated Tue 3/10/2009
* freeglut_static_vs2008.vcproj, freeglut_vs2008.sln,
progs/demos/One/one_vs2008.vcproj, progs/demos/demos_vs2008.sln,
progs/demos/smooth_opengl3/smooth_opengl3_vs2008.vcproj: Adding Visual
Studio 2008 solution and project files
2009-03-16 Sven Panne <>
* src/freeglut_init.c,src/freeglut_window.c: Set the default number of
samples per pixel to 4 and actually use the value set with
glutSetOption(GLUT_MULTISAMPLE,...) in Windows code. Previously the
Windows code used a hardwired value of 4 and the GLX code had a
default of 0, neither made much sense. Similarly, set the default
number of auxiliary buffers to 1 and use that value when GLUT_AUX is
used. Note: There latter token has the same value as GLUT_AUX1, and
for historical reasons we seem to have 2 APIs to set the number of
auxiliary buffers: Explicitly using GLUT_AUX1 ... GLUT_AUX4, and using
a combination of GLUT_AUX with glutSetOption. The default of 1 ensures
consistent behaviour in both cases.
* src/freeglut_state.c: Added GLUT_AUX and GLUT_MULTISAMPLE as possible
parameters for glutGet, making things more symmetric with
* src/freeglutdll.def: Added missing API entries.
2009-03-10 John F. Fay <>
* progs/demos/demos.dsw: Adding the "smooth_opengl3" demo
2009-03-09 John F. Fay <>
* include/GL/freeglut_std.h: Making the definition of
"WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN" conditional to enhance compatibility with GLEW
per suggestion by Diederick C. Niehorster in e-mail dated Mon 3/9/2009
8:06 AM
* progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.c: Setting the "fractals" demo initial
number of levels to 4 per suggestion from Diederick C. Niehorster
[] in e-mail dated Mon 3/9/2009 5:29 AM
2009-03-01 John F. Fay <>
* progs/demos/CallbackMaker/CallbackMaker.c,
progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c, progs/demos/shapes/shapes.c: Fixing
Microsoft compatibility with the new "vsnprintf" by putting an
underscore in front of it if WIN32 is defined but __CYGWIN__ is not
2009-03-01 Sven Panne <>
* We do not depend on GLU anymore
* README.win32: Added notes for building under Cygwin
* src/ To build shared libraries on Windows, one has to
declare explicitly that there are no undefined symbols during linking.
No idea why, but this seems to be the only way to enable this on
Cygwin via -mno-cygwin. Hopefully this won't cause problems on other
platforms (which has to be tested).
* progs/demos/smooth_opengl3/smooth_opengl3.c: Windows fun again: Use
the correct calling convention for OpenGL extension entries.
2009-02-28 Sven Panne <>
* progs/demos/smooth_opengl3/smooth_opengl3.c: When -mno-cygwin is used,
we get ancient GL headers, so be a bit more conservative.
* progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c,
progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c, progs/demos/shapes/shapes.c:
_CrtDumpMemoryLeaks and its header are Microsoft-specific, e.g. Cygwin
doesn't provide them.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Do not try to destroy a GLX context when there
is none, e.g. when glXCreateContextAttribsARB is not there.
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Use snprintf or _snprintf instead of the
potentially dangerous sprintf to avoid warnings.
NOTE: Due to excessive use of #ifdefs, the joystick code is on the
border of being unmaintainable! I could only check that it compiles
cleanly on my Linux box. Others should test this on their platforms
(Windows, Mac OS X, *BSD) to make sure that nothing has been broken.
* progs/demos/CallbackMaker/CallbackMaker.c,
progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c, progs/demos/shapes/shapes.c: Use
vsnprintf instead of the potentially dangerous sprintf to avoid
warnings. Using snprintf directly would be a little bit more tricky,
because once again Microsoft decided to avoid followind standards and
provide _snprintf instead. We could use this, too, but this would
require an additional autoconf check, which I'd like to avoid, if
Note: If VS *still* issues warnings, but this time about vsnprintf,
somebody should add some pragmas or whatever is needed to shut up that
warning, it would be silly.
* progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c: Position the distance message closer to
the middle of the window, it has been far, far off to the upper right.
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Synched version number with We
should better remove this redundancy and calculate this from directly.
2009-02-19 John F. Fay <>
* progs/demos/smooth_opengl3/smooth_opengl3.dsp,
progs/demos/smooth_opengl3/smooth_opengl3Static.dsp: Fixing the
DOS/Linux line ending problems in the progs/demos/smooth_opengl3
project files
2009-02-18 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_window.c: Fixing a build error caused by a variable
declaration being out of place
2009-02-15 Sven Panne <>
* progs/demos/smooth_opengl3/smooth_opengl3.c: Final changes to make the
example fully OpenGL-3.0-compliant:
* Use vertex attribute arrays.
* Use our own projection matrix.
* Do not use deprecated vertex/fragment shader variables.
* progs/demos/smooth_opengl3/smooth_opengl3.c: Use GLSL shaders (still
1.20, though). Dump GL info.
* progs/demos/smooth_opengl3/smooth_opengl3.c: Added a commandline
option for 'classic' contexts. Aesthetic changes.
* progs/demos/smooth_opengl3/smooth_opengl3.c: Use VBOs in new example.
Added a few comments.
2009-02-14 Sven Panne <>
*, progs/demos/, progs/demos/smooth_opengl3,
progs/demos/smooth_opengl3/smooth_opengl3Static.dsp: Initial version
of a fully OpenGL-3.0-compliant of the famous smooth.c from the Red
Book. What has been done already:
* Explicitly request a forward-compatible 3.0 context
* Report GL errors, if any, at a few crucial places
* Replaced gluOrtho2D with a home-grown matrix + glLoadMatrixf
What remains to be done:
* Use vertex shaders and fragment shaders
* Use vertex buffer objects
2009-02-13 Sven Panne <>
* README: Mention
* src/freeglut_window.c: Synchronized WGL behavior with GLX
implementation: Do not call the new context creation API when it is
not required. Fixing a bug in a previous commit on the way... :-}
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_window.c: More refactorings:
Removed useless return value. Simplified control structures even more.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Refactoring only (replace nested conditionals
with guard clauses), making the normal path of execution much clearer.
* We have added some API entries, so we have to update
library version information conforming to
*, Avoid CR\LF vs. LF troubles when using
TortoiseSVN plus Cygwin.
* .: Ignore, too. It seems to be generated by recent
2009-02-13 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_window.c:
Adding OpenGL 3.0 context detection for Windows per e-mail from Paul
Martz dated Thu 2/12/2009 9:03 AM (more or less)
2009-02-03 John F. Fay <>
* README: Adding some instructions about building on a *nix platform to
the 'README' file
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, src/freeglut_main.c: Removing some errant
tabs, fixing ticket #2137721, and adding special-key capability to
recognizing the NumLock, Delete, and keypad '5' keys
* src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c: A further response to
bug [ 1804696 ] Warnings when building on OpenSolaris -- per comment
by Nigel Stewart on that bug report
2009-02-02 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_joystick.c: Fixing bug [ 1804696
] Warnings when building on OpenSolaris as updated 2/2/09 by Nigel
2008-11-20 Sven Panne <>
* src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c, src/freeglut_internal.h: Yet
another try to make the font definitions compile on all platforms.
2008-11-17 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c, src/freeglut_internal.h: Allowing
"freeglut" to compile without errors under *nix. Before this, there
were problems with conflicting definitions of the GLUT font
2008-11-06 Sven Panne <>
* src/freeglut_main.c: Ooops, forgot one file in the previous commit
(fix for "--without-x").
* Use autoconf to detect gettimeofday instead of broken
Note: freeglut compiles under Cygwin now, even when "--without-x" is
used for configuration.
* We need to link against winmm under Cygwin when
--without-x is used to get timeBeginPeriod, timeEndPeriod, joyGetPosEx
and joyGetDevCaps.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Fixed first parameter of CreateWindow call,
used for multisampling on Windows. It compiles, but it is otherwise
2008-11-05 Sven Panne <>
* src/freeglut_misc.c: Be conservative about the presence of
* src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c, src/freeglut_stroke_mono_roman.c,
src/freeglut_stroke_roman.c: freeglut_internal.h needs some GL types,
but it is not self-contained. TODO: Move freeglut.h #include into
freeglut_internal.h itself?
* src/freeglut_window.c: Removed the annoying "Unable to create direct
context rendering..." warning, it served no real purpose, and on some
platforms there simply is no such thing as a direct context.
* progs/demos/CallbackMaker, progs/demos/Fractals,
progs/demos/Fractals_random, progs/demos/Lorenz, progs/demos/One,
progs/demos/shapes: Ignore *.exe
* src/freeglut_ext.c: Handle new glutInitContext* API entries in
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Make freeglut compile under Cygwin, which has
an ancient GLX header
2008-11-02 Sven Panne <>
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_window.c:
Added OpenGL 3.0 context creation API entries
glutInitContextVersion, glutInitContextFlags
and their related constants
Note that this works with GLX only currently, the glutInitContext* API
entries have no effect for WGL yet.
TODO: Centralize the context creation code for WGL (the harder part)
and use the new wglCreateContextAttribsARB API entry (the easy part,
re-use most of the GLX code).
* src/freeglut_window.c: Refactored GLX context creation into a single
function, centralizing things to be changed for OpenGL 3.0 context
creation and removing some cut-n-paste.
* src/freeglut_ext.c, src/freeglut_internal.h: Make a
wgl/glXGetProcAddress abstraction available internally. We will need
this to get the new context creation function.
* src/freeglut_misc.c: Do not depend on GLU, it will vanish in the
future, at least in its current form.
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Removed superfluous #includes.
* Fix for bug #1709675 ("probably not be so
ISO-conformant"): The C compiler flag -Werror is not used by default
anymore, a separate configure flag --enable-warnings-as-errors has
been introduced for this purpose, which is off by default.
* Added AM_PROG_CC_C_O to, removing a warning
during This flag seems to be necessary for per-target
flags (used in demo programs) nowadays.
2008-07-21 John F. Fay <>
*, src/ Implementing a patch from Jocelyn
Frechot (thank you, Jocelyn) that "should enable the XInput extension
management with the autotools." See e-mail of Sun 7/20/2008 12:01 PM.
2008-07-10 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_ext.c: Adding "glutExit" to the functions in
"fghGetProcAddress" in accordance with an e-mail from Jocelyn Frechot
dated Tue 7/8/2008 12:26 PM
2008-04-05 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_main.c: Adding "SC_MONITORPOWER" and other new options to
the "wParam" option list (e-mail from Ron Larkin, 3/17/08, 11:00 AM)
2007-12-02 John F. Fay <>
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, src/freeglut_display.c, src/freeglut_ext.c,
src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Adding
"glutFullScreenToggle" for X11 -- still needs implementation in
Windows (e-mail by Jocelyn Frechot, Sun 11/25/2007 11:29 AM)
2007-12-01 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_window.c: Fixing the window position for asynchronous X11
implementations (e-mail by Jocelyn Frechot, Sun 11/25/2007 11:29 AM)
2007-11-26 John F. Fay <>
* progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.c: Making a demo program that uses
2007-11-12 John F. Fay <>
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, src/freeglut_ext.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_state.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Implementing Jocelyn
Frechot's changes -- see e-mail of Thursday, 11/8/2007 9:12 AM.
2007-10-02 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Removing more Win64 build warnings from
joystick code
2007-09-30 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_main.c: Removing the final compiler warning when building
on Win75 -- thank you, Antonio Mattos.
2007-09-29 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Removing the remaining compiler warnings from
the cursor code, thanks to Antonio Mattos of Brazil. The double
type-casting is needed because of a bug in the new MSVC; there is a
discussion on the web on this subject.
2007-09-25 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Changing the cursor definition macro for newer
versions of MSVC -- thanks to "Mattos" of Brazil
* src/freeglut_window.c: More changes for Jocelyn Frechot's
multisampling changes. The library builds now. It still needs some
testing with sample cases under X11.
2007-09-23 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_window.c: Fixing a remaining bug in the multisampling
change ... there may be more ...
2007-09-22 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_state.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Putting in Jocelyn
Frechot's X11 visual context changes. THIS WILL BREAK THE BUILD as I
am unable to test it on a Linux machine here. Somebody please test it
for me.
2007-09-21 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_misc.c:
Removing compiler warnings in MSVC 2005 build
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, src/freeglut_init.c: Implementing Larry
Ramey's "glutExit" feature (see e-mails from him on 11/9/05, 6/28/06)
2007-09-19 John F. Fay <>
* include/GL/freeglut_std.h, src/freeglut_window.c: Implementing first
part of Windows version of "GLUT_CAPTIONLESS" and "GLUT_BORDERLESS"
per feature request "[ 1197016 ] need GLUT_CAPTIONLESS window option".
Needs more work; menus are slightly mispositioned, X11 version does
not support it, banner appears at beginning but disappears on window
resize. But this is a start.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Fixing Linux key-repeat mode bug reported in "[
1796845 ] Keyboard events are lost when key repeat is enabled."
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Fixing a build error on SuSE described in bug
report "[ 1792047 ] freeglut_joystick.c error"
2007-09-18 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_window.c: Implementing feature request "[ 947118 ] Popup
menu is hidden under the TOPMOST window"
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Adding Takeshi Nishimura's Feature Request "[
1045202 ] Cope with a menu with many items" -- sorry it took so long.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Addressing Feature Request #1307049 that
"freeglut" should return 0 if "glutGetWindow" is called without a
prior call to "glutInit", rather than terminating on error.
* freeglut.dep, freeglut.mak, freeglut_static.dep, freeglut_static.mak:
Added Windows "nmake" Makefiles and dependency files for the two
"freeglut" projects in accordance with Feature Request #1454543
2007-09-16 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_window.c: Fixing bug #1688954, submitted in Marcy '07. I
changed "FREEGLUT" to _T("FREEGLUT") and nothing changed on my Windows
XP system. If this will allow it to work on Vista, then in it goes.
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_window.c:
Fixing bug report #1052151 from October 2004.
2006-11-28 John F. Fay <>
* FrequentlyAskedQuestions: Adding a Frequently Asked Questions file
2006-09-28 Joe Krahn <>
* src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Removed incorrect comment
about internal WGL/ARB definitions. I actually had put those comments
in because I had meant to go back and re-check the WGL extension. But,
maybe locally defined extensions should be kept in a separate include
2006-09-27 Joe Krahn <>
* freeglut.dsp, freeglut.dsw, freeglut_static.dsp,
progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.dsp, progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenzStatic.dsp,
progs/demos/One/one.dsp, progs/demos/One/oneStatic.dsp,
progs/demos/demos.dsw, progs/demos/shapes/shapes.dsp,
progs/demos/shapes/shapesStatic.dsp: Undo svn:eol-style=CR/LF for MSVC
project files.
2006-09-26 Joe Krahn <>
* include/GL/freeglut_std.h, src/freeglut_joystick.c,
src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Added
FREEGLUT_LIB_PRAGMAS to control MS library pragmas, and fixed NOMINMAX
* freeglut.dsp, freeglut.dsw, freeglut_static.dsp,
progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.dsp, progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenzStatic.dsp,
progs/demos/One/one.dsp, progs/demos/One/oneStatic.dsp,
progs/demos/demos.dsw, progs/demos/shapes/shapes.dsp,
progs/demos/shapes/shapesStatic.dsp: Added svn:eol-style=CRLF property
to MSVC project/workspace files.
2006-09-25 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_window.c: Fixing a typo bug in the display mode checking
(removing multisampling if it is not supported)
2006-09-25 Joe Krahn <>
* src/freeglut_state.c: Fixed a small mistake in the previous commit for
* src/freeglut_state.c: Added proper support for number of mouse buttons
in X11, and a keyboard in Windows CE. Also, several glutGet results
returning TRUE/FALSE were changed to 1/0, because the actual return
type is int (although they are technically the same in practice).
2006-09-24 Joe Krahn <>
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c:
Converted Time counter to a uniform unsigned long it value. The
initialized flag was redundant with the main Initialized flag, and
conversion of timeval to milliseconds in POSIX makes the code cleaner.
Timeval has a longer range, but the time value is already limited by
2006-09-23 Joe Krahn <>
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c:
Removed WindowState.IsGameMode; it is redundant with
2006-09-21 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Adding support for the
multisampling query per bug report 1274193
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_main.c: Fixing Bug #1398196 - Windows message
2006-09-21 Joe Krahn <>
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: test (comment edited)
2006-09-21 John F. Fay <>
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_init.c: Adding temporary fix to
"glutInitDisplayString" to ignore numerical assignments
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_window.c: Adding multisampling to *nix and
Windows; also some other pixel format enhancements to Windows
* ChangeLog, progs/demos/CallbackMaker/CallbackMaker.c: Enhancing the
"CallbackMaker" demo
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_display.c,
src/freeglut_ext.c, src/freeglut_gamemode.c,
src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_input_devices.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c,
src/freeglut_misc.c, src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_teapot.c,
src/freeglut_teapot_data.h, src/freeglut_window.c: Joe Krahn's changes
to "TARGET_HOST" defined constants
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_joystick.c,
src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Fixing two minor bugs,
adding comments
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_structure.c:
Changing "GameMode" to "GameModeWindow ... and testing whether I can
get to SVN directly
2006-08-05 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.c,
progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c: Check fgets for return value to avoid
* freeglut.spec: Fixed typo in date
* freeglut.spec: Updated build requirements for SuSE 10.1
2005-10-12 Sven Panne <>
* ., .cvsignore: Ooops, forgot to ingore INSTALL and install-sh in
previous commit...
* ChangeLog, include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, include/GL/freeglut_std.h: Moved
GLUT_INIT_STATE to <GL/freeglut_ext.h>, it is not part of the original
* ., .cvsignore, ChangeLog, INSTALL,, install-sh,
mkinstalldirs: Simply use autoreconf in, it is much simpler
and the recommended way in the autotools documentation. Removed
INSTALL, install-sh and mkinstalldirs, they are either unused or
automatically generated by
2005-10-06 John F. Fay <>
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h: Allowing compilation of Windows version by
removing DLL decorations from deprecated joystick interface extensions
* src/freeglut_window.c: Implementing Stereo in Windows
2005-09-07 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, src/ Use target-specific *_CPPFLAGS, not the
deprecated INCLUDES.
* ChangeLog, Use -Wall for automake to catch some buglets,
deprecated stuff, etc.
2005-09-04 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, Silenced
2005-08-31 John F. Fay <>
* freeglut.rc, freeglut.tgt, freeglut.wpj, freeglut_static.tgt:
Necessary files for Open Watcom support
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Adding Open Watcom support
* ChangeLog, README.win32: Documenting support for Open Watcom
* include/GL/freeglut_std.h: Implementing WATCOM support
2005-07-14 Sven Panne <>
* src/freeglut_input_devices.c: Nuked useless bit-fiddling, pointed out
by John. I was a bit too quick to cut-n-paste the cfmakeraw()
definition into our code... :-]
* ChangeLog, src/freeglutdll.def: Synched the DLL definitions with
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_cursor.c: Fixed the GLUT_CURSOR_INHERIT logic
once again...
Note that this commit is untested, but at least it looks better than
before. We really a need a cursor test program.
2005-07-13 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Fixing a cursor bug in \"GLUT_CURSOR_INHERIT\"
2005-07-13 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, Improve autoconf magic: To detect headers
like GL/gl.h, it might be necessary to temporarily use the X11 flags
found by AC_PATH_XTRA.
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_joystick.c: Avoid gcc warnings for some
joystick code (e.g. on Solaris).
* src/freeglut_input_devices.c: Tiny cleanup only...
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_input_devices.c: Solaris doesn't have
cfmakeraw, but it is only a convenience function for some
bit-fiddling, anyway.
2005-07-08 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, src/freeglut_ext.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h: Made all the "glutJoystickXXX" functions part
of the freeglut extensions. If this is not what we want, we can easily
#ifdef this away again...
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_geometry.c: Made a few global arrays "static",
avoiding namespace pollution. The only externally visible symbols
should either be from the GLUT API ("glutXXX") or internal freeglut
entities ("fgYYY"). Reformatted things a bit on the way.
2005-07-06 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_main.c: We only have pending redisplay
callbacks when the window wants to be redisplayed *and* it is visible.
Otherwise we won't redraw, anyway, and immediately discover that
there's still something to do, etc. etc., leading to 100% CPU load.
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_main.c: Removed redundant code.
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_init.c: X11 only: Destroy the global menu
rendering context when deinitializing. The visual/context handling for
menus is still rather obscure, though...
* progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c: Reverting previous commit: %lf is a valid
format specifier for the scanf familiy of functions only, not for the
printf family.
2005-07-05 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_main.c: Implementing the new menu context variable names
in Windows ...
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Changing a comment ... nothing big.
* progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c: Fixing output formats ... nothing big
2005-07-05 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_window.c: X11 only: Free
XVisualInfo structures when they are not needed anymore, fixing a
space leak. Not perfect for menus yet...
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_window.c: Tiny change to make
grep's life easier: Rename the fields of the menu context. Not really
worth a ChangeLog entry...
IMHO it looks like we could kill the whole MenuContext stuff, it is of
no use currently and some things look strange, like e.g. having a
context per menu. The latter is not OK when a menu is attached to
multiple windows.
2005-07-02 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_state.c: Handle modifiers in
MotionNotify events, too. This fixes bug #1227920 (glutGetModifiers
not set/allowed in mouse callbacks). In addition, some related cleanup
has been done.
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_joystick.c: Partial fixes for bug #1218900
(freeglut-2.4.0 on FreeBSD).
* ChangeLog, Remove wrong "execute" bits when creating a
distribution. This fixes bug #961938 (Executable bit set on non exe
* Tiny cosmetic change, not worth a ChangeLog entry.
* ChangeLog: Added John's missing ChangeLog entry.
2005-07-01 John F. Fay <>
* freeglut.dsp, freeglut_static.dsp: Adding the
\"freeglut_input_devices.c\" file to the Windows project files
2005-07-01 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog,, src/ Some steps toward
compilation under MinGW. Note that there are still linking troubles
for the examples.
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Fixed #ifdef for ChangeDisplaySettingsEx
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_input_devices.c: Silenced a signed/unsigned
mismatched via a cast.
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_internal.h: MinGW is lacking a prototype for
ChangeDisplaySettingsEx, so supply one in this case. Note that this
should better be handled via autoconf than via cpp.
* ChangeLog, Removed redundant files from EXTRA_DIST.
2005-06-30 Sven Panne <>
* src/freeglut_main.c: Ooops, forgot to set the current window in the
last commit. I'll have to test better before comitting... :-]
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_main.c: When a window is iconified, only an
UnmapNotify is sent, not a VisibilityNotify, so we have to handle the
window status callback in the former case, too. This fixes bug #763442
(Call the visibility callback when minimizing a window).
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_main.c: Cleaned up
CreateNotify/ConfigureNotify handling.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Ooops, forgot to dump a few fields in some
* ChangeLog,, src/freeglut_main.c: Added --enable-debug
configure flag. Currently it only turns on X11 event tracing, but in
the future we could add more.
Note: freeglut_main.c could benefit from some restructuring to clean
up the #ifdefs and cut down the sizes of some extremely long
* ., .cvsignore: Ignore files generated during RPM build.
2005-06-23 John F. Fay <>
* doc/freeglut_user_interface.html: Fixing the documentation regarding
callbacks and geometry shape additions
* progs/demos/Fractals/Fractals.dsp,
progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.dsp, progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenzStatic.dsp,
progs/demos/One/one.dsp, progs/demos/One/oneStatic.dsp,
progs/demos/shapes/shapes.dsp, progs/demos/shapes/shapesStatic.dsp:
Adding separate static library and DLL demonstration program projects
* progs/demos/CallbackMaker/CallbackMaker.dsp,
progs/demos/CallbackMaker/CallbackMakerStatic.dsp: Adding separate
demo program projects for static library and DLL versions
* progs/demos/demos.dsw: Adding support for separate static library demo
* ChangeLog: Keeping current ...
* src/freeglut_input_devices.c: New file for Joe Krahn\'s dials input
2005-06-22 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_geometry.c: Fixing a bug in the Sierpinski sponge code
that made the application crash if called with number of levels < 0
* src/, src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_state.c: Joe Krahn\'s input
(dials) device implementation.
2005-06-14 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, freeglut.spec: Added an RPM spec file based on the one
shipped with SuSE 9.3.
2005-06-10 James Jones <>
* ChangeLog, Release of 2.4.0
2005-06-02 James Jones <>
* ChangeLog,, src/freeglut_internal.h: 2.4.0 Release
Candiate 5
2005-05-26 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_main.c: Takeshi Nishimura\'s changes to make the Windows
mouse wheel/button mapping match that of X11; also fixing a typo in
the associated mouse callback argument list
2005-05-26 James Jones <>
* ChangeLog, 2.4.0 RC4 updates
* src/freeglut_main.c: Fix joysticks so they are polled by their timer
correctly. (Dan Torop)
2005-05-24 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_gamemode.c: The original glutEnterGameMode()
returns the window id of the game mode window, not TRUE/FALSE, we
should better follow that. Note that most man pages claim that this
function returns void, but this is definitely wrong.
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_main.c: When
switching to game mode under X11, no ConfigureNotify event will happen
and consequently no reshape callback will ever be called via the
normal mechanism. To fix this, note that the game mode window needs to
be resized and handle this before redraw.
2005-05-22 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_ext.c: Guarantee consistency of
names/addresses in glutGetProcAddress by using a macro. In addition,
this avoids any non-constant initializer issues which might be raised
when using WinDoze GCCs. The additional code overhead is negligible,
at least for x86 (a few instructions per name).
* ChangeLog, Lowering minimum autoconf version required.
2005-05-20 James Jones <>
* ChangeLog: Tag for 2.4.0 RC3
* ChangeLog: Notes
2005-05-19 Sven Panne <>
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c: Fixed SF bug #1204256: Off-by-one error in
X11 mode switching. The code which changes the X11 video mode has an
off-by-one error, resulting in a wrong mode or segfault. I've
refactored the code slighty to make it hopefully clearer what's going
on and corrected some #ifdefs on the way. Now at least the "One" demo
works for me.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Fixed SF bug #1204261: Mini space leak when
creating an X11 window (X11 text property values have to be freed
after using them)
2005-05-18 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c: Removing a C++ comment and simplifying the
string handling
2005-05-17 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c: Misiek\'s changes to fix Game Mode--getting
display settings under Windows and setting the window size correctly
on all operating systems.
2005-05-16 James Jones <>
* ChangeLog: Mark for 2.4 RC 2
2005-05-13 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Removing two unused variables so this will
compile on Linux with -Wall
2005-05-12 John F. Fay <>
* ChangeLog: Updating the ChangeLog ...
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c:
Takeshi Nishimura\'s menu changes--menus should now work properly. Use
the GLUT \"GLUTmech\" and \"walker\" demos to test them.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Takeshi Nishimura\'s menu fixes
2005-05-09 James Jones <>
* ChangeLog,, Freeglut 2.4.0 Release Candidate
2005-05-06 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, progs/demos/shapes/shapes.c: Fixed a cuboctahedron vertex,
implemented wire mode for that shape.
* ChangeLog, progs/demos/shapes/shapes.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_main.c: Necessary compilation fixes for newer GCCs (e.g.
3.3.5, 4.0). Side effect: The shapes demo has a new 'i' key now.
2005-05-05 John F. Fay <>
* ChangeLog: Updated the ChangeLog again ...
2005-05-04 John F. Fay <>
* progs/demos/shapes/shapes.c: Replacing the original \"freeglut\"
\"shapes\" demo with the much snazzier OpenGLUT \"shapes\" demo. Many
thanks to the OpenGLUT community for writing it. The copyright notice
stays in the program.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Changing hard-coded constant (number of mouse
buttons = 3) to a \"glutDeviceGet\" call in two places under X11
* src/freeglutdll.def: Changing the version number from 2.0 to 2.4.0 ...
do we need to add any new interface functions?
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Removing an unused variable
* src/freeglut_window.c: Adding a comment on why \"freeglut\" differs
from GLUT in a particular way
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Removing an unused function
* src/freeglut_init.c: Making the \"key repeat\" initialization
consistent with the rest of its usage; also making the
\"initDisplayString\" ever-so-slightly mroe general
* ChangeLog, TODO, src/freeglut_window.c: Updating the ChangeLog and
TODO files in preparation for the upcoming release
2005-04-29 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Adding a \"TODO\" comment about dynamically
allocating joystick buttonj and axis arrays
* ChangeLog: Updationg the ChangeLog ...
2005-04-28 John F. Fay <>
* README.win32: Adding a \"README.Win32\" file with instructions on how
to install \"freeglut\" under Windows.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Adding Window Exit event handling to the Windows
code; also adding a note that eventually it would be good to handle
the Window Entry event
2005-04-27 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_window.c: Fixing bug [ 1111218 ] fullscreen not working
Better late than never.
* src/freeglut_init.c: Fixing Bug Report [ 1160442 ]
glutGet(GLUT_ELAPSED_TIME) is too granular
2005-04-26 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_structure.c: Fixing the
typecasts on the callback fetches and invocations to allow
\"freeglut\" to compile with GCC 4.0
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Fixing erroneous implementation of Takeshi\'s fix
* src/ Changing include path from relative to absolute to
support off-directory builds (Yuri D\'Elia, March 22, 5:59 PM)
* LISEZ_MOI: Adding \"LISEZ-MOI\", the French version of \"README\"
2005-04-25 John F. Fay <>
* ChangeLog: Updating the ChangeLog ... it seems to be something of a
stepchild if we\'re not careful.
2005-04-22 John F. Fay <>
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Yuri D\'Elia\'s changes to get the virtual
maximum screen extent instead of the actual screen size.
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c: Yuri D\'Elia\'s changes to the game mode
* src/freeglut_structure.c: Change a hard-coded number to a defined
constant and add some initializations
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Removing duplicate cursor code. This and the
previous change (in freeglut_main.c) apparently got combined.
* ChangeLog: Updating the ChangeLog to reflect activity over the past
few months
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_cursor.c,
src/freeglut_display.c, src/freeglut_gamemode.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c,
src/freeglut_misc.c, src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_structure.c,
src/freeglut_window.c: Trying again to change \"fgStructure.Window\"
to \"fgStructure.CurrentWindow\" and \"fgStructure.Menu\" to
\"fgStructure.CurrentMenu\" for easier maintenance.
2005-04-15 John F. Fay <>
* ChangeLog: Updating the ChangeLog as a means of testing pCVSc
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Testing!
2005-03-23 Brian Paul
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h: added comment about AUX flags
2005-02-16 Brian Paul
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_window.c: fixes for menus being
attached to multiple buttons/windows (John Fay)
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c: added error check (John Fay)
2005-02-15 Brian Paul
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_window.c: AUX buffers for Windows
(John Fay)
2005-02-11 Brian Paul
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_window.c:
Aux color buffer support. Pass one of GLUT_AUX[1234] to
glutInitDisplayMode. Only implemented/tested on GLX, not Windows.
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, src/freeglut_ext.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h: Fix object/function pointer inconsistencies
which are a problem for gcc 3.4.2. Added GLUTproc type, returned by
2005-01-23 Sven Panne <>
* autoconf 2.58 is enough
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_internal.h: Stylistic change
only (added "do { ... } while( 0 )" around multi-statement macros)
*, src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c: Testing
for errno.h is overkill. :-)
* src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_main.c: Windows platforms only:
Merged some cursor-related code from John Fay (with minor changes)
2005-01-05 Sven Panne <>
* src/freeglut_ext.c, src/freeglut_font.c, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Hopefully removed all
damage done by commits without merge
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_cursor.c: Reworked the X11 part of
glutSetCursor, fixing bug #764187 (Variable mouse pointers don't work)
on the way: * Use slightly more compatible cursor shapes for
fixed the erroneous code for GLUT_CURSOR_NONE. * Removed the incorrect
use of XFreeCursor and use a cache of cursors instead. Cursors are
never freed now, we could do this e.g. via reference countig if this
is really needed. * Fixed error handling. * Unknown cursor types are
an error now. * Now the window state always corresponds to the wanted
cursorID, even in the case of GLUT_CURSOR_FULL_CROSSHAIR.
NOTE: I am not sure where the cursor cache should really reside,
currently it is simply a file-local variable.
2005-01-03 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_gamemode.c: Fixed part of bug #926883 (Video
mode matching code, memory leaks, fullscreen), i.e. issue warnings
when XF86VidModeFOO fails.
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_gamemode.c: (234) Fixed part of bug #926883
(Video mode matching code, memory leaks, fullscreen): Now we first try
to get an exact mode match, ignoring the refresh rate if none could be
found. This way the X11 part and the WinDoze behave similarly. NOTE:
We still don't behave like GLUT, because it has a wider notion of
"best" match. We have to refactor and extend freeglut quite a bit to
do that.
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_gamemode.c: Fixed part of bug #926883 (Video
mode matching code, memory leaks, fullscreen), i.e. memory leak caused
by not freeing the mode lines returned by XF86VidModeGetAllModeLines
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_window.c: Improved error message a bit when no
suitable visual could be found (X11 only).
*, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c: autoconf'd
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Removed redundant #include
* ChangeLog,, src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c:
autoconf'd <errno.h> handling and removed an unused '#include
*, src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c: autoconf'd
<limits.h> and <sys/param.h> handling, removing MIN/MAX macros on the
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Cosmetics.
*, src/freeglut_joystick.c: autoconf'd <fcntl.h> and
<sys/ioctl.h> handling
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c:
Improved <sys/typed.h> / <unistd.h> handling as suggested by the
autoconf docs.
*, progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_main.c: Fixed <sys/time.h> / <time.h> handling as
suggested by the autoconf docs.
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_cursor.c,
src/freeglut_display.c, src/freeglut_ext.c, src/freeglut_font.c,
src/freeglut_font_data.c, src/freeglut_gamemode.c,
src/freeglut_geometry.c, src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c,
src/freeglut_misc.c, src/freeglut_overlay.c, src/freeglut_state.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_teapot.c,
src/freeglut_videoresize.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Moved '#include
"config.h"' to freeglut_internal.h, we will need it there soon and it
makes everything a bit shorter.
* ChangeLog: Resurrected my recent additions which were nuked by the
previous commit, adding the latest change on the way. :-(
* acconfig.h: Removed acconfig.h, it is deprecated and we don't need it.
* src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_font.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c: Make it compile again with "-Wall -pedantic
-Werror", redoing quite a few things I've fixed already a few days
ago. Have today's commits been done by copying instead of merging? :-(
2005-01-03 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c,
src/freeglut_window.c: Changes remove duplicate menu code from
"freeglut_window.c" and put it into one place in "freeglut_menu.c"
where it belongs. - John Fay
* ChangeLog: General ChangeLog Updates
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_cursor.c,
src/freeglut_display.c, src/freeglut_ext.c, src/freeglut_font.c,
src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_geometry.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_misc.c, src/freeglut_state.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_teapot.c,
src/freeglut_teapot_data.h, src/freeglut_window.c: Adding
initialization checking to all GLUT interface functions and removing
asserts from the rest of the code - John Fay
2005-01-01 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, src/ Added missing files from "src"
subdirectory to dist.
* AUTHORS: Synched with project member list on SourceForge
* ChangeLog,, Modernized a bit
and added a rule to to update libtool. Note that all gcc
compiler warnings are now on by default.
* ChangeLog, include/GL/freeglut_std.h,
progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c, progs/demos/One/one.c,
src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_font.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_teapot_data.h: Make "gcc -Wall -pedantic -Werror" happy.
* ., .cvsignore: Ignore files generated by autoscan.
* ChangeLog, INSTALL,, Renamed ""
to the officially preferred "".
* stamp-h, Removed unused stamp-h* files, configure
generates them (a single stamp-h1, to be exact).
* ChangeLog, Added eMbedded Visual Tools project/workspace
files to distribution.
* ., .cvsignore: Ignore distribution tar files
2004-12-31 Sven Panne <>
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_main.c: Fixed first bug of #1064195 (two
things when using signals): Don't issue a warning about select when a
non-blocked signal was caught. This makes sense and is more compatible
with GLUT.
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_font.c: Fixed bug #1040435 (glutBitmapString()
* ChangeLog: Alas, the ChangeLog has not the usual ChangeLog format, so
tell (X)Emacs about that fact.
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_window.c: Fixed bug #1045054 (KeyReleaseMask
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_state.c: Fixed bug #1087642
(glutDeviceGet(GLUT_DEVICE_KEY_REPEAT) unimplemented).
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_ext.c: Fixed bug #1079530 (glutGetProcAddress
and geometric objects).
* ., .cvsignore, doc, doc/.cvsignore, include, include/.cvsignore,
include/GL, include/GL/.cvsignore, progs, progs/.cvsignore,
progs/demos, progs/demos/.cvsignore, progs/demos/CallbackMaker,
progs/demos/CallbackMaker/.cvsignore, progs/demos/Fractals,
progs/demos/Fractals/.cvsignore, progs/demos/Fractals_random,
progs/demos/Fractals_random/.cvsignore, progs/demos/Lorenz,
progs/demos/Lorenz/.cvsignore, progs/demos/One,
progs/demos/One/.cvsignore, progs/demos/shapes,
progs/demos/shapes/.cvsignore, src, src/.cvsignore: Improved
2004-12-17 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_display.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_misc.c,
src/freeglut_window.c: Some assertion changes / removals from Dr. John
2004-10-06 Brian Paul
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_state.c: joystick init fixes
(John Fay)
2004-10-05 Brian Paul
* src/freeglut_main.c: updated comments (John Fay)
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_window.c:
improved comments and mouse coord adjustments (John Fay)
* src/freeglut_init.c: more clean-ups, fixes from John Fay
2004-09-23 Brian Paul
* src/freeglut_font.c, src/freeglut_stroke_mono_roman.c,
src/freeglut_stroke_roman.c: font updates from John Fay
* src/freeglut_main.c: more updates from John Fay
* src/freeglut_geometry.c, src/freeglut_init.c: assorted updates from
John Fay
2004-09-15 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_init.c: Fix to glutInit() command-line argument
compaction - Patch #1027724 from takeshi2
2004-09-13 Brian Paul
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_cursor.c,
src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_state.c,
src/freeglut_window.c: more updates from John Fay
* src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_gamemode.c,
src/freeglut_geometry.c, src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_teapot.c,
src/freeglut_window.c: some function renaming, etc (John Fay)
2004-09-10 Brian Paul
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c: joystick updates from
John Fay
* src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_font_data.c,
src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_geometry.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_misc.c, src/freeglut_state.c,
src/freeglut_stroke_mono_roman.c, src/freeglut_stroke_roman.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_teapot.c,
src/freeglut_window.c: updated comments from John Fay
2004-08-11 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c:
Fix a game mode crashing bug, conditional compilation for Windows, and
comment out some diagnostic prints (John Fay)
2004-08-05 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_window.c: Implements Richard Rauch's request that the
warning about indirect rendering contexts be suppressed for his BSD
operating systems.
* src/freeglut_teapot_data.h: Someone used C++ style comments in a C
file... tisk tisk...
* src/freeglut_font.c: Bugfix for "glutBitmapString" so that it now
handles end-of-line characters properly (Richard Rauch)
* README: Incremental update ... (John Fay)
2004-06-29 Brian Paul
* src/freeglut_structure.c: give menu windows the title 'freeglut menu'
(helps Chromium)
* src/freeglut_window.c: move glXMakeCurrent() to after the point where
the window's title is set (helps Chromium)
2004-05-13 James Jones <>
* freeglut.dsp, freeglut_static.dsp: Add one more header file to MSVC
2004-05-12 James Jones <>
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, include/GL/freeglut_std.h: John Fay:
Direct/indirect rendering context change, fix a bug that somebody
reported (about needing "GLUT_XLIB_IMPLEMENTATION" defined) and remove
a false deprecation of a function.
* src/freeglut_main.c: John Fay: A bug fix re: behavior of the code when
the user clicks the "x" to close a window, and commentary to a message
type with fixes for a Windows event processing bug.
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_state.c,
src/freeglut_window.c: John Fay: Implement the modified logic of the
direct/indirect rendering context.
* src/freeglut_font.c, src/freeglut_font_data.c: John Fay: Implement the
upper end of the bitmapped fonts (beyond ASCII code 127). The fonts
are very close to the GLUT fonts.
* src/freeglut_teapot.c, src/freeglut_teapot_data.h: John Fay: These
files implement the teapot for WINCE.
* src/freeglut_internal.h: John Fay: Remove some obsolete defined
* freeglut.dsp, freeglut_static.dsp: John Fay: Add
"freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c" to the build and tell it to look in
the "include" directory for the <GL/freeglut.h> file.
2004-03-28 Steve Baker <>
* progs/demos/shapes/shapes.c: Removed unnecessary initialisation.
* progs/demos/shapes/shapes.c: Added a cullface test.
2004-03-22 drgoldie
* freeglut_evc4.vcp, src/freeglut_gx.cpp, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_main.c: removed .cpp file (using LoadLibrary() instead)
removed modified gx.h file cleaned up all // and tabs
2004-03-17 nigels
* src/freeglut_main.c: Prevent exceeding array bounds in X11 key-repeat
2004-03-16 drgoldie
* freeglut_evc4.vcp, src/freeglut_ext.c, src/freeglut_gx.cpp,
src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_misc.c,
src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_window.c: replaced all tabs with 4
spaces replaced all // with /* */ block fixed freeglut_gx.cpp file
2004-03-16 nigels
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_state.c:
Whitespace conversion - tabs to 4 spaces
* src/freeglut_window.c: Revert X11 fgCloseWindow to 1.38 pre-offscreen
2004-03-15 drgoldie
* freeglut_evc4.vcp, src/freeglut_gx.cpp, src/freeglut_main.c: fixed
mouse position and keyboard mapping. added c-wrapper cpp file for
* freeglut_evc4.vcp, freeglut_evc4.vcw, include/GL/freeglut_std.h,
src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_display.c, src/freeglut_ext.c,
src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_misc.c,
src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_window.c: added support for
WindowsCE (building on top of klimt)
2004-03-15 nigels
* src/freeglut_main.c: Repeat-key handling for Win32 Utilise both
FreeGLUT state and per-window filtering modes
2004-03-15 rkrolib
* ChangeLog: Forgot to update the ChangeLog for the benefit of those who
do not have CVS or Web access.
*, include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_window.c: Completed removal of all support for the
offscreen rendering.
If you wish to do offscreen supportin a portable manner, you will no
longer be able to do so with current versions of freeglut.
* progs/demos/ Removed Makefile support for the offscreen
* progs/demos/One/one.c, progs/demos/offscreen: Removed offscreen demo
2004-03-15 nigels
* src/ Provide local include path to automake for
GL/freeglut.h etc
2004-03-14 nigels
* src/freeglut_window.c: Code formatting tweak
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_misc.c, src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_structure.c:
Resolution of X11 key-repeat handling
glutSetKeyRepeat is global to all FreeGLUT windows in the application
glutIgnoreKeyRepeat is a per-window over-ride
To avoid nasty global X11 state interaction, or GLUT-style event queue
filtering - the approach in FreeGLUT is to use the current key state
XQueryKeymap to detect and ignore KeyRelease/KeyPress pairs that are
See also:
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_ext.c,
src/freeglut_font.c, src/freeglut_font_data.c,
src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_geometry.c,
src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_window.c:
Stripped out tabs and end-of-line whitespace Differences are in
whitespace only
2004-03-10 nigels
* src/freeglut_window.c: Resolve [ 853044 ] FreeGLUT menus on Win32 in
task bar and ALT-TAB list CreateWindowEx(WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW,...)
extended style suppresses the popup menu window from the taskbar or
ALT-TAB list
2004-03-08 nigels
* src/freeglut_init.c: ignoreKeyRepeat mode in FreeGLUT is TRUE by
default For compatibility with GLUT, the mode should be FALSE by
default This issues was probably undetected until now because
ignoreKeyRepeat didn't yet work.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Resolved bug #869765 glutIgnoreKeyRepeat() Fix
(Win32) glutIgnoreKeyRepeat now behaves correctly on Win32
* src/freeglut_internal.h: C++ style comment converted to C style
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_cursor.c,
src/freeglut_display.c, src/freeglut_ext.c, src/freeglut_font.c,
src/freeglut_font_data.c, src/freeglut_gamemode.c,
src/freeglut_geometry.c, src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_joystick.c,
src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_misc.c,
src/freeglut_overlay.c, src/freeglut_state.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_teapot.c,
src/freeglut_videoresize.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Include freeglut
header via <GL/freeglut.h> rather than "../include/GL/freeglut.h" This
allows some additional flexibility with file layout. It should be the
responsibility of the build environment, rather than at source level.
This change tested on MSVC 6, cygwin and mingw32 gcc and Linux gcc.
2004-03-03 nigels
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: According to John F. Fay: The variable
"num_axes" should be "joy->num_axes".
2004-02-20 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c: Removed nonstandard #warning constructs.
Converted to XXX comments. (These are warnings about gamemode features
not working the same on some systems as on others. The semantics of
gamemode are dubious, since it was never formally documented, and has
for a long time worked in different ways on different systems, so it
is arguable that there is nothing really wrong with systems that don't
support resolution-changes.)
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c: Fixed the bug where glutDisplayFunc() was
effectively invoking glutPostRedsiplay(). This is wrong on the face of
it, and may be at root for some of the annoying "timing" issues we've
had with redisplay events being called inappopriately.
2004-02-19 rkrolib
* progs/demos/offscreen/ I had rubbed the
offscreen/ off from the shapes demo. I forgot to remove a
couple of references to the shapes.c and shapes.dsp (.dsw?) files.
*, include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, progs/demos/,
progs/demos/offscreen, progs/demos/offscreen/,
progs/demos/offscreen/offscreen.c: Added "offscreen" demo, a very
simple program that produces an onscreen window and, upon command,
renders a similar offscreen display and writes the result to disk.
Also, modified the build structure for UNIX_X11 to autobuild the demo.
(Not done for WIN32 at this time.)
Also, forgot to previously commit the updated freeglut_ext.h include.
2004-02-18 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_window.c: Minor comment adjustments.
2004-02-18 nigels
* src/freeglut_geometry.c: Refinements to comments
2004-02-14 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Normalized the style of the new joystick a
* src/freeglut_main.c: For some reason, the X "expose" event handler was
*directly* calling the display handler in the client. (Okay, it was
calling a function that operates on the window handle.)
If you have any complexity to the display code, this can be painful to
watch. I can't think of a good reason to do the display immediately,
so I fixed the code to do a glutPostRedisplay().
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: A commit on behalf of John (in turn, and in
part, also on behalf of Thierry).
* Renamed some of the old PLIB functions to have glut* prefixes. (I
guess that there is some thought about exporting them to the API.)
* Changes from Thierry for FreeBSD support, and/or results of testing?
* I re-merged an XXX comment re. NetBSD/amd64 and propogated a comment
on a duplicated #define for FreeBSD. We need the GNU autoconfig stuff
to be updated by someone who groks it, now.
2004-02-09 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_init.c: Commit of John's tidying-up of a comment, closing
out an XXX comment that I wrote. Thanks, John.
2004-02-07 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_window.c: ...AND a tab snuck into my changes for
GLUT_OFFSCREEN support. Mea culpa.
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Removed a ^M that snuck into the #pragma for
the new joystick code.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Ooops. We don't want people to be able to
create a subwindow of an offscreen window. (^& This is no longer
(Actually, it would be nice if it would work, but I don't think that
you can subwindow a pixmap in UNIX_X11, and assume that subwindowing
offscreen doesn't work on WIN32, either.)
* ChangeLog: Added entries for the joystick updates and the offscreen
experimental support.
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Changed a couple of XXX comments. Added a new
one. These all the nest of #ifs in the BSD section of the new joystick
* progs/demos/CallbackMaker/CallbackMaker.c: "Heavy editing" by John to
his CallbackMaker demo.
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: John added a #pragma to the joystick code for
WIN32 users.
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_window.c: Adds GLUT_OFFSCREEN as
a display mode option. This includes:
* Recognizing the mode when you call glutCreateWindow(). (Offscreen
looks and acts like a top-level window in many ways.)
* During the life of the offscreen "window", various window-management
functions are modified to respect offscreen status.
(Excepting reshaping windows, there is not much useful interpretation
for managment of offscreen areas. Reshaping is possibly more work than
it's worth to support, and GLUT specs allow us to ignore the request.)
* Cleanup for "offscreen" windows is a little different than for
regular windows.
Windows still don't start up quite ideally. Offscreen windows should
probably get a reshape event, but not a display.
2004-02-05 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_joystick.c: Big import of updated
joystick code from PLIB, with permission from Steve Baker. Most of the
adaptation done by John, with a little bit of testing and changes by
Thierry Thomas and myself. Seems to compile on:
WIN32 Red Hat LINUX FreeBSD NetBSD/amd64
2004-02-01 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: Close a bug whereby events can be delayed
arbitrarily long if they get caught between the socket and the
client-side queue on X, sometime after glutMainLoopEvent()'s loop
quits and before the sleep code is invoked.
2004-01-16 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: Ammended a comment on fgCheckJoystickCallback().
* src/freeglut_main.c: Minor style normalizations to minimize the diffs
between *now* and from before John's changes. No functional changes:
* Removed some hard TABs introduced. * Removed some
spaces-at-end-of-line introduced. * A couple of function calls were
touched up.
I did this separately only because I don't like messing with other
people's commits. (I don't like feeling like the style police, either,
but when I mess with the commit, there's no room for reverting my
interference if it is deemed undesirable...)
* src/freeglut_main.c: Some changes from John.
The main attraction seems to be correcting a bug with the action-on-
2004-01-05 nigels
* src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Win32 glutIconifyWindow()
patch contributed by John F. Fay Restrict resize callbacks to visible
windows When iconified via glutIconifyWindow(), don't pass (0,0) to
resize callback Note that minimising the window via the menu or
minimise button is not yet resolved.
2003-12-30 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_structure.c:
Split a few overlong lines.
Adjusted some spacing in a few spots to be more consistant with
freeglut style. Including one unindented if() body.
Eliminated a dead variable.
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Changed several #ifdef's to proper #if's.
Eeek. Oook.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Hm... I thought that I committed this last night.
What's up?
This is Nigel's modified fgSleepForEvents(), essentially. Take 2.
2003-12-30 nigels
* include/GL/freeglut_std.h: Three supported win32 compilation
environments: MSVC, Cygwin and MingW32 #pragma is specific to MS
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Explicitly cast function pointer to (void *)
in SET_WCB since all callbacks stored as void pointers suppress gcc
-Wall -pendantic "noise"
* src/freeglut_structure.c: Typesafe handling of temporary window
destroy callback Move assignment out of while test, scope temporary
inside loop Be explicit about assignment/comparison in if test for gcc
peace of mind suppress gcc -Wall -pendantic "noise"
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Three supported win32 compilation
environments: MSVC, Cygwin and MingW32 The windows mmsystem header
need only be included internally to freeglut strdup vs _strdup is
specific to the MS compiler
* src/freeglut_font.c: strlen expects (char *), rather than (unsigned
char *) suppress gcc -Wall -pendantic "noise"
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Replace assignment of array to struct with
field-by-field assignment suppress gcc -Wall -pendantic "noise"
* src/freeglut_menu.c: glutBitmapString and glutBitmapLength expect
(unsigned char *) rather than (char *) suppress gcc in -Wall
-pendantic "noise"
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Replace #ifdef WIN32 with #ifdef
TARGET_HOST_WIN32, as per FreeGLUT convention
* src/freeglut_init.c: fgState.FPSInterval is unsigned int (GLuint),
environment variable GLUT_FPS can be negative
* src/freeglut_window.c: OpenGL context is not made current on Win32
until fgSetWindow is called. This resolves severe problems observed in
GLUI applications.
* src/freeglut_window.c: #pragma message is only understood my MS
compiler #if defined(_MSC_VER) .. #endif
* src/freeglut_state.c: Resolve bug 864978 - GLUT_OWNS_JOYSTICK
* src/freeglut_main.c: Tidy nested if/else to suppress gcc -Wall
-pedantic noise gcc suggests explicit braces to avoid ambiguous `else'
2003-12-25 rkrolib
* progs/demos/CallbackMaker/CallbackMaker.c,
progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: Configuring with
"--enable-warnings" broke three demos: * CallbackMaker defined, but
did not use, the Joystick() function (a callback for the freeglut
joystick interface). I uncommented the callback-registration. I assume
that it was commented out because it was spammy. (freeglut does
joysticks by polling with a timer.) Perhaps a longer interval than
10ms would be advisable?
* fractals.c used strcpy() without getting the prototype. Added
#include <string.h> at the top.
* fractals_random.c had the same problem as fractals.c.
2003-12-23 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: Moved the window-resize code so that it happens
whenever there is a pending resize for the window, whether or not the
window is visible or in need of a redisplay. The resize is now done
before the visibility and need-to-redisplay checks.
2003-12-22 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_structure.c: Got rid of those int/ptr warnings on AMD64.
(The code was casting an {int} to a pointer, and later retrieving the
int by another cast. It should be safe provided that pointers are at
least as big as {int}, but GCC was giving warnings on my system,
* src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_structure.c: Several
test-on-assignment cases have been converted to stop GCC from
complaining about if( a = get_a_value_for_a( ) ) type code.
2003-12-19 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Ooops, left some cruft in a comment in the
header when committing the last patch. Cleaned up.
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_structure.c: Wrote SET_WCB() to set a window callback.
This lets us out of using the FETCH_WCB() as an lvalue (which it
shouldn't, since the value of the FETCH is cast to the correct
function-pointer type).
2003-12-15 James Jones <>
* progs/demos/Fractals/Fractals.dsp: Change the destination directory of
the debug version to "Debug" (John Fay)
2003-12-13 James Jones <>
* ChangeLog: Release 2.2.0
2003-12-11 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Stripped out TABs that got
There were no changes other than replacing about 10 to 12 TABs with a
visually-suitable number of spaces, so this can probably be blindly
treated as equivalent to the previous versions of the two affected
2003-12-11 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_structure.c: The deferred window
destruction code was destroying the windows in reverse order. This
cased a crash when the call to glutDestroyWindow() for a sub windows
was immediately followed by a call to glutDestroyWindow() for it's
parent. fgCloseWindows() would call fgDestroyWindow() for the parent
first fgDestroyWindws() would recurse over the children and then
fgCloseWindows() would call fgDestroyWindow() again for the child.
I've replaced the single linked list with one of our two way link list
structures. I've also moved it into fgStructure because that seemed
the consistent thing to do.
I said the the deferred windows destruction causes more problems then
it solves.
2003-12-11 James Jones <>
* progs/demos/CallbackMaker/ Include project file in the
* ChangeLog: Updates for 2.2.0 RC2
* progs/demos/demos.dsw: Add shapes to the Visual C workspace.
* progs/demos/shapes/ Package the visual C project file with
the distribution
* Set the version to 2.2.0
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_window.c:
Nigel Stewart's Win32 window-sizing fix for game mode
* progs/demos/One/one.c: Disable/enable lighting in the "one.c" demo
(John Fay)
* progs/demos/CallbackMaker/CallbackMaker.dsp: Add some essentials to
get this program to compile (Nigel)
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Update to reflect 2.2.0 release
* ChangeLog: Note the release of 2.2.0 RC1
2003-12-11 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_window.c: John correctly
observed that the initialization {OldHeight} and {OldWidth} in the
window structure should be done for both windows and sub-windows, and
the easiest way to do this is in the
freeglut_structure.c:fgCreateWindow() code. So, transplant one line.
2003-12-10 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: Commit of John's change to stop an infinite-loop
condition when the only windows left are freeglut menu windows, and
correctly calls exit() if we drop out of the main loop without having
requested any freeglut extensions to glutMainLoop() handling.
2003-12-07 rkrolib
* progs/demos/shapes/shapes.c, progs/demos/shapes/shapes.dsp: Two from
* Updated shapes.c. I think that it's just reformatting and the
addition of some comments.
* Added shapes.dsp, a Microsoft Visual C++ Developer Studio Project
file for building shapes on WIN32 with MSVC++.
2003-12-03 Christopher John Purnell
* Added an option to enable gcc compiler warnings. I've
explicitly excluded the one about adding parentheses.
2003-12-03 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: Touched up several comments, pointing up things
that may be worth reflect- ing upon in the future.
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_window.c:
Hrm. I misunderstood the purpose of {window->State.Width} and
{...Height}. Those are *not* records of the old values, but rather of
the *desired* *new* values, hence it was inappropriate to use them in
ConfigureNotify X11 event handling. Doing so introduced some new
So, I created OldHeight and OldWidth in the window State structure,
and *those* do what I require.
I also stripped out the obsolete comment about getting extra/bogus
reshape events. (Though I maintain that an application should be
robust against them, freeglut should no longer generate them if the
window has not changed size since last reported.)
2003-12-02 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: Changed Create/ConfigureNotify handling in
* Just need to call GETWINDOW() once. Ooops. Heh. * Update
{window->State} with the new size of the window. * If the window-size
has NOT changed, then do NOT call the Reshape event.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Added an "XXX" earmark for post-release
contemplation. (The point is definitely in need of consideration, I
believe, but is not immediately a major bug, so I'd rather not mess
with it at the risk of postponing a release "soon".)
* src/freeglut_main.c: Ensure that the time-out for sleeping is never
* src/freeglut_main.c: Fixed a bug for UNIX_X11 where window reshape
events were causing freeglut to mark the window as *needing* a reshape
(which during general display callback handling would result in
effectively a glutReshapeWindow()).
The code is now system-dependant. It should be abstracted to a
function, but is presently copied in two places. Sorry.
Also, inverted the order of the associated if()/else check (in both
WIN32 and UNIX_X11 branches) since the former "else" part was a
one-line callback invocation.
This fixes two seemingly unrelated bugs that I was seeing in UNIX_X11.
2003-12-01 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Added missing prototype for new list
2003-11-28 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c: Timer optimizations. Made the list of
pendinig timers ordered. Added a free list of used timer structures.
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c: Timer optimizations.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Fixed windows compilation problem with last
2003-11-27 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Window close fix. The
default behaiour should now be the same as with glut.
2003-11-26 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_init.c: Added change from Nigel to have resize events
cause redraw events in WIN32. Also slightly reshuffled comments to
deal with line-wrap issues.
2003-11-25 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: John reported, and fixed, a problem that recent
changes caused for the Lorenz demo (seems to be WIN32 specific).
* src/freeglut_structure.c: Update from John: Removed the freeglut hack
of decrementing the highst-window-ID marker when the highest window is
deleted. (This was a half-way measure for an idea that was decided to
be dubious in the first place.)
*, progs/demos/, progs/demos/shapes,
progs/demos/shapes/, progs/demos/shapes/shapes.c: Added a
new demo (from Nigel) showing some of the basic GLUT geometry shapes.
"shapes" is the name of the demo.
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, src/freeglut_geometry.c: Commit of work
from Nigel:
Massive rework of the geometric primitive code. Includes a new
primitive (cylinder; solid and wireframe) and corresponding update to
freeglut_ext.h for the prototype.
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c: More work from John (sorry for
* We forgot to bump our version number in freeglut_internal.h It is
now at 2.0.2 (actually, I think that 2.1.0 might be a better choice),
which is presumably going to be our next formal release. 2.0.1 is
incorrectly identified as 2.0.0 in the header.
* A typo in a comment has been corrected ("than"/"that").
* Numerous "manual" checks for callbacks are omitted now, since
INVOKE_WCB() does this for us. These were holdovers from the
pre-INVOKE_WCB() days. There may be some very subtle changes in
freeglut behavior, since freeglut used to test the callbacks a little
earlier in some cases and may have skipped some minor things (like
changes to the current window) in some special cases, otherwise. It is
not believed that any documented behavior is broken, and it is
unlikely---not to say impossible---that any extant applications will
detect the change. It is even possible that there is no external
behavioral change in freeglut.
This also significantly simplifies some sections of code that used to
have conditional execution. "Unconditional code is simpler code" as
one of the comments used to say.
* Lots of XXX commentary is now removed. Some of it was obsoleted by
other changes, some by changes from John.
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c: Change from John (I removed a couple of
spaces from a couple of lines in his freeglut_internal.h file where
they were wrapping in EMACS; otherwise, the files are exactly as he
sent them to me).
The change unifies the WIN32 and UNIX_X11 code by defining our own
window-handle-type in freeglut_internal.h. This let John rip out some
#if garbage in several places. The result is clearer code.
Thanks, John!
2003-11-21 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_font.c, src/freeglut_geometry.c,
src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c,
src/freeglut_misc.c, src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_structure.c,
src/freeglut_window.c: Numerous style normalizations from John:
* Convert "return( value );" to "return value;" * Normalize spacing
around semicolons. * Remove extraneous parens. * Split multi-statement
lines into multiple lines. (Mostly things of the form: "if( condition
) return;".)
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_window.c:
All changes are from John, except for: (a) I re-inserted the meat of a
comment that I still feel is relavent. (b) I fixed a compile-time
error in the UNIX_X11 code where a variable is declared after
executable code in a block without creating a new sub-block for the
Changes from John include: (a) Style revision. (b) Changes to postpone
the handling of window resizes.
Lots of lines were changed, but I think that thos two cover the ground
that he hit. See the diffs for details.
2003-11-18 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_ext.c, src/freeglut_geometry.c,
src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_structure.c:
Lots of stuff that John F. Fay pointed out. Plus some changes to
remove gcc warnings.
2003-11-17 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_structure.c: Fix spelling mistake
in a variable name. Added a comment for John Fay. Added the copyright
notice for XParseGeometry source.
2003-11-16 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_structure.c: Made Modifers variable
global as per glut classic.
* src/freeglut_init.c: Removed old unused glutInitDisplayString code.
Reformated new glutInitDisplayString and XParseGeometry code.
* src/freeglut_init.c: Use XParseGeometry for better geometry parsing.
Moved geometry parsing to after fgInitialize() so we can use the
screen size to correctly calculate negative positions in the geometry
string. Copied the code for XParseGeometry from the X11 sources for
use in the Win32 version. freeglut now passes test1 of the glut test
2003-11-15 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_window.c:
Removed the state variable BuildingAMenu. Instead pass a new parameter
isMenu to fgCreateWindow(). Elsewhere use window->IsMenu.
* src/freeglut_init.c: freeglut_assert_ready is going to have to go at
some point. But for now I've moved setting fgState.Initalized to
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_display.c,
src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c,
src/freeglut_misc.c, src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_structure.c,
src/freeglut_window.c: Replace TRUE with GL_TRUE and FALSE with
GL_FALSE where the type is GLboolean.
2003-11-15 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c: Normalized the spacing
around symbols, for the most part. Ho-hum.
2003-11-15 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_main.c: Added a call to fgDeinitialize() before the call
to exit() in fgError().
2003-11-15 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Style normalizations to the joystick code.
2003-11-15 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_window.c:
Added a new state variable "Initalized". Replaced referenced to
Time.Set with this new variable where appropriate. fgElapsedTime() now
set the start time if Time.Set is false. Moved
glutGet(GLUT_ELAPSED_TIME) handling to before the assert.
2003-11-14 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Normalized the internal header's style a bit.
* src/freeglut_init.c: Plowed one more file this morning. Still just
trivial formatting issues.
And I left alone the "INIT DISPLAY STRING PARSING" section, since it
still appears to be in flux.
* src/freeglut_font.c, src/freeglut_gamemode.c: Yet more trivial style
Sorry, but that's all that I'm up to at the moment. On the plus,
excepting the font_data file (which I've been skipping), up through
this file, I think that the code style is pretty close to uniform.
* src/freeglut_font.c: Minor style corrections.
* src/freeglut_display.c: Minor spacing quibble.
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Added a brief explanatory note to the X code
Corrected the indentation of a block of code.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Noted one of a few cases where we do something
immediately that could more efficiently be postponed, quite
easily---and which GLUT promises *is* to be postponed. (It is unlikely
that the difference will break any apps, but postponing should be
No real change, just a comment in the code.
2003-11-11 rkrolib
* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog for the day.
* include/GL/freeglut_std.h, progs/demos/One/one.c, src/freeglut_ext.c,
src/freeglut_font.c: Removal of all remaining TABs in the freeglut
*.[ch] files. (I missed a few in the "one" demo, it seems, and some
more crept back into freeglut_(ext|font).c, presumably due to my own
edits when I forgot to use the "freeglut-c-mode" in EMACS.)
* progs/demos/One/one.c: Moved glutInit*() functions ahead of
glutInit(). (This is proper use of glutInit() in general, since it
allows the user to override settings via {argc, argv} command-line
* progs/demos/One/one.c: Style normalizations: Removed CRs and hard TABs
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_structure.c: Corrected the numbering of the
ChangeLog (there were two (110)s).
Added entries summarizing my commits since September or late August,
for the benefit of those lacking both CVS and web access.
* progs/demos/demos.dsw: Added CRs to the ends of all lines in MS
developer studio demos.dsw file..
2003-11-10 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: John's fix for the minimize/close/maximize
controls no longer working. WIN32 expected us to pass the message on
up the chain (or do something else with it), rather than just throwing
away the event, for a certain class of events. (See the diffs for more
The code is also slightly reformatted from what was previously in the
* freeglut.dsp, freeglut_static.dsp,
progs/demos/CallbackMaker/CallbackMaker.dsp, progs/demos/demos.dsw: A
*.dsp file for CallbackMaker in the demos.
Plus updated *.dsp and *.dsw files to reflect the new freeglut header
NOTE: The prior version of the *.dsw file does not in fact have CRs. I
thought that it did. For consistancy, I am not putting them in in this
version, either. (At least one person said that his MSVC++ system is
happy with the current files. If there are problems, we can easily add
the CRs, but that should be a separate commit...)
*, progs/demos/CallbackMaker,
progs/demos/ New demo from John: CallbackMaker.
This demo shows the use of every callback that you can register with
freeglut, and also generates event reports so that you can see what is
happening to the program as it runs.
Not much to look at, but both utilitarian and a practical example.
Please double-check that I updated everything that needs to be
updated. I reran and ./configure, and it built okay for me.
* src/freeglut_structure.c: Hm. I thought that I already hit this file
for style normalization. Oh well... Should be no functional changes.
Should be pretty close to in-line with the style of changes that I've
been making else- where.
* src/freeglut_structure.c: Ooops. Forgot that we already had a call to
fgClearCallBacks() in the code and added a second one. I just deleted
the new one. Sorry.
* src/freeglut_structure.c: Added Nigel's suggested code to clear all
but the destroy callback early on, leaving Destroy to be cleared later
after the last possible point where it should be invoked.
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Modified the menus to refer to {border} rather
than {FREEGLUT_MENU_BORDER}, in fghDisplayMenuBox(). The local
variable was already defined and used for some purposes, so we might
as well use it throughout. It does serve to shorten and clarify the
code a bit---though I have mixed feelings about creating aliases that
Still, the variable already existed and was already used in places.
(We could even move it into the freeglut state, or make it a {const
static} value...)
Oh well. Stuff to ponder.
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Well, a couple of days have gone by, so I
assume that items (a) and (b) in the freeglut_cursor.c file's "Open
issues" comment are now satisfactor- ily closed.
I also partially implemented some error-checking, using my limited
understanding of how Xlib users are supposed to do this. (No one
commented about the lack of error-checking, pro or con. Perhaps
someone will care to comment now?)
At present, it just will print out a warning, via fgWarning(). In part
because I'm not sure what is best to do, and in part because failure
to set the cursor type is probably not a fatal problem.
2003-11-08 Christopher John Purnell
* progs/demos/Fractals/,
progs/demos/Lorenz/, progs/demos/One/ Applied
Braden McDaniel's non-srcdir build patch.
2003-11-08 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_menu.c: A first pass over freeglut_menu.c to bring it in
line with the rest of freeglut's style. Mostly re-indenting and
splitting long lines. For those that may be concerned: No, I didn't do
any more arrangments of the form (CONST == a) rather than (a ==
CONST). (^&
* progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: Altered the way that
the {random} value (from 0..3) is chosen.
Previously, it picked out two adjacent bits in the result of rand().
Unfortunately, these adjacent bits (at least on NetBSD) have a certain
amount of dependance. After a period (perhaps a thousand or so?), it
starts to repeat the pattern of those two bits. (I think; I haven't
actually tested that directly.) This presumably is locking it into a
an an N-way attractor on the "snowflake", such that if you zoom in a
ways, you will start to see some spots *quickly* are colored, and
others are *never* colored.
What I've done now is to pick up two widely-spaced bits in a single
rand() call. (Perhaps we would do as well to pick up something like
bit #16 from two consecutive rand() calls?) These widely-spaced bits
have a lower statistical dependance on one another (if I can get away
with using that term for an arithmetic operation; though since stats
has more to do with sampling and less to do with true randomness, I
may be safe).
The net effect, at leats on NetBSD, is far better snowflake if you
zoom in on it.
2003-11-07 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: From John:
[This] implements the visible/invisible for Windows. It does NOT call
the visibility callback, though.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Stripped out the now truly extraneous {braces} in
such forms as:
if( ... ) { INVOKE_WCB( ... ); }
Check for compiling on WIN32.
* src/freeglut_internal.h: Adopted Eero Pajarre's suggestion of using a
do { ... } while rather than { ... } for the INVOKE_WCB() macro. This
lets it be used "more like a function", in that:
if( ... ) INVOKE_WCB( ... ); else ... now legal.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Pure code janitoring: Shuffled the order of some
of the case statements in the UNIX_X11 X event processing loop. (In
general, it's nice to have case statements sorted, especially when you
have a *huge* switch statement like this. That makes it easier to find
the one that you're looking for, and to see if a certain case is
* src/freeglut_main.c: Combined EnterNotify and LeaveNotify event
processing in the UNIX_X11 event loop.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Added ReparentNotify case to UNIX_X11 event loop,
to catch the extraneous ReparentNotify event types (type 21).
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_structure.c: Oh well, I might as
well add the call to clear callbacks on window destruction. Also
renamed the function to do this: fgClearCallBacks(). Ho-hum.
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_structure.c: Added
fgInitCallBacks() to freeglut_structure.c. (The function takes an
{SFG_Window *}.) Added prototype to freeglut_internal.h. Added use of
the function to the window initialization. (Don't count on calloc(),
which sets all bits to 0.)
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c: Style normalization; removal of
say-nothing-useful comments.
* src/freeglut_font.c: Normalized the style of freeglut_font.c No
substantial alterations.
* src/freeglut_ext.c: Somewhat normalized the style of this file.
Also moved the "glutMouseWheelFunc" extension down into the
"extensions" part of the table. (Purely internal organization. It will
still be found.)
* src/freeglut_display.c: Further normalization of the code's style. No
substantial changes.
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Split one last overlong line in
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Added GLUT_CURSOR_NONE support in UNIX_X11
(well, NetBSD; you lot need to try it on others; (^&).
Deallocated some resources that we are creating. VERY slight memory
leak, but plugged now.
These two complete the first two "Open issues" ( (a) and (b) ). The
first one also completes X support for glutSetCursor(). If others can
verify, we can fully demote the outstanding bug over this to
I'll delete the dead Open issues and re-letter the others if someone
will cross-check me. Or if no one says anything in a day or two. (^&
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Further normalized the style of the cursor
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c: Slight style improvements. Two rules of
thumb that are almost always good to apply:
* Don't write a == CONST. Instead, write CONST == a. Or, more
generally (in C like languages): Avoid putting an lvalue on the
left-hand side of an == comparison. (For consistancy, I try to avoid
lvalues on the left- hand side of any comparison---but == is the most
(An "lvalue" is a value that can safely go on the left side of an "="
assignment, of course. (^&)
* Do not write if( !condition ) return; other_thing; return;
(See page 18 of K&P's _The Elements of Programming Style_.)
Instead, it is better to just write:
if( condition ) other_thing; return;
There are times when sacrificing structured programming (e.g., via
multiple return statements) is okay. But, here, there is no apparent
gain---indeed, there seems only loss---in the non-structured code.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Grr. Forgot to enable the "freeglut" C
programming mode in EMACS, and had a few TABs in the last commit. This
fixes that. Sorry.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Minor corrections to the UNIX_X11 mouse-wheel
support. In part this reflects that {button} is already shifted to the
GLUT numbering, and hence should be counted as 3&4, 5&6, etc.
The other change was simply to clarify the computation of {direction}.
The original code did some clever arithmetic. The new code is more
straightforward, even if it requires more lines to express.
2003-11-06 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: Ooops. I screwed up on part of John's fixes.
I think that I have his fix properly committed now. Mea culpa.
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_structure.c: Cleanup pass after
committing callback conversion (from structure to array-of-pointers).
Mostly deleted commented-out struct-based code. Also added some XXX
comments that I though should be pondered. (My own pair of eyes, and
one brain cell, were not sufficient at this time to decide what to do
for those ponderables. (^&)
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_misc.c, src/freeglut_structure.c: Converted the
"Callbacks" structure (with named members holding individual callback
pointers) to a "CallBacks" array in fgState. (This is to allow us to
write a loop to clear all callbacks from windows when the window is
dead/dying. Using this, we can safely assign NULL to each in a loop.)
Support includes two new macros, FETCH_WCB() and INVOKE_WCB(). See
freeglut_internal.h for more details there.
Some typedefs of function pointer types were altered to make them more
uniform (necessary for the macros).
All references to window-based callbacks in freeglut are updated to
use the new macros.
Old usages will cause compile-time errors.
As a side bonus, the new invocation macro sets the current window and
checks pointers so that these common steps can be uniformly done on
every window-based callback. This makes it easier to do things right.
At the same time, the array notation (and now required associated
casts) make it harder to bypass the macros and abuse the function
pointers, in general.
After this commit, I will go through the code and clean up dangling
issues about formatting. This commit is just a "it now works, let's
checkpoint it" type of affair.
* src/freeglut_main.c: From John, a couple of lines needed to be changed
to fix the mouse wheel support on WIN32.
* progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: Update from John:
Includes mouse button, mouse motion, and mouse wheel support.
2003-11-04 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Multiple changes from John. Style issues, plus a
bug-fix to check a pointer before deallocating some memory.
He also removed one obsolete comment, and added some more comments.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Some changes, mostly from John. Mostly style
One bug fix from John: Execution state bug-fix in glutMainLoop(), per
his post yesterday.
One fix from me: Changed "if( ButtonPress )" to "if( pressed )".
{ButtonPress} is a constant.
* progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: Per John's emailed
desire to have all files obey UNIX EOL conventions, I have stripped
out carriage returns from this file.
This is the *only* change, but every line is touched. If you want to
see the real differences between older and newer versions, you will
have to get local copies of each and first match their EOL
* progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c: Update from John:
I [John] added a feature to check for memory leaks under Windows.
* progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: Update from John:
I [John] converted everything to double precision to avoid compiler
warnings. I also added a feature to check for memory leaks under
Windows and removed a memory leak (surprise!).
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_cursor.c,
src/freeglut_display.c, src/freeglut_ext.c, src/freeglut_font.c,
src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_geometry.c,
src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c,
src/freeglut_misc.c, src/freeglut_overlay.c, src/freeglut_state.c,
src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_teapot.c,
src/freeglut_videoresize.c, src/freeglut_window.c: Got rid of the
G_LOG_DOMAIN junk, per discussion on the mailing list.
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c: Minor formatting quibbles. (The brain isn't
up to anything more serious at the moment.)
* src/freeglut_main.c: Missed a block where one level was 2-space
Nit-picked a few other lines for consistancy.
2003-11-03 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_init.c: Fixed a memory leak (thanks for the correction,
Smoothed over some code style issues while I was here, but left the
init-string parsing alone for now.
* freeglut13.dsp, freeglutdll.dsp, freeglutstatic.dsw: Deleted 3 files
(again?) from CVS, on John's request. Old/obsolete MSVC++ project
files. (freeglut13.dsp, freeglutdll.dsp, freeglutstatic.dsw)
* src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_structure.c: * Indentation issues. *
Pulled some common code into a nicely packaged function. * Found some
pointer/int issues.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Heh.
Forgot to wrap the fgGetXModifiers() in a #if. Fixed.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Extracted some common code to a subroutine, in
glutMainLoopEvent(). (The common code was a snippet to compute X
keyboard modifiers as a bit-mask of GLUT symbols.)
* src/freeglut_main.c: Caught a few more little style issues.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Added a "case" for an X event that we turn on but
do not use. ({MapNotify}). We already caught {MappingNotify} and
* src/freeglut_main.c: * Fixed a bug in the X11 handling of
scrollwheel/mouse. The old code, I believe, checked if *either* a
wheel or button callback was set, and then decided which to use---and
unconditionally called it. I left the "either" check in, but added
additional checks before actually doing the invocation. * Lots of
reformatting. Massive. The usual suspects, though, and fairly trivial:
Re-indenting to standard size, shuffling some spaces to match the
freeglut "standard" of: if( ... ) ...and: func( ... )
2003-10-31 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c: Cleaned up one macro definition.
Picked up an over-long line that I missed before.
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c: Fit some long lines to 80 columns.
* src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_display.c,
src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_geometry.c: Last of the hard
TABs in the src/*.c files.
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_state.c: En masse removal of most (I
think) of the remaining hard TABs in files. There are still a couple
of files that need to be hit.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Picked up some stray TABs scattered in this
* src/freeglut_window.c: Noted by XXX comments that the XFlush() calls
probably shouldn't be there. Flushing the X protocol stack every
little bit both adds clutter to the code and may impede performance.
It seems that we should be able to get rid of these, though allowing
client code to directly call glutMainLoopEvent() does make it a little
more complicated.
Something to ponder.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Polished off the say-nothing-new comments and
lines-over-80-columns in freeglut_window.c
There should be no functional changes.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Missed a few say-nothing-new comments in
fgOpenWindow(). Eeep. Should be better now. (^&
* src/freeglut_window.c: Cleansed fgCloseWindow(): * say-nothing-new
comments axed. * de-TABbed. * Made the white-space to be consistant.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Cleaned up fgOpenWindow(): * Removed TABs. *
Made indentation consistant. * Deleted say-nothing-new comments. *
Changed an *error*check* from an assert to an if(). (The error-check
was on window creation; we don't want to lose that if the user
compiles with asserts deactivated. Also, assert()s really tell us more
about programming errors, rather than run-time errors, so it is a
little misleading to use assert() for error-checks, even if you can
depend upon assert()s never being compiled away to null statements.) *
Added some XXX comments for things that bear some rumination.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Cleanup to fgSetWindow(). The usual suspects: *
Removed tabs. * Made indentation consistant. * Killed off
say-nothing-new comments.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Cleanup to fgSetupixelFormat(). Should be no
functional changes.
Code facelift included:
* Consistant indentation. * Removal of all TABs (there were a bunch).
* Fit to 80 columns.
* src/freeglut_window.c: There should be no changes to code
functionality, though a fair bit of little changes to the code
* Fit the comments at the start of the file to fit 80 columns. * Noted
an unusual feature of the ATTRIB() macro. * Added ATTRIB_VAL() macro
which is really just two ATTRIB()s. This lets us put things like
{ATTRIB (GLX_RED_SIZE); ATTRIB (1);} on one statement: {ATTRIB_VAL
(GLX_RED_SIZE, 1);}. I did this to preserve some of the layout of
information while also avoiding the nasty semi-visible ";" in the
middle of a line of code. And by putting the {braces} in the macro
definition, I was able to visually clean code of the form: if
(condition) { ATTRIB( X ); ATTRIB( 1 ); } ...rewriting as: if
(condition) ATTRIB_VAL( X, 1 ); * Eliminated a bunch of
say-nothing-new comments in fgChooseVisual(). * Combined some
semi-useful comments into a block comment summarizing a loop.
2003-10-30 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_structure.c: Finished off most of the issues with
freeglut_structure.c, from a stylistic point of view (at least,
insofar as: The original file's code was INCON- SISTANT. I did not
remove the "!= NULL" stuff, did not address the shortest-branch-first
issue for if-else statements, and left some rather ugly "if (x) {...
return y} /* else do this */ return NULL;" garbage. This should, I
think, be re-written as "if (x) return y; else return NULL;" or even
better, "ret = NULL; if (x) ret = y; return ret;"
In short, the code still has some issues, but I think that it's a bit
(Oh, I also got rid of oustanding TABs.)
* src/freeglut_structure.c: Eliminated most of the say-nothing-new
Fit most of the code to no more than 80 columns.
Raised some issues about completeness/correctness of trying to
decrement the max-window-ID (apparently in order to partially recycle
some window IDs to slightly slow the rate of growth of window IDs). (I
didn't change what the code does, though.)
The functionality of the code should be unchanged.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Forgot to set {direction} explicitly to +/- 1 for
freeglut mouse-wheel API on MS-WINDOWS. Oops.
Now it should always report +/- 1 on MS-WINDOWS, per the spec.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Minor fix to allow for multiple ticks to be
received at one time by the WIN32 code. Take abs(direction) as the
number of ticks, and count it down.
<stdlib.h> *should* be included by freeglut_internal.h, I think, so it
should be okay; otherwise add a suitable #include.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Grrr. My attempt to commit got aborted, and the
commit message was lost. Now I've lost track of what I said I'd done.
Something like:
* Fixed some issues with multiple wheels. * Noted in comments some
issues about other-than-3-real-buttons. * Fixed formatting to fit 80
columns. * Removed some BCPL/C++ style comments (//) that are not
legal, and which, if memory servers, are not even strictly legal when
disabled by preprocessor directives. E.g.,
#if 0 not-syntactically-valid-C #endif not legal. Though most cpp's will discard the bracketed material
completely before the main C compiler pass has a chance to analyze the
syntax. (MSVC++ and GCC both don't seem to mind the BCPL style
comments in plain C, but let's keep the sources clean, eh?) * Fixed a
problem that would have caused freeglut to report doubled wheel events
under XFree86.
Not tested other than compiling. Personally, I think that the
interface is inherently broken at this point unless you are willing to
get user- configuration. (Which would then solve the complaint that
Steve had about computing the tick-size on behalf of applications.)
I.e., there is NO WAY to know if we have the right buttons to start
wheels at, or if there are any buttons after the first wheel(s), etc.
We just have to guess---and if we are wrong, we can get varying
degrees of brokeness.
2003-10-29 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_window.c: There is a problem with the way I did
glutFullscreen() in my last commit. So I've copied the way the game
mode does it. It's not ideal but it works. The glutGet() for the
window border sizes will also have to be fixed at some point.
* src/freeglut_window.c: Rewrote glutFullscreen(). It now correctly
places the window in X11. It now uses system dependant code for more
efficient use of windowing system calls.
2003-10-29 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Should be no real changes to the code
I missed a few lines that went past 80 columns. (^&
Also made formatting more consistant.
Added a couple of XXX comments re. FreeBSD vs. general BSD #ifdef's.
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Should be entirely superficial changes to
code style:
* Fit lines to 80 columns. (It does get tiresome seeing long lines
forced to break by the right-hand border of windows...(^&) *
Eliminated say-nothing-new comments. * Made formatting more consistant
in spots. * Eliminated some hard TAB characters.
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Added Thierry's change to include
sys/param.h. This lets us pick out version numbers for OS releases
corresponding to system headers.
I modified it to also work with NetBSD; I cannot confirm if it is safe
with any other systems, so it remains protected by a #if.
* src/freeglut_state.c: Deleted some say-nothing-new comments.
Added some XXX's where comments seemed to require future attention.
Added some new comments with XXX's where future attention seems
* src/freeglut_state.c: Deleted a bunch of say-nothing-new comments.
Someday, there shall be an end to them.
* src/freeglut_state.c: Previous changes were made without the freeglut
major mode in EMACS. Re-tweaked some lines (mostly got rid of some
TABs, but also resulted in some changed indentation).
Reformatted a big comment to fit to 80 columns.
Removed bogus references to "Linux". (UNIX, and/or X11 were relavent,
and "UNIX/X11" was substituted for "Linux" in those places. This
includes UNIX-alike systems.)
* src/freeglut_state.c: Rewrote the TODO BEFORE THE STABLE RELEASE
comment to fit to 80 columns.
Cleanup of fghGetConfig(). (One return statement, simpler code.)
Made glutSetOption() have a more consistant style---and also got its
lines to stay under 80 columns.
* src/freeglut_misc.c: Got the last of the say-nothing-new comments in
(I would have picked them up before, but wanted the bug-fix and
conversion-to-error-message changes to go in before I did more
superficial stuff.)
* src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_misc.c: *
Fixed a bug that I introduced in fgWarning()/fgError(): I thought that
((a) || (b)) was defined to have value as: (a) if (a) != 0 (b) if (a)
== 0
...instead, it has value 0/1. This was causing a bug. It's probably
just as well, since what I was trying to do definitely fell into the
category of "clever code" rather than "clear code".
* Made glutSetKeyRepeat() call fgError() if you go out of range. (The
old code silently did nothing---not even a warning.)
If it is really desirable to keep running, we should probably at least
generate an fgWarning().
* Deleted some say-nothing-new comments.
* XXX added: Is glutSetKeyRepeat() deprecated?
2003-10-28 rkrolib
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, src/freeglut_callbacks.c,
src/freeglut_ext.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c:
Commit, mostly of work from John:
* Removed some say-nothing-useful comments. * Added some tentative
mouse-wheel support. * Fairly massive reformatting of code.
I made some secondary changes to his changes:
* One compilation error was fixed (missing close-paren + semicolon). *
Deleted a few ore say-nothing-useful comments. * Some of John's code
was strangely formatted to the point that it seemed completely out of
place, so I took the liberty of reformatting it. Since I used GNU
EMACS's <tab> key (which re-indents rather than inserts TAB
characters), I had to propogate some indentation changes a little
further than the bare necessity to match up with John's changes. (John
seems to shoot for 2-space indents, while EMACS (and I, I confess)
strongly prefer 4-space indents. The code that I was re-indenting had
been put to 8-space indents, however.)
I have *not* tested the code beyond compiling. I assume that John did
(and that the compilation error was a result a minor change just
before asking me to commit).
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Re-indentation style changes from John.
There should be no alterations to how the code performs.
(I modified how the X11 section of the set-cursor code is indented to
slightly better match (IMHO) the rest of his changes.)
2003-10-27 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Converted a few "x != NULL" tests to "x" for
I think that I've touched enough lines of source for one morning.
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Cleaned up a little redundancy in a comment on
the {menu_pen_*} variables.
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Removed about 90 lines of say-nothing-new
The code should be functionally unaltered by these changes.
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Propogated a pointer-check from menu-attach to
menu-detach. (Apparently, in some cases, the Menu member variable can
be NULL.)
Corrected the menu-attach code to make sure that both Window and Menu
pointers are non-NULL (rather than "at least one").
Rewrote button-checks to more simply and more clearly assert that the
"menu button" is a valid button for menu actions: Instead of
laboriously comparing against the three valid buttons (0, 1, 2 or
GLUT_BUTTON_*), we do a simpler range-check and the upper bound is
{FREEGLUT_MAX_MENUS}, allowing us to change the number of menuable
buttons fairly easily in the future.
Also deleted a few say-nothing-new comments.
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Cosmetic changes (mostly deleted a few more
say-nothing-new comments). The functionality of the code should be
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Changed an "#elif TARGET_HOST_UNIX_X11" to
"#else", since this simply governed menu aesthetics. I think that it's
better to have a default that works than to break completely, should
freeglut ever be ported to a new (non-WIN32, non-UNIX/X11) target.
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Minor modifications to the menus:
* Updated an old "TODO BEFORE STABLE" comment.
* Expanded a comment re. some #define macros.
* Made colors and font choice system dependant. The UNIX freeglut
menus look more like UNIX GLUT menus, now. (This is PURELY a cosmetic
change. But it achieves better compatibility visually.)
* src/freeglut_main.c: Cleaned up glutMainLoop() a bit:
* Deleted numerous say-nothing-new comments. * Reformatted a
say-something-useful comment to fit on an 80-column display.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Partially (re-?)unified some of the
glutMainLoopEvent() code. The only code that really needs to be
system-specific is the window event handling, which in MS-WINDOWS is
tucked into a separate function. In UNIX/X11, it's all spilled out
into glutMainLoopEvent() for some reason.
If the X11 code could be tucked into another function,
glutMainLoopEvent() could be platform-independant.
2003-10-26 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: Moved the idle callback out of
glutMainLoopEvent() and into glutMainLoop(), per discussion on the
list. The code looks okay, to me, though I remain less than wholly
convinced that treating idles as special cases is the best way to go.
Still, a case can be made for taking "non-event" idle callbacks out of
the "event loop". From an organizational perspective, I think that
it's an improvement, and it fixes a bug for at least one program.
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Added John's text-positioning modification.
The lines that he was altering were very oddly-split, so while I was
at it, I repaired the line-break damage.
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Committed change from Nigel to fix the
joystick bug. (The joystick code was not setting the GLUT window prior
to calling callbacks.)
Please verify. If so, this closes out, I think, the latter half of
that bug report, so anyone with the means to modify/close bug reports
should do so upon verification of the fix.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Superficial cleanup of the code. Mostly taking
lines such as:
/* * <Enslish recapituation of the single following C statement> */
<single C statement>
...and rewrote as:
... <single C statement>
freeglut_main.c still has a lot of that in it, but it looks a bit
better, now.
* src/freeglut_init.c: Added some error-checking (particularly w.r.t.
Deleted numerous 4-line "padding" sequences of C-as-English trans-
literation comments.
Re-indented some (but not all) code that is using 2-space indentation.
(Most of the freeglut code seems to be using 4-space indentation.)
I did not touch the "INIT DISPLAY STRING PARSING" code, since it is
filled with a ton of over-long lines and also appears to be in more
flux than the rest of the code. (Well, I added one error-check to a
* src/freeglut_font.c: Removed two more bogus "carriage return"
references where the comments were in fact talking about a line feed
(a.k.a. newline, LF, ^J, \n, ...).
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c:
Fixed the buglet about failing to report the program's name on error-
messages. Please test. (Modified glutInit(), the state structure, and
the warn/err functions.)
2003-10-23 James Jones <>
* ChangeLog: Released 2.0.1
2003-10-21 Christopher John Purnell
*, include/GL/, include/GL/freeglut.h,
include/GL/freeglut_std.h, include/GL/glut.h,
progs/demos/Lorenz/, progs/demos/One/,
src/ Added --disable-replace-glut option to autoconf
2003-10-15 James Jones <>
* NEWS: Noted the release of 2.0.0
* Version bump
2003-10-14 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_font.c: Swept the freeglut_font.c for comment cleanup: *
Got rid of the "rewrite C as English" comments. * Corrected several
bogus references to "carriage returns" (in strings). The symbols were
newlines or EOLs or LFs (\n). They were *not* carriage returns or CRs
(\r). * Clarified the comments on glBitmap() calls.
2003-10-13 rkrolib
* progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.c,
progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: Small bug-fix that's
been on my mind:
Modified the two Fractals* demos so that they only clear (for the
random one) or redraw (for the non-random one) if there is need to do
so. (E.g., pressing the space bar should not clear and redraw the
random fractal since no parameters are altered.)
* src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_display.c: Removed the obsolete
hack (or very ill-conceived dream), fgDisplayCursor().
* src/freeglut_display.c: Cleaned up some of the style issues (mostly
"fluff" comments) in freeglut_display.c.
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Comment-cleaning sweep.
Mostly got rid of the say-it-in-English comments that were adding 1
line of English and 2 or 3 lines of filler for each of several lines
of C code. Updated a couple of other comments, and tweaked some
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c: Cleaned up the comments a bit in the
callbacks.c file (mostly removed some of the
kill-4-lines-to-translate-one-line-of-C-into-English comments).
2003-10-12 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_cursor.c: Added all missing GLUT cursor types for X11.
(Type NONE is not properly supported, yet.)
Corrected behavior for the several old types: * Wrong glyphs. *
Reversed glyphs (left/right confusion!)
There are some remaining imperfections, but it's a lot closer to GLUT
comformity, now.
2003-10-11 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c: Three tidying-up changes to the code of
freeglut_callbacks.c; none of them are Earth-shattering, but as I
swept through looking somewhat more systematically for errors, I
picked these off. See the diff's for details.
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c: Fixed a basic readability/style error in the
code. (Two statements per line are almost never a good idea; in this
case the combined line was past 80 columns.)
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c: Added a safety-check on a memory allocation.
(Timers were using dynamic memory allocation but NOT checking the
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Committed two lines from John to help fix the
menus a bit.
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c: Check the glutDisplayFunc() callback for
being a NULL pointer. This is illegal and is disallowed in GLUT 3.0+,
so we disallow it too in freeglut 2.0.1+
2003-10-09 rkrolib
* progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.c,
progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: Applied John's updated
ReadConfigFile() changes to the fractals demos.
* progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: Fixed: * glutInit()
ordering w.r.t. glutInit*() and {argv} processing. * Aspect ratio. *
Removed depth-buffer usage. (Also done for Fractals in previous
* progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.c: A few minor changes: * glutInit*()
calls should preceed glutInit(), per se, generally. This is so that
glutInit()'s configuration (which picks up on user parameters) can
override application defaults. * glutInit() should be called before
ANY attempt to process {argv, argc}. This is because there may be
GLUT/freeglut parameters (such as "-display" on X11). * If the window
is tall and skinny, rather than short and squat, we need to handle
aspect ratios differently.
The first is a user-interface bug. The second is a serious bug
(especially since the demo assumes that argv[1] contains a filename).
The third is a display bug.
2003-10-08 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: Changed CreateNotify (in X11 ONLY) to act like a
ConfigureNotify event.
This is done so that subwindows on X11 will get "resize" events when
they are created. Old GLUT did this---presumably by design in order to
ensure that (a) All windows get notified of their size as soon as the
window exists, and (b) probably more importantly, so that windows and
sub-windows behave as much alike as possible. I believe that GLUT was
right to do this, and I believe that compatibility requires this (I
have a sample program that breaks in freeglut but not GLUT without
this fix).
I did not touch the Microsoft side, because I don't know what their OS
does---nor if old GLUT was historically system-dependant about this.
2003-10-08 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_menu.c: freeglut_menu.c:217,519,532: Fix menus
to stay in the window (John Fay)
2003-10-08 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_menu.c: Several updates from John and myself.
The broad outlines are:
* Color schemes are now in variables, are closer to old GLUT, and are
system dependant (as old GLUT did). * You can change the font to any
bitmapped font more easily, which can aid in finding a better
approximation. (Old GLUT does not seem to have used a GLUT font for
the menus, which causes problems for us.) The menus rescale
automatically, including the triangle "arrow" for sub-menus. * Menus
have real borders, and the placement of highlighting is much improved.
* src/freeglut_main.c: Fixed a bug in the menu callback behavior. Menus
were not setting the current window correctly.
2003-10-06 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_menu.c: freeglut_menu.c:328 Fix submenu
triangle (John Fay)
2003-10-04 James Jones <>
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_structure.c: Tweaking for
menu behavior in Linux regarding mouse whatnot - John Fay
2003-10-01 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Applied a patch from "" to
add joystick support. Untested, but it compiles for me.
Should also add Joystick support for older FreeBSD systems. Also
* src/freeglut_main.c: Added support for more arbitrary number of mouse
buttons (though only the first three can work with menus), in X. This
closes a compatibility gap with old GLUT, and leaves us the option of
supporting scroll-wheels properly.
2003-09-27 Christopher John Purnell
* progs/demos/Fractals/,
progs/demos/Lorenz/, progs/demos/One/ Don't
install the demos.
2003-09-26 James Jones <>
* progs/demos/ Package the demos.dsw file.
* progs/demos/demos.dsw: Demos workspace for MSVC users
2003-09-24 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: Corrected a bug w.r.t. display and joystick
events. When getting ready to sleep, we need to go through ALL windows
to check for pending joysticks and to check for pending redisplays. I
was just going through all TOP- LEVEL windows. Eeek. This won't do.
2003-09-23 Brian Paul
* progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: added needClear flag to
take care of initial window clear and window resize clears
2003-09-23 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_init.c: Per Nigel Stewart's comments, converted
#ifdef TARGET_HOST_...
in src/freeglut_init.c. These changes should not have any functional
impact at this time, but you don't want bad examples lying around to
trip people up later.
* progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_window.c: Fixed: * GLUT_SINGLE now should behave more or
less correctly. Thanks to Brian Paul!
* Sleeping is now cognizant of outstanding redisplays.
* Fractals_random has been restored more or less to as-before, save
that it uses the more minimal glFlush() rather than glutSwapBuffers().
glutSwapBuffers() was only required when freeglut was incorrectly
handling promotion to double-buffering.
2003-09-22 rkrolib
* src/freeglut_main.c: Moved the #include/#ifdef/#define stuff up to the
Changed #ifdef to #if, per Nigel(?)'s comment. Ooops.
2003-09-22 Christopher John Purnell
* progs/demos/Fractals/,
progs/demos/Lorenz/, progs/demos/One/ Fix to
allow demos to compile before freeglut has been installed.
2003-09-22 James Jones <>
* progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: Add an idle function to
ensure that the screen gets drawn even when callbacks are not
generated by the mouse/keyboard.
2003-09-21 James Jones <>
* progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.c,
progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: Note the possible
buffer overflow in window_title
* progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.c: Fix the window title.
* progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: Fix window title, and
ensure that the random integer is not forced to be zero (Thanks
Richard Rauch!)
2003-09-20 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_main.c: Richard Rauch's patch to ensure that freeglut
does not use 100% CPU even while idling.
* src/freeglut_font.c: Resolution for bug 809561 reported by Nigel
Stewart, regarding a possible array underflow error of -1 in the event
of "character" being zero.
2003-09-14 Christopher John Purnell
*, progs/demos/Fractals/,
progs/demos/Lorenz/, progs/demos/One/,
src/ Removed unused AC_PROG_RANLIB from Added
passing of $(X_CFLAGS) to compiler.
2003-09-14 James Jones <>
* include/GL/glut.h: Resolve bug 806008 -- let Microsoft's compiler know
to use Windows libraries even if not using our project files.
2003-09-13 James Jones <>
* ChangeLog: Taking care of keeping things mostly up-to-date
* TODO: Most everything's been resolved for the 2.0.0 release.
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Thierry Thomas said that FreeBSD has no
machine/joystick.h, instead a sys/joystick.h. I've made the change --
here's hoping it works.
* progs/demos/One/one.c: Removed the incorrect relative path for
including freeglut.h
* progs/demos/Fractals/,
progs/demos/Lorenz/, progs/demos/One/ Made all
demos compile. Thanks to Thierry Thomas for reporting bug 802809,
which alerted that *none* of the demos compiled automatically!
* src/freeglut_main.c: Nigel Stewart's joystick fix (for hopefully all
platforms), SourceForge bug 805481
* progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.dsp, progs/demos/One/one.dsp: Fix location
of the include files from a fixed to relative path. Closes bug 805477
* freeglut.dsp, freeglut.dsw, freeglut_static.dsp, freeglutstatic.dsw:
Add dos line endings. Fixes bug 805476
2003-09-10 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: A minor fix to that last commit.
* src/freeglut_joystick.c: Removed some remaining glib depandancy.
2003-09-10 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_main.c: Re-add catches for the case in which a menu
callback destroys the menu. - John Fay
2003-09-09 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_main.c: More to fix a deinitialization related crash.
* src/freeglut_structure.c: Fix for a deinitialization related crash.
2003-09-08 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_structure.c: Menus should deallocate
better now - John Fay
2003-09-05 James Jones <>
* Add freeglut_static.dsp to the releases
2003-09-03 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c: Moved #ifdef for non XFree86 X11 compile.
2003-09-02 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_window.c: Fix to stop fgSetWindow(NULL) crashing on X11.
2003-08-29 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_structure.c:
These change a bunch of assignments to calls to set the current window
correctly, and also (possibly) fixes most of the remaining menu
problem. - John Fay
* src/freeglut_main.c: Another typecast bugfix from John Fay
2003-08-28 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_init.c: Changed #ifdef to #if
2003-08-28 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_font.c: change the GLUT stroke function arguments from
"const char *" to "const unsigned char *" - John Fay
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, include/GL/glut.h: Changes stroke function
arguments from "const char*" to "const unsigned char *" - John Fay
2003-08-28 Christopher John Purnell
* freeglut-1.3: Removing files from old freeglut-1.3 directory.
2003-08-28 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_geometry.c,
src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_structure.c: Casting changes, John
2003-08-27 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_init.c, src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_menu.c: Major overhaul to the menu system, by John Fay
2003-08-27 Christopher John Purnell
* include/GL/freeglut.h, include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, include/GL/glut.h:
Added double underscores to the header included macros.
2003-08-20 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c: Minor typo fix
2003-08-19 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c: Moving that "#if TARGET_HOST_UNIX_X11" to the
correct place.
2003-08-17 Christopher John Purnell
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_internal.h,
src/freeglut_window.c: Game mode fixes from Bernhard Kaindl and Eric
2003-08-05 Christopher John Purnell
* src/, src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_window.c,
src/mwmborder.c: Using override_redirect instead of motif wm hints. It
now rasies the menu windows before showing them. Move the show to
after the reshape and position so we don't get a flash of the menu
window at it's old size and position.
* src/mwmborder.c: I suspect a lot of people will not have motif
2003-08-05 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog, src/, src/freeglut_window.c: (98)
src/ Added mwmborder.c (99) src/freeglut_window.c:67
Removed #included "mwmborder.c"
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_main.c: src/freeglut_main.c:816 and :1571, set
the current window (John F. Fay)
2003-08-04 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_state.c: Added X11 code for
* src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_state.c: Replacing
glutGet(GLUT_WINDOW_X) and glutGet(GLUT_WINDOW_Y) on X11 with
something that works. Also a minor correction to the xf86vidmode
autoconf stuff.
2003-08-04 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_window.c: Keep the X11 decoration-zapping code confined
to X11-using platforms! Oops!
* src/freeglut_window.c, src/mwmborder.c: Menus' decorations are removed
on Linux. Not sure if we want the mwmborder.c a separate file or not;
doing it separate for right now. Makefile was not updated, since the
.c is just #included.
2003-08-03 Christopher John Purnell
* Got rid of configure warnings when using a newer
2003-08-02 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c, src/freeglut_internal.h: Putting
stuff back that was undone with the menu code committed.
2003-08-02 James Jones <>
* src/freeglut_callbacks.c, src/freeglut_display.c,
src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_menu.c,
src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_structure.c, src/freeglut_window.c:
Major menu changes (they appear in their own window, have own
rendering context) by John Fay and a little by James C. Jones. They
work perfectly on Win32, and work... on Linux.
2003-08-01 Christopher John Purnell
*, src/, src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h: Added autoconf detection for the xf86 vid
mode extentions.
2003-08-01 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_window.c: src/freeglut_window.c:551 Removed
extra carriage return for Windows users (John F. Fay)
* ChangeLog: Credit Dave Reed for fix
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_internal.h: src/freeglut_initial.c:91 Added
check for SOLARIS OS
2003-07-23 Christopher John Purnell
* include/GL/glut.h, src/, src/freeglut_font.c,
src/freeglut_glutfont_definitions.c: This should put an end to the
font binary compatibility issue.
2003-07-23 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_window.c: src/freeglut_window.c Windowing
fixes from John F.
* ChangeLog, doc/ doc/ Removed trailing
backslash and added an empty last line
2003-07-23 Brian Paul
* doc/download.html: no change, testing CVS
2003-07-22 Brian Paul
* doc/download.html: no change, just testing CVS
2003-07-22 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog, freeglut.lsm: freeglut.lsm:3 Removed 'beta' label for next
release, thanks to Bernhard Kaindl.
2003-07-21 Christopher John Purnell
* src/ The version info had the revision and the age
2003-07-21 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog, src/ src/ Changed versioning to
11:0:8 thanks to Bernhard Kaindl
2003-07-17 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog, freeglut.dsp, freeglut_static.dsp: Applied John F. Fay's
fixes to freeglut.dsp and freeglut_static.dsp
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_state.c: Changed the overlay
(freeglut_state.c:662) to return FALSE, as it's not imp lemented yet
2003-07-12 Andreas Umbach <>
* src/ renamed freeglut library to glut, bumped version info
to 3:8:0
* bumped version number to 2.0.0
*,, doc/, include/GL/,
progs/, progs/demos/Fractals/,
progs/demos/Lorenz/, progs/demos/,
progs/demos/One/, src/ changes for make dist
* freeglut13.plg: MSVC generated file
2003-07-11 Christopher John Purnell
* include/GL/glut.h, src/freeglut_font.c: Fix for the font binary
compatibility problem.
2003-07-10 Christopher John Purnell
* src/ Changed to build
2003-07-10 James Jones <>
* TODO, freeglut.dsp, freeglut_static.dsp: Changes to TODO, Windows
files - from John Fay
* progs/demos/Fractals_random/Fractals_random.dsp: Changes by John Fay
* progs/demos/Fractals/Fractals.dsp, progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.c:
Changes to the Fractals demo by John Fay
* progs/demos/One/one.dsp: Initial project file from John Fay
* progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c, progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.dsp:
Modifications from John Fay
2003-07-07 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_main.c: glutMainLoopEvent() was not closing windows
properly. Moved call to fgCloseWindows() from glutMainLoop() to the
end of glutMainLoopEvent().
2003-07-03 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_misc.c: Removed unused char *ptr from
2003-07-02 Christopher John Purnell
* src/freeglut_main.c: It was crashing on and event for a unknown
2003-07-02 Brian Paul
* src/freeglut_misc.c: rewrite of glutExtensionSupported - works
correctly now
2003-07-02 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog: * Removed tests directory
* ChangeLog,,, progs/demos/One,
progs/demos/One/, progs/demos/One/one.c, tests: * Removed
genfonts/genstrokes code, updated and
* Moved tests/one.c into progs/demos/One/one.c, updated
* genfonts: Removed genfonts
2003-07-02 Christopher John Purnell
* genfonts/to_stroke.y: Added some semicolons that yacc was warning
2003-07-01 James Jones <>
* AUTHORS: John Fay commanded me to add my name to the file. He's crazy,
but that's okay.
2003-07-01 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog, src/freeglut_misc.c: Fixed the 'ptr + len' problem in
2003-07-01 Brian Paul
* doc/freeglut_user_interface.html: version bumps
* tests/ bump version to 2.0
* src/, src/freeglutdll.def: bump versions to 2.0
* src/freeglut_gamemode.c: xf86VidMode error checking (Andrew
2003-06-30 Brian Paul
* progs/demos/Lorenz, progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.c,
progs/demos/Lorenz/lorenz.dsp: Lorenz attractor demo (John Fay)
* freeglut.dsp, freeglut_static.dsp: updates from John Fay
2003-06-28 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog, include/GL/ Now installs freeglut_ext.h and
glut.h to /usr/include/GL (was missing before)
2003-06-27 Brian Paul
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_main.c, src/freeglut_state.c,
src/freeglut_stroke_mono_roman.c: XF86 game mode fixes, context
sharing option. (John Fay)
2003-06-25 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog: Added another of my changes (freeglut.kdevelop) and fixed
the version number for my MS VS change (*.dsp)
2003-06-25 Brian Paul
* src/freeglut_internal.h: version bumps
* freeglut.lsm, include/GL/glut.h, src/freeglut_stroke_mono_roman.c,
src/freeglut_stroke_roman.c: Assorted version 2.0.0 updates (John
* doc/freeglut_user_interface.html: updated version, italicize freeglut
(John Fay)
2003-06-25 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog, freeglut.dsp, freeglut_static.dsp: Added 'freeglut_ext.c'
to the project files 'freeglut.dsp' and 'freeglut_static.dsp' (New
list #10)
2003-06-24 Andreas Umbach <>
* ChangeLog: Fixed and removed aclocal.m4
* aclocal.m4: this file is autogenerated by aclocal
* fixed aclocal / autoheader order; some cosmetics
2003-06-24 Eric Sandall
* freeglut.kdevelop: Project file for Gideon (KDevelop 3.0)
2003-06-23 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog,, TODO,, freeglut.dsp,
freeglut.kdevprj, freeglut13.dsp, freeglut13.plg, freeglut_static.dsp,
freeglutdll.dsp, src, src/, src/freeglut_callbacks.c,
src/freeglut_cursor.c, src/freeglut_display.c, src/freeglut_ext.c,
src/freeglut_font.c, src/freeglut_font_data.c,
src/freeglut_gamemode.c, src/freeglut_geometry.c, src/freeglut_init.c,
src/freeglut_internal.h, src/freeglut_joystick.c, src/freeglut_main.c,
src/freeglut_menu.c, src/freeglut_misc.c, src/freeglut_overlay.c,
src/freeglut_state.c, src/freeglut_stroke_mono_roman.c,
src/freeglut_stroke_roman.c, src/freeglut_structure.c,
src/freeglut_teapot.c, src/freeglut_videoresize.c,
src/freeglut_window.c, src/freeglutdll.def, src/templates,
src/templates/cpp_template, src/templates/header_template,
tests/ Changed all references to the 'freeglut-1.3'
directory to 'src', copied 'freeglut-1.3' to 'src' and added all files
from 'src' to the repository (TODO #34).
* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog with my aclocal.m4 change
* aclocal.m4: Updated aclocal.m4 with aclocal 1.7.3 (was created with
aclocal 1.5)
2003-06-23 Brian Paul
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_geometry.c: adjusted precision (John Fay)
* doc/freeglut_user_interface.html, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_display.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_gamemode.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_geometry.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_teapot.c, include/GL/freeglut_ext.h,
include/GL/glut.h: Assorted updates from John Fay.
2003-06-20 Eric Sandall
* TODO: Updated TODO from John Fay
2003-06-20 Brian Paul
* progs, progs/demos, progs/demos/Fractals,
progs/demos/Fractals/Fractals.dsp, progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.c,
progs/demos/Fractals/fractals.dat, progs/demos/Fractals_random,
progs/demos/Fractals_random/fractals_random.c: Fractal demo (John Fay)
2003-06-20 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog: Added the addition to ChangeLog
* Initial version of, tested here and creates the
correct files
2003-06-20 Brian Paul
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_gamemode.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_state.c:
Windows patches (Eero Pajarre)
* NEWS: list the 1.4 release (fill in date) - this is a cvs check-in
2003-06-19 Don Heyse <>
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_joystick.c: Oops, missed the
fghJoystickRawRead() fix for FreeBSD.
2003-06-19 Brian Paul
* doc/freeglut_user_interface.html, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_display.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_ext.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_internal.h,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c: s/FreeGLUT/freeglut/
2003-06-19 Don Heyse <>
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_joystick.c: Applied tthierry's patch to fix
compiling on FreeBSD.
2003-06-19 Brian Paul
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_internal.h: added VERSION_MAJOR/MINOR/PATCH
* doc/freeglut_user_interface.html: restore text lost from previous
* include/GL/glut.h: s/FREEGLUT_VERSION_1_3/FREEGLUT_VERSION_1_4/
2003-06-19 Eric Sandall
* include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, include/GL/glut.h: GLUT_VERSION updates
from John Fay
2003-06-18 Eric Sandall
* AUTHORS: Forgot a file...looked so innocous just sitting there... :)
* ChangeLog, doc/freeglut_user_interface.html,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_callbacks.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_ext.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_internal.h, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_menu.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_structure.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_teapot.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c, include/GL/freeglut_ext.h: * Hopefully
I did THIS one right (used 'cvs update' to Merge)
Authors - The first update in quite a while
ChangeLog - Added the recent changes
freeglut_callbacks.c - Added Aleksandar Donev's menu destruction
freeglut_internal.h - Added the user data to the structures and made
the menu state/status callbacks window-independent
freeglut_menu.c - Removed several OpenGL compiler warnings and added
A. Donev's menu user data functions
freeglut_structure.c - Added Aleksandar Donev's menu destruction
freeglut_teapot.c - Removed or suppressed several compiler warnings
freeglut_window.c - Updated the window positioning code and added A.
Donev's window user data
freeglut_ext.h - Added the menu destruction callback and user data
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_ext.h: * Removed freeglut_ext.h (wasn't supposed
to be added)
2003-06-18 Brian Paul
* doc/freeglut_user_interface.html, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_internal.h,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_state.c, include/GL/freeglut_ext.h,
include/GL/glut.h: Added FREEGLUT_VERSION_1_3. Added GLUT_VERSION for
glutGet(). Added glutGet() documentation.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_display.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_ext.h,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_init.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_internal.h,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_state.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_structure.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c:
remove DOS-style CR characters
* doc/freeglut_user_interface.html: added glutGetProcAddress and
* ChangeLog: added glutGetProcAddress() and GLUT_FPS
2003-06-17 Brian Paul
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_display.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_init.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_internal.h: restore GLUT_FPS env var feature
lost in previous check-in
2003-06-17 Eric Sandall
* ChangeLog: * Updated ChangeLog
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_structure.c: Set
#4: * Fixes a couple of compiler warnings and other bugs. *
freeglut_main.c: Removes a compiler warning * freeglut_structure.c:
Sets the current window before calling the window closure callback *
Possibly other changes
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_ext.h: * Rest of Set #3
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_state.c: Set #3: Fixes for window positioning
problem Windows
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_init.c: Eero Pajarre's GLUT_ICON code for
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_display.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_internal.h,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c: First group of patches: Adds
single-buffered rendering (or its emulation) in Windows.
2003-06-17 Brian Paul
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_display.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_init.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_internal.h: added GLUT_FPS env var option
* freeglut-1.3/, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_ext.c,
include/GL/freeglut_ext.h: added glutGetProcAddress()
2003-06-12 Don Heyse <>
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c: Fix the keyboard up callback and a
compiler warning.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_structure.c: Set the current window before
calling the window closure callback.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_state.c, include/GL/freeglut_ext.h: John's
window positioning corrections.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_init.c: Eero Pajarre's icon code.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_display.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_internal.h,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c: Single buffered rendering for Windows.
2003-06-02 Don Heyse <>
* doc/freeglut_user_interface.html: John Documented InitWindowPosition
extensions and added some kbd fn info.
* ChangeLog: Documented Johns changes from May 03.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_state.c: Do not allow glutGet to reposition the
window 1 pixel toward bottom right.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c: Pass mouse pos to Windows kbd callback.
Resequenced a few things for UNIX.
2003-03-23 Christopher John Purnell
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_gamemode.c: Applied patch to fix GameMode issues
supplied by Bernhard Kaindl.
2003-03-12 Don Heyse <>
* include/GL/glut.h: Switch to ANSI C comments.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_cursor.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_display.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_geometry.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_internal.h, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_joystick.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_structure.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c: Switch to ANSI C comments. Removed
always true tests on unsigned char. Single buffering fix..
2003-02-13 Don Heyse <>
* freeglut.dsp, freeglut.dsw, freeglut_static.dsp: Switching to John
Fays version of the VC++ project files.
2003-02-08 Steve Baker <>
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_display.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_joystick.c:
Removed erroneous GPL license comments.
2003-02-07 Don Heyse <>
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_callbacks.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_cursor.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_display.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font_data.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_gamemode.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_geometry.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_init.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_joystick.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_misc.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_overlay.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_stroke_roman.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_teapot.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_videoresize.c: Moved freeglut_internal.h to the
freeglut source code private directory.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_structure.c: SubWindow border thickness fix.
Overlay changes in glutGet.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_menu.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_state.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c: Johns
changes for layers, fgSetWindow, and fgSetupPixelFormat.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font.c: John fixed a bug that make bitmap font
one pixel wider than its drawn.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_internal.h, include/GL/freeglut_internal.h:
Moved freeglut_internal.h to the private directory with the other
freeglut sources.
* include/GL/freeglut.h, include/GL/freeglut_ext.h, include/GL/glut.h:
Broke freeglut.h into glut.h and freeglut_ext.h
2003-01-06 Don Heyse <>
* freeglut-1.3/freeglutdll.def: Exports file for Win32 dll. One EXPORT
for each FGAPI line in freeglut.h
2003-01-04 Steve Baker <>
* aclocal.m4, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_joystick.c: Cleanup joystick
2002-12-10 Don Heyse <>
* freeglut.dsw, freeglutdll.dsp: Allow DLL and static library build on
* include/GL/freeglut.h: Added check for FREEGLUT_DLL to allow static &
DLL build on Windows.
2002-12-04 Don Heyse <>
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font_data.c: More bitmap font spacing fixes from
2002-11-29 Don Heyse <>
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_init.c: Fixed Win95 crash when getenv("DISPLAY")
returned NULL ptr.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font_data.c: The lowercase t in helvetica12 was
too skinny.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font_data.c:
Adjusted character spacing on a few fonts.
* ChangeLog: Many updates from John Fay.
* freeglutstatic.dsw: Added Visual C++ 6 Static library project for John
2002-11-28 Don Heyse <>
* freeglut.dsp: Visual C++ 6 project file for static freeglut lib.
* include/GL/freeglut.h, include/GL/freeglut_internal.h: Many updates
from John Fay. (freeglut.h may need a small change to allow Win32 DLL
build again)
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_geometry.c: Many updates from John Fay.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_callbacks.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_cursor.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font_data.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_gamemode.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_init.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_menu.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_misc.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_state.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_structure.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c:
Many updates from John Fay.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_joystick.c: Fixes from freeglut_portable patch.
Memory leak fix from John. Return_if_fail fix.
2002-11-26 Don Heyse <>
* doc/freeglut_user_interface.html: Added on behalf of John Fay.
2002-10-22 Don Heyse <>
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_geometry.c: Implemented tetrahedra, octahedra,
dodecahedra, and icosahedra. Checked in on behalf of John F. Fay
2002-05-20 Don Heyse <>
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font.c: Fixed previous fix so it compiles.
2002-05-20 Christopher John Purnell
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font.c: My bad.
2002-05-18 Christopher John Purnell
* freeglut-1.3/, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_stroke_roman.c, genfonts/Roman_M.src,
genfonts/lex.l, genfonts/to_stroke.y, genfonts/wfont.h,
include/GL/freeglut.h, include/GL/freeglut_internal.h: Added stroke
2002-05-17 Christopher John Purnell
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_cursor.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_display.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_overlay.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_teapot.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_videoresize.c, tests/one.c: Removed some DOS
line ends.
2002-05-16 Christopher John Purnell
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c: Removed one last glib call.
2002-01-20 Steve Baker <>
* README, freeglut-1.3/.deps/freeglut_callbacks.P,
freeglut-1.3/.deps/freeglut_teapot.P: Removed a bunch of '.P' files
that don't belong in the CVS archive.
2001-08-05 Christopher John Purnell
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_callbacks.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c, include/GL/freeglut_internal.h: Added
keyup events code. Added missing specal keys. Made menu callbacks
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c: More position tweeks.
2001-08-04 Christopher John Purnell
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c, include/GL/freeglut.h: Fixed redisplay
bug. Fixed modifier values.
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c: Improved window positioning.
2001-07-30 Christopher John Purnell
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_structure.c: A
stupid bug fixed.
2001-07-30 Andreas Umbach <>
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_init.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c: one more
g_assert removed
* include/GL/freeglut_internal.h: removed glib dependencies from win32
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_gamemode.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_init.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c: -
removed glib dependencies from win32 code
2001-07-29 Christopher John Purnell
* freeglut-1.3/freeglut_structure.c: Fixed bug list code.
* freeglut-1.3/, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_callbacks.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font_data.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_gamemode.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_geometry.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_init.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_joystick.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_menu.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_misc.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_state.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_structure.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c,
genfonts/, genfonts/genfonts.c, genfonts/genstroke.c,
include/GL/freeglut.h, include/GL/freeglut_internal.h: Removed glib
*, freeglut-1.3/, genfonts/ The
build system now looks for X.
2001-07-27 Steve Baker <>
* doc, doc/download.html, doc/freeglut.html, doc/freeglut_logo.png,
doc/index.html, doc/ogl_sm.png, doc/progress.html, doc/structure.html:
Added documents.
* genfonts/.deps, tests/.deps: Removed some more files that don't belong
in CVS
* configure, freeglut-1.3/Makefile, freeglut-1.3/,
genfonts/Makefile, genfonts/, include/GL/Makefile,
include/GL/, include/Makefile, include/,
tests/Makefile, tests/ Removed files checked in in error.
* freeglut-1.3/.deps, freeglut-1.3/.deps/freeglut_callbacks.P,
freeglut-1.3/.deps/freeglut_window.P, freeglut-1.3/Makefile,
freeglut-1.3/ Initial revision
TODO, acconfig.h, aclocal.m4, configure,, freeglut-1.3,
freeglut-1.3/, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_callbacks.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_cursor.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_display.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_font_data.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_gamemode.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_geometry.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_init.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_joystick.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_main.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_menu.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_misc.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_overlay.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_state.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_structure.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_teapot.c, freeglut-1.3/freeglut_videoresize.c,
freeglut-1.3/freeglut_window.c, freeglut-1.3/templates,
freeglut-1.3/templates/header_template, freeglut.dsw,
freeglut.kdevprj, freeglut.lsm, freeglut13.dsp, freeglut13.plg,
genfonts, genfonts/.deps, genfonts/.deps/genfonts.P,
genfonts/.deps/genstroke.P, genfonts/Makefile, genfonts/,
genfonts/, genfonts/Roman.src, genfonts/Roman_M.src,
genfonts/genfonts.c, genfonts/genstroke.c, include, include/GL,
include/GL/Makefile, include/GL/, include/GL/,
include/GL/freeglut.h, include/GL/freeglut_internal.h,
include/Makefile, include/, include/,
install-sh, mkinstalldirs, stamp-h,, tests, tests/.deps,
tests/.deps/one.P, tests/Makefile, tests/,
tests/, tests/one.c: Initial revision
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