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hintjens committed Feb 16, 2012
2 parents 0efb49f + 07b49ff commit 8a497e2ffc16cbd6c2642ac2238dd186d917f684
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  1. +0 −1 include/zmq.h
@@ -168,7 +168,6 @@ ZMQ_EXPORT int zmq_msg_close (zmq_msg_t *msg);
ZMQ_EXPORT int zmq_msg_move (zmq_msg_t *dest, zmq_msg_t *src);
ZMQ_EXPORT int zmq_msg_copy (zmq_msg_t *dest, zmq_msg_t *src);
ZMQ_EXPORT void *zmq_msg_data (zmq_msg_t *msg);
ZMQ_EXPORT ssize_t zmq_msg_size (zmq_msg_t *msg);
ZMQ_EXPORT int zmq_msg_more (zmq_msg_t *msg);
ZMQ_EXPORT int zmq_msg_get (zmq_msg_t *msg, int option, void *optval,

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