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libmysql provides C interface library to connect to MySQL
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This is a release of MySQL Connector/C, a dual-license library for connecting
to the MySQL database server. The MySQL database server and MySQL Connector/C
are brought to you by the MySQL team at Sun Microsystems.

License information can be found in these files:
- For GPL (free) distributions, see the COPYING file and
- For commercial distributions, see the LICENSE.mysql file.

GPLv2 Disclaimer
For the avoidance of doubt, except that if any license choice
other than GPL or LGPL is available it will apply instead, Sun
elects to use only the General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
at this time for any software where a choice of GPL license versions
is made available with the language indicating that GPLv2 or any
later version may be used, or where a choice of which version of
the GPL is applied is otherwise unspecified.

For further information about MySQL or additional documentation, see:
- The latest information about MySQL:
- The current MySQL documentation:



Bugs should be reported at
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